Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mark Corske: Interviewed by Sylvia Sotiria Varnava


There is Einstein's Theory of Relativity. I like to call Mark Corske's proposal the Theory of System. It explains the current political, economic, cultural system, why it operates, how it operates, how we got to where we are now, and the reason of its existence.

The majority of the revolutionaries, protestors, and liberal/nonprofit organizations are either co-opted by the establishment (most likely), in it for personal gain, or are entirely clueless. Mark goes to the core of the problem - the system. First, understand the problem. Only then can a solution be possible. The solution is anarchy.

PS: his documentary, Engines of Domination, by Lifting the Veil, is on Youtube if you search for it.

[Youtube] Mark Corske - An intervew on Greek's OmniaTV channel's show Dixos Kavatsa