Monday, April 26, 2010

William K. Black scolds Congress 04-20-2010


Here's William K. Black testifying in front of Congress, more specifically the House Finance Service hearing on Lehman Brothers failure.

Let's pray Mr. Black gets some teeth to go after these guys. It'll be quite a show to see all these guys guys, one after another, go to Club Fed.

[Youtube] William K. Black schools Congress

Bill Moyers interviews William K. Black 03-23-2010

Sorry guys about the lack of blog posts. It'll probably be trickles from here on for awhile. The job's taking a lot of my time. You now how it is.

In the meanwhile, to keep you guys entertained and informed, let me refer you to Max Keiser and their comments feed. I get a lot of my links that I post here from Max's comment section. It's quite lively and quite hard to keep up with! I must say it's all the info you will ever need. Another recommendation is the Disquiet Reservations blog.

Anyways.. Onto to Bill Moyer's (2nd) last interview which is with William K. Black. Mr. Black's been there on Bill Moyer's program before. He had that blockbuster interview that really shed light on the banking fraud. This interview also sheds some light on some of the recent events in the news such as the "show" hearings by Congress where they ask bank executives some tough questions.

I must say, we must get William K. Black into a position where he can start going after these crooks and shut their operations down. He put over a 1000 bankers in jail during that S&L fiasco. This time around it should be at least 10x that much. Round up those paddy wagons! Demand Congress give William K. Black the ammo he needs to go after the crooks!

[Video] One of Bill Moyers' last interviews: William K. Black

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Trailer for Nero's Guests

I'm trying to locate this video online. I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for it to appear on youtube, google videos, vimeo, or torrents :p.

[Youtube] Nero's Guests - another trailer

Nero's Guests: A Documentary on Indian Farmer Suicides

What is interesting is this film is a creation of Deepa Bhatia who is responsible for editing big Hindi hit movies such as:

My Name Is Khan (2010)
Rock On!! (2008)
Taare Zameen Par (2007)
The Hangman (2005)
Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara (2005)
Dev (2004)
Thakshak (1999)
Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa (1998)

She follows P. Sainath to document the economic devastation in the rural areas of India.

[Video] Nero's Guests Trailer (2009)

P Sainath: Citizen Journalism


P. Sainath talks about corporate journalism in its current form and proposes some ideas on reporting on what needs to be reported.

The audio portion of the video isn't so great but it's still understandable.

[Youtube] P Sainath on corporate journalism

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Music Time! Ganges Delta Blues

I think you guys will like this music. It's quite soothing and pacifying.

It's called Ganges Delta Blues, composed by Ry Cooder & V. M. Bhatt and is found on the album A Meeting by the River.

It's quite a mix consisting of Country and Classical Indian! Anyways, give it a go! I hope you like it as much as I.

[Youtube] Ganges Delta Blues

Catherine Austin Fitts with Alex Jones! 04-05-2010

Latest and greatest from Catherine Austin Fitts on The Alex Jones Show! Good stuff!

[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts on the Alex Jones Show 04-05-2010 Part 1/4

[Youtube] Part 2/4
[Youtube] Part 3/4
[Youtube] Part 4/4

Happy eggs come from happy chickens


A look now at organic pasture chicken and eggs. Once again, buy things based on how things are produced and not solely on price. The product is completely different even though it appears to be the same. The organic pasture eggs are much more nutritious. Isn't nutrition what you are buying? This explains why people are fat. They have to eat 3x as much to get the same nutrition. The calories budget gets overspent, not to mention the pocketbook. Maybe the organic pasture cost twice as much as the low end eggs, but the low end eggs end up costing more as you have to eat 3 of them to get the same nutrition. Don't let the prices at the store fool you as you are never comparing apples to apples.

[Youtube] Jeremiah Cunningham's pasture eggs are better

Friday, April 09, 2010

Ralph Nader - Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!


I have some criticisms and thoughts watching the legendary Ralph Nader's speech. I hate to criticize him since he is such a great, fearless, and tenacious warrior. I'll provide my commentary out of great respect for him.

First of all, it's naive to think that the super rich are not THE SYSTEM, and that they do not manipulate the levers of the system to make gains for themselves (at a loss to others).

Next, just think of all the time, money, and resources used for a protest. I don't think protests are as effective as other avenues. Changing one's consumption and investment habits are much more effective. Telling others to do the same is much more effective. The days of protests are gone. Everything happens on the IPhone or PC now. So let's change what happens from there.

The other criticism of public protests is it's head on. We're dealing with devious people that implement plans that take effect 6 layers or levels away. That's fine because we can fight them 6 levels away. Once again, with consumption and investments we can make a profound change on the outside layer of the onion that will eventually make its way to the core.

In his Q&A, he criticized the younger generation for not participating in civics. Change happened through protests and marches in previous days because it was also a gathering to exchange facts and ideas. We no longer have to do this with the advent of the internet. We can educate each other online and take action online/offline. So

So that's the difference between the new generation and the old. I also don't quite buy that the younger generations are responsible for the current financial and political situation. I doubt the young signed up for all irresponsible mortgage loans. I doubt the young sent themselves to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The key to all this is morality. A lack of morality or ethics can only lead to destruction. I do believe people are more focused on money. There is a severe deficit of morality and ethics.

Let's humanize the dehumanization. What do I mean by that? Let's point out the abnormality and counter with a antidote. For example, it's point out that there is slave labor making clothing and shoes. Let's counter by purchasing online from places that do not use slave labor. If anybody has any suggestions on where to shop online, please do tell. Let's also shop small business. Shop non-chain restaurants. Buy small farmer. Everything is still exists out there to be used as part of a sustainable solution.

[Youtube] Ralph Nader - Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us - Part 1/2

[Youtube] Ralph Nader - Q/A Super-Rich - Part 2/2

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Once in awhile there pops up a superhero that shines brightly, a light to make aware and to educate people and to show them a better way. In this course, he is ridiculed and condemned. Can he will it, a change that is highly improbable yet not entirely impossible?

Here's a stunning look at the subpar American food supply and the eating habits and preferences of its consumers.

Complete episode 3 of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution exposes what elementary students eat, the regulations that favor junk, and a jaw dropping experiment to find out the food selection process of the students. It worked in the UK but not America! It's mind boggling to me too. I can't understand it either. I think it's about growing up and being taught to certain things a certain way? Also, if everyone is doing it, why do anything any different?

Sorry about the commercials..

[HULU Video] Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - episode 3 (HD Available)

I also recommend watching the first two episodes.

Charlie Veich and his Disciples


Let's see how many blog entries I can put up tonight...

Charlie Veich and friends (aka the LPA - Love Police ?Anti-Terror Squad?) gather in front of the Israeli embassy to shed awareness of the wrongdoings by those in power around the world.

They then visit a 'private' train station to protest public areas being private property. The ending is particularly great as they try to hug a policeman.

[Youtube] Charlie Veich and gang outside of the Israeli Embassy in UK Part 3/8

[Youtube] Charlie Veich and company try to hug a policeman Part 8/8

[Youtube Playlist]All 8 PARTS

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Reverand Billy arrested during Chase mountaintop removal protest

Sorry guys, I just haven't had the time to do any postings. I am completely backlogged with things I want to post. i promise to post them this week. Anyways, here a quick video of Reverend Billy being arrested for putting dirt in Chase's ATM lobby. The protest is over funding of mountaintop mining which destroys the environment by shaving off the tops of hills and filling the bottom with the debris. it essentially flattens terrain and destroys the existence of streams below.

Reverand Billy (his organization being The Church of Life After Shopping), whose real name is Bill Talen, joined forces with Morgan Spurlock (remember Super Size Me)to make the movie Would Jesus Buy?

[Youtube] Reverand Billy arrested shortly after protesting Chase's funding of mountaintop coal removal

Friday, April 02, 2010

YikeBike - A New way of moving about


The YikeBike's design struck me as a winner. It's not often I see something of great utility that serves to fulfill a needed function. Portable so that you may carry it with you. Electric to get you around. That's one amazing bike! This looks to be much cheaper than the Segway, much smaller, much more maneuverable, and more fun! I can see these selling like hot cakes if they can get them around a $1000.

These New Zealand inventors have something on their hands!

[Youtube] YikeBike @ EuroBike 2009

[Youtube] YikeBike @ EuroBike 2009

William K. Black - Latest interview on The Real News 03-18-2010


William K. Black interviews on The Real News. Check it out. There's a lot of new material.

The best way to rob a bank is to own one! To rob the country, own a bank!

[Youtube] William K. Black's latest with Paul Jay on The Real News Network - Part 1/5

Rest of the interview here (Parts 1 to 5)

Toyota Suspends Production: The ongoing saga


Between the US government trying to politically check Japan (keep buying those US Treasuries) and low sales is a hard place called idle production, Toyota's current humble adobe.

See my previous entry on Toyota's ulterior motives.

Anyways, people buying those Fords and other brands because of Toyota's problems with acceleration (regardless of whether it's real or not) will come back to Toyota if those other brands can't hack it. After all, it's better to have acceleration rather to have none.

Are the lower sales the result of the recall? Toyota's idling production around the world. Are recalls in America affecting sales elsewhere in the world? That's hard to believe.

[Article] - Toyota idles production around the world

Matt Taibbi - Looting Main Street America - Rolling Stone


Knock them down Matt Taibbi! He first reported on Goldman Sach with what can only be dubbed a vampire squid. Now he reports on its Siamese twin JP Morgan Chase and the looting they've been part and parcel to. Notice how the unsavory political figures went to prison but JP Morgan, with its invincibility shield on, remains untouched. How about prosecuting them JP Morgan boys who knowingly participated in bribery? The laws are not strong enough? You mean Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion instead of all the criminal mischief he caused?

A really good, clear, succinct article for Rolling Stone magazine by Matt which sheds insight on how things get done behind the scenes.

[Article] Matt Taibbi on Looting Main Street - 6 Pages

Latest Catherine Austin Fitts on Coast to Coast 03-29-2010


Great Stuff from Catherine Austin Fitts! Gardening is the name of the game plus more. AND DON'T FORGET TO BE A RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER AND INVESTOR.

Catherine Austin Fitts interviews in parts 2 thru 8.

[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts on Coast to Coast with George Noory Part 2/15

Playlist of the interview here (Parts 2-8)