Thursday, January 20, 2011

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[Link] $10 for $20 gift card

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Interview 1957

Fight for your rights, and fight to keep them! And bring about self respect.

And no.. they're not playing poker.

[Youtube] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Interview in 1957 - Part 2

Support in secrecy.. Slowly, the support grows and the violence subsides. The system at its dying point. The old order is no more. Segregation is the law and it must be practiced even if one doesn't want to.

[Youtube] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Interview in 1957 - Part 3

Part 1 is here.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday 2011

It wasn't so complicated what he did. He just had more honesty and courage than everyone else.

[Youtube] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on following one's own path

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day!

How was everyone's holiday? Isn't it a shame it is not celebrated by the majority of private industry? It really shows who cares and who doesn't. Minority business owners who have blinders on. Not a care in the world. Would one day less of revenue really kill them? What are they really celebrating? What do they really value?

I refer everyone to some speeches I have posted previously that you will never see on tv. They only exist on the internet.

How true and relevant is everything today?

Referring back to previous Dr. martin Luther King speech blog posts

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thomas Sheridan: The History of Food and the Control Grid

Thomas Sheridan describes how food has been used to control people so as to inhibit their ability to think and fight back.

In place, has been a powerful control grid that's been used by the status quo to control society. The best food is reserved for this privileged class, while it is made sure the rest get enough to get work done, but not to think.

Furthermore, when there's a technology or strategy that comes by that levels the playing field for the little guy, it is deemed a terroristic.

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan: The History of Food and the Control Grid

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cindy Sheehan Soapbox: Matt Taibbi and David Swanson 12-05-2010

Great interviews from Matt Taibbi and David Swanson. Matt discusses the financial mess and David the politics. I'm being lazy and not posting any more details. Must listen!

[MP3] Cindy Sheehan Soapbox: Matt Taibbi and David Swanson - 12-05-2010

Aaja Nachle

Here's one more. This time with english subtitles which don't translate quite fully.

[Youtube] Aaja Nachle (with english subtitles)

Saathiya: Chhalka Chhalka Re

How's about some Bollywood?

Sorry, I couldn't find any videos with English subtitles.

What's going on? Someone's marriage (not of the main characters of the movie). The guy and gal that do most of the dancing are the main characters and later marry in the movie. For now, they keep as strangers. At one point he makes complementary remarks about the girl, without realizing he is speaking to the father. He comes back to ask what her name is, at which point, he is brushed off. Needless, he keeps trying to get her attention.

[Youtube] Saathiya: Chhalka Chhalka Re

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wikileaks: Methodology and Discovery


So what's the actual innner workings of a secret government? What are its line of communications? What if they can be gummed up to the point of disfunction? That is the goal of Julian Assange.

[Article] To Kill an Invisible Government

And what has Wikileaks discovered for us so far? Is it really true what's been suggested that a secretive, corporate agenda driven, government exists? And is it true that government officials knowingly implement policies that are harmful to regular citizens, and then try to keep it under wrap? Working in your interest or against your very existence? You decide.

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: Help GMO crops acceptance in Europe by jacking up Non-GMO food prices

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: Must allow corporate profits to continue even if the activity is known to threaten life itself on earth

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: US Corporation Freeport-McMoran's Grasberg Mine in Papua Guinea funds corruption

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: French politicians accept money from a destitute and scammed Africa

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: War on Drugs promotes up third world corruption

Joel Salatin: Food Inquisition

Joel Salatin presents on the absurdity of the food police (the government food regulators) on creating a system that stifles good quality food from individuals and small farmers, and advantages and focuses on food output from big corporate agriculture.

Presented in Australia thru the ABC tv station on 12-03-2010.

WMV, MP4, and audio formats available here. Youtube available below.

[Youtube] Joel Salatin on the Food Inquisition Age

Rest of the videos: Part 2, Part 3.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Thomas Sheridan: More great examples of Psychopathy - Part 2

Here's some more great examples of psychopathy as illustrated by Thomas Sheridan. The office worker one is hilarious. Pointed out are the signs and symptoms everyone should be on look out for.

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan's office psychopath

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan's money scheming predator psychopath

City Hall Corruption in Toledo Ohio


It looks like the friends of City Hall (the insiders) cashed out and profitted quite handsomely when the City Hall came to buy up their lofts and office space in the rundown location in the rundown economy.

[Youtube] City Hall payoffs in Todelo, Ohio

Saturday, January 01, 2011 : A tutorial on how to find quality local businesses

Let's start of 2011 with a way to find and do business with excellent local small businesses. One tool I use, especially for restaurants, is

I'll present a step by step way of locating the best of class local businesses within their category and geography. For this example, I'll locate Mexican restaurants within Orange County, California. We'll also do a search by city using Anaheim, Calfornia, but I will show how that is more of a limited search and does not provide the best results as some of the better restaurants are outside the city.

Ok here it goes:
1) Go to (in another browser session of course).
2) At the top, in the Near (Address, Neighborhood, City, State or Zip) text box, type in Orange County, CA and press enter.
3) Near the top, under Browsing Orange County Businesses, click Restaurants (if you can't find out, hit control+f, type in the word restaurants to locate it on the webpage).
4) Once again, near the top, under Restaurants Orange County, click Mexican (control+f to search for it if necessary).
5) Ok now we need to sort all the Mexican restaurants in Orange County, CA so that the best ones appear on top of the list. Near the top, under Mexican Orange County click Highest Rated and the restaurant El Toro Bravo will appear as the first one. It gets 4.5 stars out of 5 stars (located to the right of the restaurant name) which is pretty good! It's located in Costa Mesa which is a bit far from me, but if I was in the area and I was hungry for Mexican (of course the family would have to approve Mexican), I would go there as my first choice for Mexican. Note that there's an INTERACTIVE map (you can move the map and also zoom in/out) that shows all the restaurants on that page. It's helpful when locating businesses close to you.
6) Let's click on El Toro Bravo and we will sort by date since the latest reviews are most accurate. Maybe the owners changed or there was a change to the food for the better or worse. Scroll down 1 screen down to the Sort By section. It's kind of hidden. It starts right above the first review. Do a control+f and look for Sort By if you cannot find it. Once found, on the same line, click on Date. Now it shows the newest reviews first. If you want to see the oldest reviews first, click on Date again.

As an additional demonstration, let's search in the City of Anaheim, CA. You will notice that the best restaurants do not come up because we limited ourselves just to the city and not the county. I prefer to search by County. Sometimes the County is too big, like Los Angeles County. Then, I would have to type in the city and also try the surrounding cities. Perhaps, I would also use the zipcode.

1) At the top, in the Near (Address, Neighborhood, City, State or Zip) text box, type in Anaheim, CA and press enter.
2) Near the top, under Browsing Anaheim Businesses, click Restaurants
3) Near the top, under Restaurants Anaheim, click Mexican
4) Let's sort the Mexican restaurants in Anaheim, CA so that the best ones appear on top of the list. Near the top, under Mexican Anaheim click Highest Rated and the restaurant Anepalco's Cafe will appear as the first one. Once again, note that there's an INTERACTIVE map that shows all the restaurants on that page.
5) Lastly, sort by date. Follow step 6 from above.

Ummm... I like to do Highest Rated rather than Most Reviewed. I find it more accurate. Accuracy is the name of the game. The most frequented restaurants are not necessarily the best ones. A lot of times, they're the cheapest ones that the masss go to. A lot of chains will score high under Most Reviewed. Face it, most of the time, most people are not looking for better food, oonly the cheapest.

If you want to see the reviews on a particular restaurant/business, on the page, just type in the name of the restaurant/business and city or zipcode at the top.

I hope this has been helpful. I know I didn't do screenshots (too lazy). Maybe some of you use to locate businesss in other categories such as flowers, car wash, etc. I'd be interested what other categories are popular on

India: The Genocide Within A Democracy


I want this to be the first blog post of 2011 as it's a real eye opener / game changer. It is possibly the most important material I've run into for 2010. I watched it with my jaw dropped.

Let's go back to the urban city dwellers. Where does their culture come from? From where does civilization and its fundamental principles come from? It had to take root from somewhere. I believe, for India, for many millennia, the principles of civilization were adopted from those dwellers who lived in harmony with nature deep in the forests and countryside. Today, some of them are politically termed Naxalites or MAOists.

Civilization. What does it mean to be civilized? Isn't it a set of rules that everyone abides by so that everyone can live more in harmony and dignity? Then, who is this collective group of people that calls themselves the government and executives? Who's permission did they get to destroy members of their own society for the sake of material accumulation? And so sly they are that the urban city dwellers, both the growing rich and the middle classes, are completely unaware that there is a program running which they living under, is NOT one of democracy, as they are led to believe. It is an authoritarian state, doing its bidding on behalf of the 100 of the wealthiest Indian families, which control 25% of India's GDP.

The whole system, including the print media, television and radio, and the politicians are all bought and paid for by the psychopaths. What then exists is a matrix that is a fictional reality. And if all this is true for India, "the democracy", it also applies for the United States, "the democracy".

Genocide? What genocide? It' been said that officials from the government went to the Indian Army for securing territory, to which the Army replied back, that the Indian Army was not going to kill its own citizens.

Thank god for the arrest of Dr. Binayak Sen or else I wouldn't have pursued this line of research. I've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that was 2010.

Arundhati Roy and Gautam Navlakh do a fantastic job of bringing back from the forests of India and disseminating the information with such clarity, that it can be readily understood, and conclusions easily extracted. Many thanks to Satyen K. Bordoloi for uploading these videos.

And on a quick note, I am pleased to have 113 subscribed to this blog at the end of 2010. My goal is to have 300 by the end of 2011. Let's see what 2011 brings.

[Youtube Playlist] Arundhati Roy and Gautam Navlakh: India's Genocide on its own people 07-02-2010 (21 Parts)