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Tere Bina from the movie Guru

Now for something positive, light, and uplifting? How about more Bollywood?

Here's the romantic song Tere Bina from the hindi movie Guru starring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. And yes, they are married.

[Youtube] Guru: Tere Bina song WITH SUBTITLES

Thom Hartmann interviews Frederick Kaufman: How speculators starve the world Part 2


This blog dares to ask why is there hunger in the world? It is not a natural state of affairs for human beings to be in a condition of starvation. In a world of plenty, where food grows by itself or with minimal effort, why is there starvation and misery? Could it be political and financial forces create these situations? Nature certainly wouldn't chart this course.

This is a followup to the earlier How speculators starve the world blog entry.

[Youtube] Frederick Kaufman: Wall Street speculators starve billions

Boycott Israel


From today's blog entry on Max Keiser...

It's simple and effective. Got a grudge? Want change? No need to get angry. Just be smart about it. Boycott that which is bugging you and perhaps even killing you (literally). You've got the speak the language of money, the language most important to those causing trouble and misery. Again, I don't understand all the protests. They're just a waste of time. Buying consciously is more powerful than even voting.

Boycott of Israeli settlement goods by the Palestinian population is taking a toll on Israeli settlement businesses, forcing them to reduce their size or to close altogether.

I, myself, boycott Intel since some engineering of their popular CPUs is done in Israel. I buy AMD/ATI instead. It's a bit slower, but it is also cheaper. And it keeps part of my conscious clean.

[Youtube] Boycott of Israeli settlement goods effective

[Article] Israeli Settlements - The Boycott

Sean Penn: Running earthquake shelters in Haiti


Ok, maybe you gotta be on drugs on watch most Sean Penn movies, but he's a super individual. Bravo for Sean Penn!

Sean Penn has been running an NGO, via his physical presence in Haiti, for the past 6 months. It is wonderful of him for taking it upon himself to do something great! Find out what he has to say about the NGOs and the military running earthquake operations.

He's quite the chain smoker, isn't he?

[Video] Sean Penn in Haiti 6 months later - An Interview by Democracy Now!

Franklin Sanders: Be Local


Keeping with the topic of local economy, local interdependancies, and local employment, Franklin Sanders talks about Revitalizing Local Economies. Paying for gadgets that technology that increase production steers the farmer to unsustainable debt and eventual farm loss. How? The money to buy and sustain the nifty gadgets gets sent to New York. New York gets rich while the local farmer gets stuck with debt. High productivity also leads to depressed pricing which leads to lower income for the farmer. This exact mechanism created a depression for the farmers in the 1920s. The depression later spread to the rest of society in the 1930s.

gold and silver money, government throwing good money after bad, government subsidizing and propping up of inefficient and wealth destroying corporations, decapitalization of individual wealth via government spending, inflation, incorrect unemployment computation, decentralization,

[MP3] Franklin Sanders on local economy

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cuba - Life free from oil

Cuba without oil... It means independence, interdependance on others in the economy, organic food, and more jobs.

It reminds me of the time I was in India and the mom n pop restaurants had no refrigerator. Now, one would think it quite a negative. It's actually the opposite. The food tasted much better! It had to come in fresh and be prepared right away!

So why have we moved to food being shipped across the country and around the world. Not only that, the food is highly processed and in a lot of cases frozen. Why didn't this happen 50 years ago? It's because of cheap oil and cheap mechanical toys.

If oil and gas went up 10x in price tomorrow, local and organic would certainly be in fashion. After all, shipping something 10 miles is a lot of more cost effective than shipping something 10000 miles. Not only that, fertilizer from fossil fuels becomes expensive. Suddenly, that banana peel and compost becomes valuable. Tending to a large corporate farm becomes infeasible as manual labor is much cheaper than maintaining a tractor and running it. This means more jobs become available. And everyone becomes interconnected as everyone is dependent on everyone else. Suddenly, people have more vale.

[Video] Cuba's independence from oil

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toyota vindicated in sudden acceleration fiasco


So it was driver error and not a defect in Toyota cars that caused the unintended acceleration and associated deaths!

I've been thinking there's no way that only 80 out of millions of cars experienced fatal sudden and unintended acceleration caused by a bug in the hardware or software of the car. If there truly was a genuine defect, we would see many more Toyota cars go though red lights and stop lights. It would be an every day occurrence in towns and cities across the world. Plus, the bug would've been picked up through case testing of the software and hardware.

Anyways, here are my previous blog posts on Toyota related to this.

[Link] Wall Street Journal's link to the Toyota vindicated in sudden acceleration problem
[Link] Dailytech's link to the Toyota sudden acceleration problem

G20 police tactics witnessed closeup through a Starbucks

19000 police vs. 10000 protesters. This is what tyranny looks like. What happened to government for the people, by the people, from the people? What happened to freedom of assembly? It's Canada but the same principles apply.

Shot through a locked Starbucks store, the locked people inside bore witness to police tactics only existing in regimes governed by dictators.

[Youtube] The 20 Dictators' Armed Guards

Best one so far from Max Keiser: Self Learning


This is probably THE BEST episode tv or radio ever by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert! The topic is the value of self learning vs. that which is taught by the establishment (tv, university, adults, etc).

You must not skip this! This is not to be missed!!!

Thank you for the common sense Max and Stacy. This puts what I've felt in perspective.

[Link to Youtube Videos] Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on SELF LEARNING

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Max Keiser with Damon Vrabel - Banking Cartel - 07-09-2010


West Point graduate Damon Vrabel discusses the corporate empire with Max Keiser. Everyone is a subject, a slave of the banking cartel. It's come down to people needing to depend on JP Morgan just to eat. War benefits the banking cartel because they issue the debt to governments plus they own large portions of corporations that benefit from resource extraction.

Damon Vrabel is the founder of csper.org and his blog is csper.wordpress.com.

[Youtube] Max Keiser and Damon Vrabel 07-02-2010 - Part 1/3

[Youtube] Max Keiser and Damon Vrabel 07-02-2010 - Part 2/3

[Youtube] Max Keiser and Damon Vrabel 07-02-2010 - Part 3/3

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Louis Theroux: Las Vegas Gambling - BBC - 2007

Louis Theroux visits Las Vegas in 2007 to document gambling, all the way from high rollers to the working man, for the BBC.

The old lady in the videos wants attention just like those people that will make themselves sick just to be admitted to a hospital to get attention. As for Alan, the Canadian mattress king, he's got a bad gambling habit too. People with an addiction go for the entertainment value of their play. They get a high. They don't care about winning or losing. Even if they lose money they've still won because they got a high off of gambling. Anyways, what do when you have more money than what you know what to do with? You blow it! So I ask, why is the working man okay with the compensation for the big wigs? It's money wasted by psychopaths.

[Youtube] Louis Theroux and Las Vegas Gamblers (BBC) - Part 1/6

[Link] Rest of the videos here.

Charlie Veitch talks about his G20 2010 experience with the Corbett Report

Charlie Veitch compares UK police officers to Toronto Canada police officers. The officers UK have humor and lack guns. They look for reasons not the arrest a person. It's the complete opposite in Canada.

Charlie Veitch was arrested for not showing ID within 5 meters of the security perimeter fence. Although that law was on the books, it was not to be enforced. Charlie Veitch was arrested anyhow and has to return in August for his court appointment.

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch shaken up by G20 arrest - Corbett Report - Part 1/3

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch shaken up by G20 arrest - Corbett Report - Part 2/3

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch shaken up by G20 arrest - Corbett Report - Part 3/3

Friday, July 09, 2010

BP cost cutting pattern - Refinery blowout killed 15


These are not random disasters. There's a reason why they happen. There's a cause. They're man made.

BP's oil refinery blowout and fire in Texas killed 15 in March 2005 due to deep cost cutting measures. Old equipment was not replaced as recommended by internal auditors.

These executives and rich shareholders will keep going until the end with their profit maximization schemes. They can't help it. They're greedy psychopaths. They need to be stopped by sane adults, but aren't. Only when something really catastrophic occurs, that which effects millions of people, does public sentiment change. Only then are these plots, hatched by greedy executives and shareholders, finally curtailed.

Here's a report on PBS's NewsHour program on the incident and a followup report by the government citing negligence on BP's part.

[Video] BP - A history of cost cutting

[Video] Alternate link

Vandana Shiva vs. Gwynne Dyer: Geoengineering and climate change


Dateline Democracy Now! 07-08-2010

Vandana Shiva and Gwynne Dyer discuss various solutions to global warming. I don't quite understand how Gwynne can come up with a solution which involves blocking the sun. I guess some people can look at the whole picture and some people can't.

[Video] Vandana Shiva and Gwynne Dyer on Geoengineering - Democracy Now! 07-08-2010

Monday, July 05, 2010

Housefull: Dhanno - The Song


Here's a remake of the song Aap Ka Kya Hoga originally made famous by Amitabh Bachchan In the movie Lawaaris. The remake has great rhythm, tune, and dance!

I couldn't find any copies with subtitles, sorry.

[Youtube] Housefull: Dhanno - The Song

Saturday, July 03, 2010

How speculators starve the world


Here's an article by Johann Hari of The Independant that describes the mechanism that causes human generated starvation> It is caused by speculators bidding up prices of food commodities so that the poor of the world have to go to sleep empty stomach having not enough pennies in income for the day to afford adequate nutrition. This amongst plenty.

[Article] 100% Man Made Disaster: Starvation in the 21st Century

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Charlie Veitch: Jail Release Interview

Charlie Veitch is released on bail from jail. He was charged with impersonation of a police officer. There's a band called "The Police"!

The Love Police concerns the use of artistic license. It's sarcasm. There's no sane person who thinks he was impersonating an actual Peace Officer! It's now up to the courts.

The cops just wanted to mess with him. They thought they were being clever. They actually ended up attracting people's ire and unwittingly shed light on their uncivilized behavior and practices.

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch's interview just after coming out of jail on bail