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Harriet Washington - Unethical BIG PHARMA patents - Democracy Now! 10-31-2011


Harriet Washington's book, Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself—And the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical Future, takes a jaw dropping look at the medical industrial complex gone haywire. The biotechonology and pharmaceutical companies are getting away with literal murder.

These companies control critical patents, a lot which shouldn't even be given out as they are public domain or are a patent on genes which is life itself. In the past 30 years, 40,000+ patents have been granted on genes alone, with many more pending. As Harriet Washington mentions, it is profit than triumphs over the health and medical needs of the population.

I've been thinking about what Max Keiser is saying about getting rid of the copyright cartel. My light bulb finally turned on a few weeks ago. Indeed, what a different world it was be without patents and copyright. No longer would there be motivation for money. No more lust of money or greed. The greedy type of people would no longer be in top positions of business and finance. Any discovery would go into the public domain where would improve the world as a whole. The motivation of the discoverer would be to improve humanity not money. We would get a different sort of organizational structure full of workers who would work hard and command these structures with the motivation to add to humanity's well being. Since there is no money at the end of the rainbow, the people motivated by money will not bother to even join or be involved. What kind of jobs will the greedy types have at this point? Unbound by any copyright, trademark, or patent restrictions, labs can use best practices to improve upon what's already known. Discoveries would come quick as they build on top of each other. Best of all it would be real knowledge to add to the public database. After all, that which is free has no market and does not exist in a capitalistic system. Fascinating...

[Video] Harriet Washington exposes the Medical Industrial Complex subjecation thru patents - Democracy Now! 10-31-2011

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Awesome collection of mic checks. The Karl Rove one is the best lol. Michelle Bachman walks away with her reptile tail in between her legs. Too many Obamabots at Obama's MIC CHECK. It's about time a new message was present instead of the business as usual propaganda grandiosizing executives at these silly business get togethers.

[Youtube Videos] MIC CHECK Assortment Pack

Occupy Wall Street - An introspective look so far


I just think that analyzing why something is successful and giving credit to one particular event or statistic is not misleading and inaccurate. If A happens, B will happen. If you do A it will lead to B. That is what we are taught to look at in school. It does not work like this. Like mythology, fables, legends, morals of stories, and religion, the gut or point of the story is always taken out and all that is presented is the flavorless skeleton form of a story.

If we look back to history class we were presented with what happened when. And we MIGHT be presented with one or two sentences of the causes of this or that event (wars, riots, strikes, etc). We are never told about the undercurrent, the concoction of causes (there's usually more than 1 cause and relationships between them) which led to the event(s). And there's no questioning why things happened the way they did. If there was questioning, things would become exposed as event A should not necessarily conclude in fashion A unless there a force such as self interest involved.

Lastly, I guess the most important factor that goes into anything (and is usally left out) are people's intents and expectations. There's no real introspection into the populace's thoughts and feelings and to its "leaders" interests. Why do things happen and conclude the way they do? What do people care about? What don't they care about? Are the people moral?

Whenever I meet someone who's involved with charity, I listen to what they are doing. They will continue on and on and on and on about their great plans to change this or that (code for "change the world"). Then I have to stop them, as I am pretty disappointed and exhausted of hearing the naivety. Of course, it takes some experience and time to really get that reaction (light bulb going off in the head) going. I've heard it before. Great expectations and enthusiasm. It takes years (and many examples and repetition of similar programs) to see a pattern by looking at the program conclusion. What effect did they have? Did they really change what they set out to change? The answer is almost always NO, they did meet their stated mission/goals.

Well, why is that? That's something I ask. This question just isn't asked enough. Forensics needs to take place. Introspection and inspection needs to happen alongside some analysis. Branching of events and conclusions based on x and y factors needs to take place. Why did the Plinko chip fall where it did and not the other slots. What were the causes and effects. What were the odds of each path?

So, I stop the great ideas and plans diatribes of the people in these charities to ask a simple question. Why are people in the condition they are in. Perhaps the best example charities trying to reduce poverty. I will ask the charity representative "why are people poor in the first place?". Then a pause. Maybe the answer they will blurt out is "because they need some money.. If they only had the money do A or B". Then I ask, "well looking back, poverty is not a natural human condition. No one wants to be poor. So how did or why it happen?" No answer. Then i will interject "have you looked at the political system? Have you looked at the big businessmen? Have you looked at the corruption? Do you think any of that has anything to do with why the people you are trying to help are in such dire straits?" Still no response. I will continue, "There's a system that's keeping people from succeeding. People are handcuffed. there's people in power that want to keep their power and they way they do that is by keeping other people in chains. Poverty is a form of control and power. Their system is intent on maintaining the status quo and poverty and maleducation are a few of the levers of control. Now do you think, throwing money at the problem will solve it or will it only create a short term resolution? It might even create long term dependence." Then I will be asked, "So what is your solution?". I will respond, "Well, education about the system is step 1. If people don't know what they are facing, they won't know how to proceed to proposing solutions and then executing them." After some time, the conversation will usually conclude with disbelief in my propositions. There is no way such corruption exists. There is no malintent by those in power and control. Hence, the ineffectiveness of nonprofits throughout the ages...

Well from what I've experienced, I can say it's really self interest that's the root of everything. In fact, there's people who would love to enslave others if they could get away with it. What percent of the population thinks this way is up for debate. My experience is it could be the majority in big cities. The bigger the city, the less its people are moral/ethical. Living in smaller cities is just healthier for the mind and soul. My experience in schools with the teachers and students says so. Both were propagandized and had self interests. There was no introspection. It was all about one's interests rather than the interests of the whole. Heck, some of the teachers were racists. A lot were fascists who loved the control. What else could pink slips and detention be? Of course, there were bullies. Now why are there bullies? It's because there isn't a majority to stand up to bullying and to nip it in the bud because the majority are bullies in one way or another. Free lunch one way or another!

Once in awhile a person comes around who thinks about the world and its people and asks a lot of questions. Confucius, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, George Carlin, and so forth. What baffles me is why not everyone thinks in the same manner. Leaders don't create movements. Movements happen by themselves. There's a saying "When the students are ready, the teacher presents him/herself". Now the trick is to put out the message yet stay alive. Take Jesus or MLK Jr. for example. The heretics always go up against the interests of the people. There's enough support out there for the "leaders" of that time to get rid of the heretics, yet stay in power.

In this video, the "leaders" of the movement have been at it for quite a long time (decades), the best example being, Michael Moore. He's always had a message. But his message has been booed and hissed at (take the Academy Awards Iraq War speech for example). Why? Because people have their SELF interests in hand.

So what sparked the Occupy Wall Street movement (#OWS)? Was it the third world child slave labor? NO. Was it the free trade deals such as NAFTA? NO. Was it outsourcing and insourcing? NO. Was it the Patriot Act? NO. Was it ABU GHARIB and Guantanamo Bay or torture? NO. Was it the telecom spying? NO. Was it the 2008 banker bailout? NO. Was it the deregulation (Glass Steagal and Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000? NO. Was it the poverty numbers in the country? NO. Was it the increasing income gap in the county? NO. Was it all the Reagan and Bush wars? NO. Was it the 1 million dead Iraqis? NO. Was it the military budget? NO. Was it the banker bonuses? NO. Was it Enron, Worldcom, shredding of documents at Arthur Anderson? NO. Was it the practices of the IMF and World Bank and WTO? NO. Was it the dismantling of the right to Habeus Corpus? NO. Was it the drone strikes? NO. Well there's plenty more.. So what was it? It was simply that the disaster got to the individual and effected him/her. That's all! There is no great egalitarian ideal that a lot of people work towards. Should I pursue what's good for everyone or should I pursue what's good for me, even though it may harm others? Because of self interest, there will always be future crisis. All we do is jump from one crisis to another.

Education can only help those that want to pursue the egalitarian ideal. The rest use it was a weapon. The rest don't care about anything but themselves. So the question is what percent of the population is what? Let's talk about change in a manner in who can realistically be genuinely changed.

Those in power know the threat to them is ideas, ideals, sympathy, and egalitarian. They hide, coverup, and lie. They create The Matrix. And it takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to see through it and change yourself. Throughout time, people have been gotten rid of. Their damn ideas must be gotten rid off. Hence we have things such as book burnings, witch burnings, public executions, jailings, etc. It's dangerous to have ideas that go up against establishment interests of power and control and the perceived investments of the people.

[Article]Exploring Books Burnings by Richard RJ Eskow

Here's the latest on #OWS featuring Michael Moore, Naomi Klein and a few others...
[Youtube] OWS so far - Occupy Everywhere - Nov 2011

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Jeff Ross brings comedy to Occupy LA

Jeffrey Ross, a local comedian who's usually seen roasting celebrities on Comedy Central roasts, visits Occupy Wall Street's Occupy LA branch to add some much needed color and humor to the protest.


[Youtube] Jeff Ross roasts Occupy Wall Street 10-19-2011

Happy Turkey Day 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope everyone experienced an enjoyable holiday. Watching this documentary about a man raising and living with wild turkeys reveals that animals talk and communicate and have much greater awareness of the surroundings than what we are made to believe. They also have a sense of curiosity, have a streak of playfulness, and even experience joy.

[Video] - PBS's My Life as a Turkey
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Humorous #OWS videos

Goldman Sachs has a plan for OWS. See what their plans are for the #OWS protesters once they reach the Goldman Sachs building. LOL!!!

[Youtube] Goldman Sach's plans for #OWS protesters

I laughed at this too.
[Article] Tank in Tampa vs #OWS Protestors

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Occupy Wall Street - The next big step

Ah ha! Someone said it! Shut down the stock exchange! I've been saying it all along (see my Oct 29th comment)! Check out the end of this video:

Btw, that was really dumb of the establishment to bring attention to the #Occupiers. They set abuzz the hornets nest which brought the limelight back upon the protesters. Coverage of the Occupy protests was dying down as there was no new news to report. And yes this was coordinated by someone high up (most likely the Chamber of Commerce) as all the Occupy camps got raided at about the same time, in the same manner, using the same lame excuses such as the camp was dirty, it was health hazard, and that it stood as as being unsafe in terms of crime and violence. What doesn't make sense to me is why they raided, ransacked, and confiscated all the material possessions at the camp knowing they would allow the protesters to return and resettle in the same place. Seems like an espionage mission to get information such as members, organizations, and contacts that are involved and perhaps to sniff out upcoming plans.

So back to the idea of blockading (don't they blockade in wars?) the stock market with 100,000s of people surrounding the buildings and underground corridors so that employees can't get to work and business as usual can't continue... This would be true crowd sourcing! How would this work? Let's get into the hypothetical scenario much deeper...

The blockade would, of course, have to happen on a weekday. People would have to take the day off and potentially be arrested. The NYSE opens at 9:30am. Workers probably show up long before that. The disruption would start when critical NYSE employees are delayed or cannot show up to work.

If we look at the metal barricades in Michael Moore's fantastic video, they can be turned around and used in the protesters' favor by being instrumental in a blockade and even block the authorities in! People can begin forming the blockade outside the police lines as they surround the neighboring blocks and not all any employees in.

[Youtube] Michael Moore on #OWS interviews near the stock market

And from today.. A fantastic interview on Democracy Now! by Arundhati Roy. She covers both #OWS and the genocide in India, and the realization that both are connected because they are the result of the same criminal cabal. /br>
Somewhere there is a recording or video of Arundhati Roy's speech to Occupy Wall Street. I hope I run into it shortly as I am anxious to hear it!

[Video] Arundhati Roy on Democracy Now! speaking about Occupy Wall Street

And lastly, here is a video of the police disguising themselves as Occupy Oakland protesters. People's tax dollars hard at work!

[Youtube] Police join Occupy Oakland movement as fake protesters

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Jack Abramoff on 60 Long and Corrupt Minutes

Give it up Leslie Stahl. You know how the game is played. Stop pretending that you don't know about the corruption, cover ups, and lies. After all, you work for CBS / 60 minutes and you have to play by their rules.

As for the interview, I was laughing all the way through. As if one is so naive that he/she doesn't know what's really going on... The interview just confirmed everything I've known about politicians, the laws, the game, and the characters/personality. Think of it as another Wikileak.

Of course, the people making the laws want to corrupt themselves! Why have laws to deny yourself? Have laws work to your advantage! And don't forget about that cushy job after that resume builder job as a Congressman! LOL Don't you think Obama is resume building too, just like Tony Blair who's working for JP Morgan now?

Here are the politicians.. oops... "leaders" who people look up to. They're quite dumb aren't they? But they are surely crafty. They seek indulgence and love selling everything they can get their hands on for a ride on easy street.

PS: I have a lot more time coming up this month so I'll be posting all the stuff that's piled up and laying on the backburner. There's some jaw dropping stuff coming up later this week! Just mix with some time and interest!

[Youtube] Jack Abramoff on 60 Minutes
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