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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Riz Khan - Artists, Writers, Intellectuals and Revolution

Fascinating piece on artists, writers, intellectuals and their role and contribution to society. The truth and exposure are enemies of despots who look to quell any voices contrary to their propaganda. Knowledge makes revolutions happen.

This is really good!!

Btw, the Al Jazeera English youtube channel is back!

[Youtube] Artists, Writers, and Intellectuals contribe to society

Yemen: Imagines the Revolution?

The revolution continues in Yemen... Will the country break up in two, North and South?

[Youtube] Yemen security forces to protect protesters?

Libya: Imagines the Revolution continues...

More footage of the Libyan revolt up to the current moment in time...

[Youtube] Egyptians flee Libya (from Wednesday)

[Youtube] The Libyan military will not kill its own citizens (from Wednesday)

[Youtube] After Gaddafi speech (from Wednesday)

[Youtube] At a Libyan hospital (graphic)

[Youtube] Inside Story - Libya Discussion(from Wednesday) 30mins long

[Youtube] Gaddafi blames Bin Laden

[LiveLeak] Gun Fire in Benghazi, Libya

[LiveLeak] Libyan protestors break into Rajma Army base and take weapons

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aftermath of the New Zealand earthquake

A bicyclist records the aftermath of Tuesday's Christchurch, New Zealand 6.3 magnitude earthquake. It looks like bricks do not hold well during a large earthquake. Some of the roads have fissures and bumps.

[LiveLeak] Firsthand look at the aftermath of Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake

Oil Prices and Revolution

I have to take exception to this reporter who keeps with the mainline propaganda. The danger to the world's poor are the bankers, elite, and speculators, not the revolutionaries or the oil supply drop. In other words, the hungry of the world were hungry even when oil prices were low and oil supply plenty.

Some amazing comments on Youtube about this video on oil prices:
When that dude in Tunisia set himself on fire it should have been a rallying cry to the world for freedom. Instead only the Arab countries are uprising, pushing out tyrannical dictators.

Where's the west's response to The Patriot Act, Warrant less Wiretapping, Bank Bailouts, Illegal Wars, Torture???

Silence is what I hear and it makes me sick everyday.

WTF about the poor and hungry in LIBYA? O who cares about them they are just a small minority. FUCK EVERYBODY WHO CARES MORE ABOUT OIL THAN PPL! also fuck anyone who cares about their pocket over ppl-An American
This isn't about oil this is about FREEDOM! Who fucking cares if oil prices are rising. Here's a bigger new flash: OIL PRICES ARE CLIMBING REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING! We all need to stop using products that need oil. Case Closed

Motha### we have all the technology to go renewable evergy right now! We wouldn't even need to pay for car gas anymore. shitty oil companies caused millions of deaths.

[Youtube] Revolutions prod mainstream media to raise fear

The Revolution will not be televised. It will be online

Leaderless revolutions spurred on by an online community. It's history in the making.

The status quo didn't know what hit them. Forget the mainstream media. It's dead. The genie is out of the bottle and there's no way to put it back. Mubarak tried but failed. The internet cannot be turned off. Commerce will fail so it has to stay on.

[Youtube] Social Media causes Revolution

Libya: Imagines the Revolution continues...

Some of the officials of Libya resign in disgust and protest...

[Youtube] Libyan ambassador to India, Al al-Essawi, resigns in India

[Youtube] Libyan Interior Minister, General Abdul Fattah Younis resigns. Rumored to be kidnapped thereafter

And now the camera footage of the Libyan revolution...

[Youtube] Gaddafi eats shoe

[Youtube] Libya - Jet fighters and mercenaries

[Youtube] Libya - Gaddafi's address and Qatar's support

[Youtube] Libya - Gaddafi's time is up

Mohamed Bouazizi's mother supports Libya's revolutionaries

Mohamed Bouazizi is the 26yr old Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire on December 17 after police abused and humiliated him. He died of his burns on January 4.
His act triggering Tunisia's revolution and the all the other revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East. Lest it be said, his name is going into the history books.

Menobia Bouazizi, Mohamed's mother, in support of the Libyan revolution, has a message for the families of the revolutionaries. Her family sent the video to Al Jazeera.

[LiveLeak] Mohamed Bouazizi's mother supports Libya's revolution

All Eyes Are On Libya


Is this going to turn out to be a Civil War between the protesters against the dictator, the upper class and the oil workers? How will the protesters deal with the jet fighters and outside mercenaries? Will protesters get their own weapons to fight back with? This isn't going to be easy.

I'll have all the Libyan revolution videos in a blog post tomorrow morning. It's a bit late now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't be a Sucker!

To bring the title up to modern times.. Don't be a Sucka! is a short film produced, by all people, the US government! Don't believe everything as 100% accurate but the concepts of deceit, divide, and control by the Nazi regime and Hitler are the same.

Btw, I finished reading Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. That boy showed all the signs of psychopathy! Did he realize his own doublespeak? In time, he would practice what he accused others of doing and being. He criticized the politicians of having no nationalistic pride. They were only there to promote themselves. And they would have no backbone and give into public demands. He criticized the Monarchy of failure yet he didn't like democracy. The lower class people had no business making decisions on what they weren't expert in. Hitler spent almost half his book on hating the slick Jews. Boy did he revile them! I thought, what do the Jews in the middle and lower classes have to do with the damage coming from the elite? There weren't just Jews in the corridors of power. There were a lot of Aryans too. Hitler wanted to unify his race to defeat all others. I don't quite understand what makes a person take leadership and want to go to war. What does one get out of it? What does one gain from it?

[LiveLeak] Nazi Germany - A lesson in losing civil rights

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bahrain: Imagines the Revolution continues...

Just remember, that Bill of Rights and Constitution was fought for and won with blood. Let's not give it up so easily now..

It looks like the dictator in Bahrain has backed off a bit by allowing protesters back into Pearl Roundabout. Is this the chink in the armor that eventually leads to the end of the regime?

Let's run down some of the events in Bahrain...

[LiveLeak] Bahrain: Protestors on the front lines shot (GRAPHIC!)

[Youtube] Hospital workers shocked. Doctor beat up

[Youtube] Anger at the Hospital

[Youtube] Doctor pleads with the outside world for help

[Youtube] Pearl Roundabout RECAPTURED

Algeria: Imagines the Revolution continued...

I'm glued to the Al Jazeera English Youtube channel this week. There's a video, just out now, of Al Jazeera driving through the streets of Algiers, Algeria. The scene is ripe as massive protests are planned. Time to check out President Abdelaziz Bouteflika!

Do not forget that the police are NOT there to protect you. They're there to protect the establishment!

[Youtube] Algeria dawns more revolution

Lady Gaga - Born This Way LIVE at the GRAMMYs 02-13-2011

Ok there's very little good music out in popular culture right now. But this song and is quite good and the show/performance is quite marvelous!

How does she sing AND dance at the same time? Btw, Lady Gaga has musical talent all the way from early on. To quote Wikipedia "She learned to play piano from the age of four, went on to write her first piano ballad at 13 and began performing at open mike nights by age 14."

Her title song on Youtube already garnered 12 million+ views in about week! Imagine if that many people would pay attention to what's going on around their world, or at least in the Middle East right now!

Turn up the resolution. It's in HD!

[Youtube] Lady Gaga performs Born This Way - LIVE at the GRAMMYs 02-13-2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Libya: Imagines the Revolution continues...

Those with jobs in the oil industries want to keep the current regime. It's the same as Hugo Chavez's revolution in Venezuela. The oil workers there didn't care much for the rest of the country.

Libya's revolution is a bit different. Some of the protesters are using guns. It will probably require guns, lots of guns (think The Matrix scene). The dictator is the most stubborn in the region.

[Youtube] Libya: A quick synopsis

[Youtube] Libya: Mercenaries and Funeral Shooting

[Youtube] Libya: Don't Let us Down

[Youtube] Libya: Please help us! We live miserable lives

[Youtube] Libya: Entrenched classes (upper class) fight protestors

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bangladesh: Clean and Green Cricket World Cup

Clean and green, according to politicians, means disposing of the embarrassing beggars. Embarrassing to who? I'm not embarrassed. The politicians? Why should they be embarrassed? I don't understand. Are they uncompetitive against each other's countries to see who has the cleanest streets? What are they showing off exactly?

Anyways, to get to that goal of clean and green, shouldn't the politicians come up with a better economic policy that would provide the beggars a living that would take them off the streets? Instead, they just outlaw begging? How convenient.

Why would the beggars be detrimental to the Cricket World Cup? Are they going to stop it from taking place? Are they going to stop any contestants or fans from attending the game? I don't understand what makes the beggars so criminal. In fact, it would probably be the most lucrative time for the beggars. To beg from the foreign, rich fans and contestants. Why is it okay for government to reduce the beggars' profit from the World Cup? Shouldn't everyone profit from the world cup and not just the politicians and businessmen?

[Youtube] Beggars illegal at Bangladesh Cricket World Cup

Hunger: A Man Made Disaster


As I've been saying, hunger and poverty are man made phenomena, designed behind closed doors. The economy the way it is now, funnels wealth from the poor to a handful of rich. Profits have nothing to do with risk, investment, or benefit for society. It's a rigged market. Opportunity has opened up for these rats.

But we do not have to put up with this. How? The answer is to buy local and small. Then these middlemen cannot be involved. The product moves through more honest hands from the producer to the consumer.

[Youtube] Hunger - an unnatural manmade phenomena

Donate a better economic system


Instead of donating money, why not donate a better economic system to a poor person? They are, after all, poor because of a faulty system that unfairly distributes income and neglects providing a livelihood for everyone. Imagine designing a system that doesn't include everyone in the design! Then one wonders why things are the way they are.

The design for the system is concocted behind closed doors somewhere in an ivory tower. THEY ARE NOT MAKING AND PASSING OUT COTTON CANDY IN THERE. Poverty is designed by purpose.

So, if you can donate money, donate a better economic system. Even if you can't donate money you can still try to donate a better economic system!

[Youtube] Egypt's poor and donations

Education does not equal better


We're all brought up with the notion that education is the way out of poverty. Or restated, the reason why people are impoverished is lack of education.

This is not correct. Not everyone can be an engineer, doctor, lawyer, scientist, businessman, etc. The menial work must be performed by someone in the economy. Windows and carpets must be cleaned, farms farmed, shelves stocked, grass cut, food served, groceries checked out, oil changed and tires rotated, etc.

There must be people there to fill the lower and middle class jobs. We can live without an IT manager or a stock broker. We can't live without a farmer or someone who can replace the tire on the side of the road. Imagine you are stranded on a boat and you have a stock broker, an IT manager, a farmer, and construction handyman alongside you. Who would be most valuable once the boat hit an island and survival was crucial?

An economy is sound only if people at the lowest levels get paid enough to eat and live off of. The jobs for lawyers, stock brokers, middle management.. That's just icing.

So who cares how educated that farmer is. Or the person with the vegetable cart. Or the guy providing camel rides. They must be paid enough so they can live a dignified life.

If everyone went to college, it would only produce an oversupply of "educated people" the economy cannot absorb. Imagine if tomorrow, everyone graduated a doctor. Would you think there would be a massive pool of unemployed doctors.

Just look at all the unemployed people in the US. There's lots of skilled and experienced people in IT, engineering, sales, management, etc.

Education does not determine if you will have a job and a good job. The system will.

School and college are worthless. Do what Benjamin Franklin did. Tinker around until you find something you like doing. Then specialize. And keep learning and learning. Self learning is the best there is no replacement. You WILL succeed on your own terms. Don't be a generalist, be a specialist.

So my theory of a civil war is coming true. The younger generations do not have good prospects. There's no way for them to gain dignity by establishing a home, a car, a retirement. The younger generations will rebel against the entrenched older generations who have their stake invested in the current system.

[Youtube] Egypt's unemployed youth (2008)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egypt: Imagine the Revolution - Staged Terror


Mubarak tries to divide the Christians and Muslims with a state sponsored, staged bombing of a Christian church. People dead: 20. STAGED TERROR ATTACK! People know. The Christians don't fall for the dirty trick.

[Youtube] Mubarak's staged terror attack to divide people by religion fails

Libya: Imagines the Revolution?

Dateline: Benghazi, Libya
Demand: Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi step down!
Prospects: I don't think it go down easy. But it should be easier than ousting the guy in Bahrain.

[Youtube] Libyans protest to oust Muammar Qaddafi

Bahrain: Imagines the Revolution


Bahrain's people are serious about overthrow. They gather at the Pearl Roundabout but are cleared out in the middle of the night by bullets and tear gas from the police/military. This looks like a much more stubborn and entrenched monarchy. it looks like the insurrection will be longer and costlier in terms of blood.

It also looks like the Bahrain people will need to try a slightly different strategy as those in power already know the Egypt storyline.

[Youtube] Bahrain protests - Day 2

[Youtube] Bahrain protests - Day 2 cont'd

[Youtube] Bahrain protests - Day 3

[Youtube] Bahrain protests - Police clear out Pearl Roundabout - Night 3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nawal el-Saadawi: Egyptian Free Thinking Intellectual

She's only one of the few to roam the planet to completely understand the world and to always be active to try to improve it.

How shall Nawal el-Saadawi be described?
One of the shining lights of the human race.
Superhero of civilization.
Threat to dictators, corruption, and unjust powers.
Free from corruption, dishonest agendas, and self interest.

Nawal el-Saadawi describes the Egypt revolution, its dictators, colonialism, imperialism, the propaganda, the suppression, tactics used against free thinkers who pose a threat to illegitimate regimes, the fake leaders, and the political, social, cultural, and economic change that the revolution has produced.

[Youtube] Nawal el-Saadawi - Egypt Revolution

Yemen: Imagines the Revolution?

Protestors protest, police officers police, dictators dictate.

Yemen's protesters have been active the past 5 days, and the protestors seem to be growing in numbers.

Can Ye Men in Yemen make the president say "Ya Man, I'm Going"? Will President Ali Abdullah Saleh join Mubarak's private pool in Saudi Arabia?

Amazing coverage from Al Jazeera continues..

[Youtube] Yemen Protestors - Day 5

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt: Imagine the Revolution - Khaled Said's mother

Khaled Said was shot dead during Egypt's revolution. Here is the celebration as viewed in Khaled Said's mother's house on the news that Mubarak has resigned.

[Youtube] Khaled Said's mother's house - the celebration

Stoneleigh vs. Lira - The Prematch 02-10-2011

Financial Survival Radio presents in this corner.... Gonzalo Lira the Hyperinflationist... and this corner... Nicole "Stoneleigh" Foss the Deflationist.

Tonight they go head to head in a debate to end all debates. But for now here's a joint interview to discuss their upcoming debate "Stoneleigh vs. Lira - Deflation vs. Hyperinflation".

And remember.. No hitting below the belt.

I'll go with what Ms. Stoneleigh has to say. She appears to be much smarter than Gonzalo Lira.

The video of the 2 hour debate is supposed to be out next week.

MP3 may download slow. Save to hard drive first if you have trouble playing.

[MP3] Stoneleigh vs. Lira - The Prematch 02-10-2011

Egypt: Imagine the Revolution aftermath - The Rich Complain


The Republic of Heliopolis... A rich section of Cairo. A world in itself.

Mubarak is a human with feelings. What about the protesters' feelings, especially the ones who don't have enough money to buy food for their families?

Maybe a little less income from corruption might be a positive for the nation?

[Youtube] Growing pains for the wealthy of Egypt

Catherin Austin Fitts on with Max Keiser 02-12-2011

On the Edge with Catherine Austin Fitts and Max Keiser Episode 96 dated 02-12-2011.

This one is not to miss!

We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us...

[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts on Max Keiser's show 02-12-2011 - Part 1

[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts on Max Keiser's show 02-12-2011 - Part 2

[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts on Max Keiser's show 02-12-2011 - Part 3

Algeria: Imagines the Revolution?

Did Egypt help Algeria galvanize its protests?

[Youtube] Algeria's Revolution?

Monday, February 07, 2011

Al Jazeera English: Youtube Channel

Al Jazeera English's Youtube Channel is stupendous! You're missing out on outstanding news coverage of the Egyptian Revolution if you haven't subscribed already. You'll be hooked, guaranteed!

[Youtube] Egypt's streets see violence between pro and anti government groups

Friday, February 04, 2011 - Barnes and Noble - $10 for $20

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Egypt: Imagine the Revolution


Ahhhh... My first blog entry in a loooong time.

People are so stubborn. It takes 20-30 years of extreme suffering for people to finally say they've had it and there's nothing more to lose. FEAR. It is what is holding back what should be.

Imagination. That's all it is. What can this or that be? It's all up one's imagination for happen stance. That dream state can be a reality if enough desire it. And indeed the throngs of youth are yearning today in Egypt. That's all it takes. A critical mass. It's a numbers game.

No army is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

[Youtube] Washington doublespeak courtesy of Hillary Clinton regarding Egypt's new found freedom

[Youtube] Egypt youth, prideful, enjoy their time free from fear, free of the corporate scape