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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nero's Guests: P Sainath, India, and Farmer Suicides


Here is Nero's Guests, the film that gives us a look first hand at farmers and farmer suicides in rural India. The film stars journalist P. Sainath. The wonderful Director, Deepa Bhatia, spent her free/evening time putting together this touching film. She is a film editor for big Bollywood film productions and she was given permission by the studio to use their available equipment to make this film.

I've arranged all of the 9 parts into a single watchable playlist.

After viewing this film you WILL pay higher prices and shop at farmer's markets. Buy
food from people, not corporations. The economy can only work when money flow is balanced and supports all livelihoods. If you support a small farmer, the money can't be used for nefarious purposes. No corrupting the politicians. No subsidies. No market rigging and monopolies. Plus there's an excellence source of high quality food available. No cutting corners! Do business with those that have integrity and passion. The most important thing to have is good food and to have a sustainable food supply that is in equilibrium.

What you see in this applies to all people and all farmers everywhere around the world. There will be poverty if the economy is not run with brains, equity, and fairness. Take America as an example. When there is a dysfunctional economic system, all people suffer, but those that the bottom suffer the most. Just how many farmers lost their livelihoods during the Great Depression? Crops and milk were disposed of because people had no money to buy them! People starved that weren't starving before. There are more poor people (people making $1 or less per day) in this world than rich people. The system needs to target the needs of the majority, not the wants and greed of the rich. The impoverished people are at the end of their wits but do not know the source of their misery. The impoverished do not know about the people behind the scenes driving the impoverishing policies. The system created makes the rich richer and keeps everyone in their place.

The politicians or government are not the problem. It's not even corporations who should be blamed. It's us, the people. Poverty and begging in the street occur when the economic system doesn't consider everyone's well being. When everything runs on the lowest price, there is a lot of slavery and fraud that takes place because the well being of the workers that produced the items is not taken into consideration. Of course, if something costs less, corners were cut somewhere. That somewhere is dignified working conditions. Ask yourself why prices have been coming down on good like clothing. The conditions are worse now for garment workers than before. Remember, consider other factors than just the price of an item when shopping!

People willingly give away their money to large unidentifiable institutions. Who runs these big private corporations? Are they benevolent people? Should we be doing business with them just to save 5-20%? What is the corporation to do if people feed them money for their practices? What are the politicians supposed to do? Stop people from freely spending money as they please? Look at it this way. You are fully in control. That pound of food you just bought from the grocery store chain is one pound less that a subsidence farmer was able to profit from. That large corporation saves you money because it strong arms the producer into a low selling price. Now you know why these farmers can't sell at a price that they can live on. It is only a difference of 10% in price is a matter of life and death for subsistence farmers.

There's another aspect of the current economic system that needs to be pointed out. The urban areas feed off the rural areas. The real work and resources happen to be in rural areas. These resources get bought by the urban areas where there is wealth created through financial paper. There's a financial civil war going on for resources and control and the urbanites are the instigators. It's a scam. It's fixed. The resources are distributed to "city slickers". Credit is freely available in the urban areas. The educated, high paying, high skilled jobs are involved with building massive infrastructures and systems that distribute resources from those less fortunate to those well off in the urban areas. Finance flows to fund large, inefficient production, even if when it's lower quality. Mediocrity flourishes, life of bounty ceases to exist. Just look at McDonalds. Why does it even exist? McDonalds is about large infrastructure and low quality. If there were health standards that were enforced, McDonalds would no longer be able to sell unsafe, unhealthy, and nutritious-less foods. The rich can only be rich though these large infrastructure scams. They try to convince everyone to buy into their scam so they can redistribute wealth to themselves. They keep revolutions from happening by dropping enough crumbs from their dinner tables so the rest of the people can consume some of their own productivity.

How is it that productive land that wants to be farmed lies fallow? How is it a person cannot work their land to produce for the well being of others and provide for their family? How is it possible a crop cannot be sold at a price where this is practicable? Let's get rid of the middleman that eat up most of the profits in the supply chain. Let's tie the end consumer to the producer much closer. It's more efficient. It's more human. The internet is a great tool that should shrink the supply chain much more than what it is now.

When those stock options were sold by that corporate executive, that money came from somewhere. The money came from those lower than him on the pyramid. It came from your pockets! After all, what did that executive actually produce? So suddenly this billion exists out of nowhere. This billion did not exist before and now suddenly does. It diminishes the value of the money that already exists, like the money in your bank account. Imagine the inflation a billion dollar creates as assets are bought. You get left out of the economy with that paltry sum in your bank account. How many assets can you buy with your bank account? And yes, that executive is happy when prices go up because he is invested at a lower price. That executive will encourage inflation as he buys assets at ever inflating prices. Furthermore, that executive's billion compared to the measly money sitting in your bank account devalues your wealth, and thusly, your quality of life. You lose economic power and control. Suddenly, someone else has more power and control. No one deserve that much power and control that a billion can bring.

It's a game of musical chairs. It's only a game. The pschopathy is right in front of you. It's up to you to change.

You betcha the recent Bollywood Hindi film, Peepli Live, was based on this film! There's a lot of scenes and situations that feel similiar with those featured in Nero's Guests. The media and politicians invading the village is one such scene / situation.

In the film, crore (pronounced car-roar) = 1/4 million US dollars.

P Sainath also goes by the name P. Sainath and Palagummi Sainath.

[Youtube Playlist] Nero's Guests: P Sainath looks at Indian Farmer Suicides

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stoneleigh: Deflation 06-12-2010

You've heard the concept of extreme deflation first from Stoneleigh!

Here a look at extreme deflation cased by a severe depression where credit dries up, asset prices, fall, the currency fails, and long supply chains become localized. The energy (oil) bubble that's fed the financial bubble will pop the bubble as the world surpasses peak oil. It's just around the corner. Stoneleigh wants to prepare you.

So it's a question of hyperinflation vs. hyperdeflation. Which route will the currency take?

I guess enjoy spending your dollars while they still have value and there's still oil around. Finish that trip you've always wanted to take!

Here's Stoneleigh (her website is The Automatic Earth, speaking at the Transition Network Conference in the UK on 06-12-2010. I thought the Q&A was more informative so I'll put it ahead of the speech.

[MP3] Stoneleigh: Q&A - Extreme Deflation (UK) 06-12-2010
[MP3] Stoneleigh: Speech - Extreme Deflation (UK) 06-12-2010

Manfred Max-Neef on Democracy Now! 09-22-2010

Knowledge vs. Understanding

Here's Manfred Max-Neef, a Chilean economist, on understanding economics and how the majority of people fail in this aspect. Knowing something and understanding something are two different concepts.

I think what's also key is intent of a person. Have we passed that critical mass where people value material consumption over human relations and life? The knowledge is there. People can't be that dumb to not know what's going on. War is supported because it props up the dollar and keeps oil out of the hands of the Chinese. Why are the current politicians and business leaders still supported? It's not because of ignorance. And why is when people point out that Bush lied, the bailout was a scam, the corporations are the puppetmasters, that the people pointing it out are treated as heretics?

[Video] Manfred Max-Neef on Democracy Now! talking lack of economic understanding 09-22-2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fatima Bhutto and Democracy Now! 09-24-2010


I got this off the Disquiet Reservations Blog today, 09-24-2010.

It's Fatima Bhutto interviewing with Democracy Now! about what she knows about the inside politics of Pakistan. She also speaks about the Pakistani government ignoring the flood and the flood victims and even punishing those that go to help.

But even more important than that is the glimpse she gives on why there's always dictators arising in Pakistan. Surprise, surprise, it's the American shadow government involved that keeps financing these psychopathic tyrannies. And it's the same around the world, not just Pakistan.

The rest of the world bears the burden of the American Empire. Well, now you know the mechanism that creates the 3rd world and keeps it as 3rd world.

This same mechanism is closing in on itself. If things keep going as they are, eventually, we'll see beggers in the streets of the United States, just as there are in the 3rd world. It only takes 10% of the people to make a difference...

It's been a wonderful 20th century and even a more wonderful 21st. The 21st century is turning out to be the century of dictators and tyranny.

At the core is a senseless pursuit of collecting money. I've noticed this since grade school. The classmates I was with valued acquiring money and possessions more than human relations and ethics. It got worse in high school, as a portion of fellow students started shows signs of psychopathy, and practiced methods of suppression, social propaganda, physical and mental bullying, taunting, and control. The ones to worry about were the "smarter" or the more "intelligent" ones who got the best grades and high SAT scores. These grades would give them access to the best schools and to jobs in high positions later in life. It was a master plan of career and life that was concocted by them and pursued.

So here we are in a mess... Wall Street bankers, investment brokers, dealers, and traders, Presidents and Deans of Universities, Executives of Corporations, politicans, government high positions, lawyers, and even doctors! Remember the object of the game is money, power, and control. Why do the masses allow these people to do what they do? These people are dangerous. They're easily spotted through their thoughts and behavior. Why not point them out and neutralize them? Be scared of these people, just as one is scared of a free roaming lion that's nearby. They are a real threat and menace to the well being of society.

[Video] Fatima Bhutto interview with Democracy Now! about Pakistan 09-24-2010

Stephen Colbert testifies at a House Immigration Hearing

Hilarious! Check out Stephen Colbert testify in front of the Congressional House Immigration Hearing after Stephen went out to be to an immigrant farm worker for a day and worked alongside other field workers.

Classic stuff just like that speech in front of Bush years ago.

[Youtube] Stephen Colbert's speech at the House Immigration Hearing

Monday, September 20, 2010

Farmer Percy Schmeiser on Democracy Now!

This from Catherine Austin Fitt's blog.

Democracy Now! interviews Canadian Farmer Percy Schmeiser and his decade long battle with Monsanto. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that gene patents on life were legal, but that Percy Schmeiser was not financially liable for GMO contaminated crops on his land that were blown over to his property by his neighbor's planting and transport of the seeds.

Percy Schmeiser speaks of the harassment and torture he's had to endure by Monsanto. What a wonderful company!

[Video] Democracy Now! interviews Retired Farmer Percy Schmeiser

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Don't you dare dig on the beach!

Not sure if there was already a law prohibiting digging on a public national park beach before the oil spill. But why would it be illegal at the other beach too? So at what point do we declare tyranny under fascism alive and well?

[Youtube] Black Gold diggers not welcome

Saturday, September 18, 2010 - Rosemary's Restaurant - Las Vegas

If you're going to hit Las Vegas before Match 20, 2011 pick up this deal from for Rosemary's Restaurant! Pay $25 for $50 worth of good food!

I personally haven't eaten there yet, but I've seen really good reviews for the place. I've gone ahead and purchased a $25 for $50 voucher since I plan to visit there before March 2011. I like trying out new eats just to see where they stand on the quality totem pole and how well they live up to the the online reviews. I'm a sucker for good food!

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Anyways, here's the direct link to the deal:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rind Posh Maal: Mission Kashmir

Here's a song appropriate for the anniversary of 9/11 and all the hatred and self destruction that came out of it.

Hot heads needed to be cooled. Time was needed to figure out why it happened. Why did it happen? What was the motive? How could it be fixed? None of these questions wanted to be asked. The real culprits got away scott free and nothing was learned or gained from the event.

Kashmir.. A land gripped by war and violence from Pakistani extremists on one side and a stubborn, cruel Indian military on the other. Pakistan has taken control of the western part of the disputed territory. China has encroached from the north and east. The question remains. What defines Kashmir and do Kashmiris want to become independent or remain part of India?

There's better quality versions of this song on youtube, but without the subtitles.

[Youtube] Rind Posh Maal from the movie Mission Kashmir

James Hatfield interview with Democracy Now! released 08-11-2003

The previously censored interview of James Hatfield (J. H. Hatfield), the author of Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President, was finally released by Democracy Now! on 08-11-2003. It is a book that is a biography of George W. Bush that looks into some of the skeletons hiding in the closet.

Imagine that! Democracy Now! censoring on of its guests!

The original interview was originally conducted in early 2000. The book had trouble being released due to a criminal conviction in James's past. His credibility was shot and this took a serious toll on his finances and career as an investigative journalist. I bet the Bush folks were giddy over this. James Hatfield allegedly committed suicide in July 2001. How come everyone that tries to fight or expose the Bush family always suffers and pays a hefty price?

[MP4 video] James Hatfield exposes Bush on Democracy Now! (conducted early 2000, release 08-11-2003)

[Link] to Democracy Now!'s webpage.

Charlie Chaplin's speech: The Great Dictator - October 1940


I've seen this video several times now, the latest through Monkeyfister's blog.

A speech where there's concern about everyone? Such idealism! If only human nature was so!

Was it Charlie Chaplin's warning, prediction, or just fiction existing only on movie script paper? As time passes, the more things change, the more they remain the same! Looks like people had the same problem with money and material things back then too. And boy it did make itself apparent in the 1930s and 1940s! Lessons learned, lessons lost.

[Youtube] Charlie Chaplin's warning: The Great Dictator

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Where are your donations going?

Ok so you're barely making it paying your bills. Or you're saving up your money a little bit every month... And you want to give someone else a helping hand to someone less unfortunate so you donate some of your hard earned money...

Well it ends up in pockets that you don't expect to go into. You're financing someone's lavish lifestyle that most likely includes a nice luxury car, fine dining, fancy clothes, and a nice golden parachute retirement package.

I guess the organization is "nonprofit" after the executives take off the cream of the top. They don't tell you the fine print when you donate, do they?

[Article] Donations and Executives

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mission Kashmir: Socho Ke Jheelon Ka

The 4 seasons of Kashmir, one of the few places it snows in India.

Childhood friends are now adults!

Lyrics translated (watch video in a new window side by side and follow along! Or print it out?:

dekho dekho
Look, look!
kya main dekhuun
What should I look at?
socho socho
Dream, dream...
sochuun main kya
What shall I dream?

socho ke jhilon ka shahar ho
Dream of a city of lakes,
laharon pe apna ek ghar ho
and our house upon the waves.
socho ke jhilon ka shahar ho
Dream of a city of lakes,
laharon pe apna ek ghar ho
and our house upon the waves.
ham jo dekhein sapne pyaare
Dream that all the sweet dreams we spin
sach ho saare bas aur kya
have come true; what else?

socho ke jhilon ka shahar ho
Dream of a city of lakes,
laharon pe apna ek ghar ho
and our house upon the waves.
ham jo dekhein sapne pyaare
Dream that all the sweet dreams we spin
sach ho saare bas aur kya
have come true; what else?

farsh ho pyaar ka khushbuuon ki divaarein
Let the floor be made of love; let fragrance suffuse the walls of our home
ham jahaan baithke chain se din guzaarein
as we live our days in peace.
farsh ho pyaar ka khushbuuon ki divaarein
Let the floor be made of love; let fragrance suffuse the walls of our home
ham jahaan baithke chain se din guzaarein
as we live our days in peace.

palkon uthein palkon jhukein
My eyes close and open
dekhe tujhe bas ye nazar
but hold you in their gaze.

socho ke jhilon ka shahar ho
Dream of a city of lakes,
laharon pe apna ek ghar ho
and our house upon the waves.

bumbro bumbro shyaam rang bumbro
Bumblebee, bumblebee, dark-hued bumblebee,
bumbro bumbro shyaam rang bumbro
Bumblebee, bumblebee, dark-hued bumblebee,
aaye ho kis bagiya se tum
what garden do you come from?

barf hi barf ho sardiyon ka ho mausam
Let snow cover all in the winter season
aag ke saamne haath senktein ho ham
as we warm our hands before the fire.
barf hi barf ho sardiyon ka ho mausam
Let snow cover all in the winter season
aag ke saamne haath senktein ho ham
as we warm our hands before the fire.

baithi rahuun aagosh mein
And I sit in your embrace,
rakh ke tere kaandhe pe sar
my head on your shoulder.

socho ke jhilon ka shahar ho
Dream of a city of lakes,
laharon pe apna ek ghar ho
and our house upon the waves.
ham jo dekhein sapne pyaare
Dream that all the sweet dreams we spin
sach ho saare bas aur kya
have come true; what else?

[Youtube] Socho Ke Jheelon Ka from Mission Kashmir

Michael Moore: Pimp My Congress

As I was watching Michael Moore's interview on Democracy Now! he mentioned the pimp in Congress as one of his memorable moments. That he can't get away with that anymore. They'd be arrested or worse.

So I went to dig up the video and here it is. Btw, I loved all his tv editions. At that time I was still in high school, I watched his TV Nation episodes. Best tv comedy ever! At that time, I was wondering why people would allow the stuff to go on. Now I know. Corruption, not of the politicians, but of the people.

[Youtube] Michael Moore's Pimping Congress Part 1/2

[Youtube] Michael Moore's Pimping Congress Part 2/2

Michael Moore on Democracy Now! 09-06-2010


Well we know he's not going be around longer than most. He's almost 60....

Here's Michael Moore looking back at his life lived amongst all the scared, weak, selfish, corrupt, some psychopathic, and some loving individuals.

He wouldn't want to do it all over again, but he would!!!

Please, please don't miss this one!

[Video] Michael Moore: The Films, The Activism, The Hope, The Regret, The Human

Monday, September 06, 2010

Robert Schimmel: With Lamont and Tonelli 01-08-2010

Robert Schimmel, the comedian, died recently in a car accident. I ran into him because people were posting his name on blog comments and feeling sad about his death. So I watch his performances online and they're pretty good. He got funnier over time.

Anyways, here's a hilarious interview with Lamont and Tonelli on 107.7 "The Bone" 5am-10am out in San Francisco, CA on 01-08-2010. Recorded by Baby Huey on his Huey Cam.

He dives right into his second divorce and makes fun of his not so great predicament. Very funny!

He seemed like a great guy. My condolences to his family.


[Youtube] Robert Schimmel: Radio with Lamont and Tonelli - Part 1/3

[Youtube] Robert Schimmel: Radio with Lamont and Tonelli - Part 2/3

[Youtube] Robert Schimmel: Radio with Lamont and Tonelli - Part 3/3

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Friday, September 03, 2010

Illusion: Watchful Dragon

Amazing illusion of dragon whose eyes follow you everywhere. It reminds me of the Mona Lisa painting which supposedly bears the same feature.

[Youtube] Eyes of a watching dragon - Illusion

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Was in Vegas this past weekend

Finally, some time to post!

I was in Vegas over the weekend, the week before Labor Day. The weather was a bit on the hot side for the first few days then cooled a bit to slightly warm.

Free shows:
Winds cancelled the fountain show at Bellagio. A out of town guest visitor, which we were with, unfortunately missed out on the fountains. nevertheless, we did see the TI pirate show (same show as before the construction with slightly better fireworks and flames), and the Mirage volcano show. To my astonishment, the previous version was actually much better as it depicted lava streaking down! The new Mirage show just had pipes sticking out the water creating mini h-bombs of fire like it was stationary Bellagio fountains. How boring is that? It did have better lava spurting out of the top of the volcano though. In all, the Mirage show is the weakest out of the 3. The best one out if the three, and the most popular, is the fountains at Bellagio. But that's not saying much as it's only mildly entertaining. But hey, it's free.

We at the Bellagio buffet on Saturday. Here's the trick. We went in at 3:15pm (dinner starts at 4pm). We got in at lunch price which is $24 instead of $35. You can have both lunch AND dinner items AND save money! I actually preferred the lunch items much more than the dinner items. I'm just not the meaterian. Dinner is meat meat meat.

In their lunch items, I preferred their fish. I had salmon and some other white fish which I can't remember (it was buttery, soft, and melted in the mouth). The sauce on them really brang out the flavor and really made the whole fish items appealing. They were the perfect size too. Those were the best items in the whole meal! Whoever does the sauces there really need some commending! The duck I had as a lunch item tasted like liver and was very dry. Not my type of flavor or texture! No wonder duck isn't popular.

Dinner brought out the rack of lamb and Alaskan king crab legs. At this point I was stuffed so I couldn't finish the lamb piece all the way. I did manage to eat 3 crab legs. I also tried some greasy dove.

And the desserts.. I couldn't get to them :(. I was stuffed by the time I hit the desserts. I tried to eat the creme brulee and mousse had a bit off my fork. Both would've been delicious if eaten. I had a small cone filled with chocolate mousse. I carried it out like a ice cream cone and ate it in the casino 10 minutes later. Yes people in the buffet line were looking. It was quite good.

The next day we had the $10.99 dinner buffet at Main Street Station casino in downtown. It was pretty good, middle of the line buffet. It was much better than the last time we had the buffet there! A lot of items were fried. So that's the methodology employed. The pork chimichanga had a nice and soft pork filling with green sauce. But I would say it was better than most strip buffets. After the buffet, my family members sat down on the casino slots and won a lot! I had to pry my brother off so we could head back home. I walked around the casino once and noticed one deck blackjack! If you can remember the cards, this is better than any blackjack offerings on the strip!

Shows and entertainment:
There's the good news and bad news. The Tix4Tonight booth has moved into Slots O Fun and the check in area of Circus Circus. However, they've raised their fees to $6. It was $5 on my last trip. A few years ago they had another competitor (I can't remember the name). At that time, their fee was only $3. So yes, they're getting greedier every year! That $2 off coupon is just not cutting it anymore!

The good news is there's a place online that you can get the tickets for 50% off and pay only a $3 fee. The shows are the less popular ones. They're available on !!! PS: Use that link and I get a referral bonus!

Friday night, I saw Carrot Top. I watched him about 2 years ago and he was much better this time around! He's in his prime! Go watch him now! I got the ticket for $39 + fee from Tix4Tonite.

On Saturday, my brother and I hit up the electric go carts at Pole Position in their newest location, Summerlin. They had a $14.95 per race coupon on their website. They have coupons for all their sites. Just forage through them. Btw, they have race track that's closer to the strip. It's their original Las Vegas location right near the Palms, but there were no specials for it. It's also their biggest track.

Anyways, it's worth checking out once. They don't look fast at 45mph if you watch them, but if you get in them, it'll feel crazy TORQUEY and FAST and you'll have to react fast. I'm sure you can get hurt bad if you go head on into their barrier.

With nothing to do late night, I bought tickets to The Comedy Stop at Sahara for 9pm. The standup comedy was pretty good, just not spectacular. Carrottop was much more entertaining. So The Comedy Stop is there if you have nothing else better to do and you want some entertainment. The tickets were $19 + $3 fee from

Here's another get tip on saving money (even making money)! Get your "win card"
from Circus Circus with your player's club card. They give you $45 of play chips for $30. That's free $15 in gambling money! I used the chips to play blackjack (which is the game 21). The odds are almost 50/50. I can't see how the casino profits on and advantage of less than 1%. They must wait for novices to make bad moves I guess.

So anyways, the trick with the $45 for $30 chips is to play them all. Over time you will lose all of them. You will have to. They have no cash value. You cannot trade them in to the cashier.

That being said, YOU WILL WIN. These winning chips can then be cashed out. I made $70 on my original $30 "investment". This is like stealing from the casino. I can't believe they do this! Now there the kicker. You can get these free chips from a lot of casinos. Here's an old list. Needless to say, I'll be playing blackjack from now on instead of slots. And at $10 per play, Circus Circus count my play on the player's card so I can get free rooms.

I had no clue what "well drinks" were. But there was a coupon for 2 free ones. Since I liked margarita and a drink my buddy introduced me to called a apple martini, I told the bartender give me something sweet, something similiar. Anyways the orange (next day cranberry) vodka was quite flat and watery for my brother and I. The orange was better than the cranberry. The bartender just put way too much cranberry "juice" and not enough alychol.

I then drank lime and pina colada margaritas from inside of Slots O Fun. They were $1.50 with a coupon. They weren't that strong. Just something to drink.

It was a good fun trip and I came home with $40 more than I left with! Well, not quite.. I did spend money the shows and food. But you can't count those!

Kajra Re hindi song from the movie Bunty Aur Babli


It's time for Bolly!

Here's Amitabh Bachchan (the father), his son, and his daughter in law in one song, Kajra Re from the movie Bunty Aur Babli! We'll follow up with a live performance on stage.

In HD and with english subtitles. Please change to HD resolution manually. I've decided to keep it at low resolution for those with older computers. Iframe seems to be really unstable so I won't use it for now.

[Youtube] The Bachchans in Kajra Re

But wait.. There's more... Here's a live performance:
[Youtube] The Bachchans Live Performance: Kajra Re

Find your ice cream dairy

I bought some ice cream from Fresh n Easy today. I just used the plant # off my ice cream carton to find the dairy! The plant # was 06-153 which is Foster Farms Dairy out of Modesto.

Now, they weren't listed on Cornucopia, but I did google them and didn't find anything negative about them. Their webpage uses all the keywords such as open pasture, family, and hormone free.

Foster Farms has recently purchased the Humboldt Creamery which processes milk from large local milk cooperative.