Sunday, February 28, 2010

Richard Andrew Grove: Whistleblower exposes government and corporations working hand in hand to perpetrate balance sheet fraud


So it looks like government entities like the SEC are there to help cover up mafeasences by corporations. The government entities that are supposed to be watch dogs, in fact are in it together with the fraud perpetrators. These government entities want to know what whistleblowers know and then find ways to cover up the transgrestions and see to it like material never comes out again. They will then punish the whistleblower. Do you believe anything in corporate filings anymore? Watch this video and you'll be surprised. Richard Andrew Grove learned the hard way.

An eye opening documentary where Richard Andrew Grove, salesman for EMC / Legato's Sarbanes–Oxley Act compliance software, tells all about the backdoor that allows deletion of a corporation's transaction records that are never to be found out by employees within the corporation or outside auditors and accountants. EMC and the client are well aware of this "feature".

That $2.3 trillion that went missing from the government balance sheet? The records were lost in 9/11. How convenient!

Let's learn what's really going from Richard Andrew Grove. It's probably too late to turn things around. We've gone past the point of no return. However, we can at least start to travel on the right path once again.

Vancouver documentary filmmaker Paul Verge brings us a revealing interview which exposes the (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) of the recent economic decline, how it was legislated into existence, defended by corporate media and political "watch-dogs"; and allowed to drain America of nearly $200 Trillion Dollars... through a series of Ponzi-Schemes which could have been exposed years earlier... but weren't.

[Youtube Playlist] 20/20 Hindsight: Censorship on the Frontline - 9 Parts

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jim Sinclair interview with Eric King (King Word News) 02-15-2010


Jim Sinclair is a well known gold, precious medal, and commodities trader. His father was the best trader in the business and Jim learned the tricks of the trade from him. Jim divulges what he knows about the psychopath and sociopath bankers, financiers, and traders and their quest for absolute profits, wealth, and control. These sociopaths have taken over the government and control the direction of its policy and dictates. Jim is quoted as saying they will microwave their own mothers for a profit.

The financiers are going after governments (jackpot) instead of companies (small fry) today.

[MP3] Jim Sinclair on King World News 02-15-2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Harrison Koehli on Psychopaths and Ponerology plus Sam Vaknin the Psychopath


RUN, DON'T WALK to these fabulous videos on psychopaths. Yes, it's psychopaths day here on this blog. Find out the identifying telltale signs of a psychopath so that you can avoid them or deal with them appropriately.


[Youtube Playlist] SOTT editor Harrison Koehli's interview on Truth Jihad Radio - 4 Part

Here's the Wild Docs! documentary directed by Ian Walker that looks into the life and behavior of a bonafide psychopath, Sam Vaknin. Notice the naivety of the wife. Also notice the abuse from a psychopath. They're always scheming aren't they? The telltale sign is the wreckless disregard for other people's existence.

[Youtube Playlist] I, Psychopath - 5 Part

Gerald Celente encourages engineers

Gerald Celente tells engineers to follow their heart. Do not blindly do what those MBA executives want you to do. Don't cut corners and don't swallow your pride.

[Youtube] Gerald Celente interviews with

William K. Black interview by hack Paul Solman

It's funny when someone repeats the naive maintream propaganda. Well here is William K. Black dispelling all the myths.

[Video] William K. Black politely responds to Paul Solman's ignorance

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Stack - The Letter


Read Joe Stack's last words in his letter which left on his website 48 minutes before he crashed into the Austin IRS building.

[Article] Joe Stack's Letter

I'm confused - Austin IRS building plane crash


I'm really confused today. If a modern steel and concrete building gets hit by a plane causing a monster fire to erupt within, isn't it supposed to collapse?

[Youtube] Footage of the fire @ Austin IRS building after it's hit by a small plane

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Avatar 3D - A New Bar Has Been Set!


The military wasn't happy with James Cameron's plot. You mean the military isn't there to promote democracy, just causes, and be a much needed service to humanity? Maybe this movie woke some people up to the realities of IRAQ, Afghanistan, and other US aggressions for the purposes of promoting US corporate interests?

GO SEE AVATAR 3D IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. IT'S THE BEST MOVIE SINCE THE DARK KNIGHT! Go see it at the IMAX if you can. I watched it about 3 weeks ago. The Irvine Spectrum was sold out every weekend. Luckily, my brother got the tickets. We had to wait an hour and a half in a line outside the theater before the movie started. I never saw demand for a movie like that before. I may go see it again.

I was really impressed by the fog and mist effects. That's hard to show! I think the atmosphere is what made it really made me feel so immersed. It's never been done like this before!

The main attraction for Avatar 3D is of course the 3D. Without it, it's just another run of the mill movie. I'm not sure if they have a non-3D version. Be sure it's in 3D!

[Youtube] Avatar 3D - Eye Candy

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lindsey Williams 01-27-2010


The latest from Lindsey Williams. He's been told be can tell it all by a 87 old elitist who's going in for surgery. Those derivatives will collapse the system at any time. here will be no war with Iran until a year or two from now.

Oil is priced in dollars - Dollar depreciation will determine oil prices.
Financial deficit spending - Don't trust any paper! Get out while you still can.
Health bill is a government takeover - Gun confiscation, euthenastia, electronic chip id.
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen is only saber rattling - Distraction from the true issues.
The Chinese are the strong ones - 3rd world America.
The prices are going up - Dollar depreciation 50% by end of the year.
In the immediate, no relief - no economic turn around.

[MP3] Lindsey Williams on with Pastor Butch 01-27-2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

John Perkins remembering Howard Zinn


A People's History of American Empire meets Secret History of an American Empire!

I just got this newsletter in my email today. It's amazing to know that one person can influence so many people, some of them quite notable:

Howard Zinn:
A Call To Action

Dear friends,

I'm writing to you this week for a special reason. I wanted to share my thoughts with you in regard to the loss of Howard Zinn. If you've not yet read any of his works, I hope that you will do so.

What follows is my personal message about Howard and the impact he had on my life and so many others as well.

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." (Howard Zinn)

My professor, friend, and mentor Howard Zinn passed away on January 27 at the age of 87.

Much has been written about Howard, but those who had the opportunity to know him personally will remember him for his most wonderful attributes of kindness, wit, and wisdom -- and for his determination to right the wrongs of the past and present.

While I was a student at Boston University, Prof. Zinn inspired me to think deeply about humanity, politics, and the need to stand firm against bullies -- even when the bully was my own government. He often warned his students that material wealth, if left unchecked can corrupt and lead to despotic uses of power.

Howard was a giant among both intellectuals and activists. He also lived a life of small acts that helped inspire millions of people to work at transforming the world.

I was teaching in Central America on the morning I learned that he had died -- suddenly, from a heart attack. It was the day when I was supposed to celebrate my 65th birthday. At first I was overwhelmed with grief, but quickly realized Howard would want me to rejoice over his life rather than mourn his death.

I wandered into a nearby forest and sat on a rock. Not much time passed before a family of howler monkeys arrived. They seemed oblivious to my presence. The adults swung from limb to limb. Their acrobatics looked effortless. I had to wonder how they knew that the next limb would bear their weight. Two babies followed at the end. Where their elders had swung, they were forced to leap, to literally fly through the air. It struck me that each leap was an amazing act of faith.

The howlers departed; the forest went silent. As I sat there alone, I kept seeing Howard's smiling face, his intense and compassionate eyes. I recommitted to spreading the message that he taught me in the late '6os at BU: that true democracy requires action from each and every one of us; that our focus on instantaneous material gratification has sent us into a stupor that allows multinational corporations to exploit us, our government, and human and natural resources around the planet; and that we the people MUST insist on change. Like those howler babies, we must muster the courage to leap -- to fly through the air and have faith that the branches will support us.

Howard once told me that he wanted to be remembered for "Helping people understand that the men with the big mansions and guns do not hold the power, unless we give it to them. We the people have the power. The women's suffrage and civil rights movements showed us this, as did the anti-Vietnam War movement. As do those people in other countries who defy tyranny." His legacy motivates us to understand that we must take action. Every one of us can, and must, rebel against the abuses of power we see around us today. We may choose to take to the streets. Or to do it through "smaller acts," like refusing to buy products from corporations that are not committed to being environmentally and socially responsible. And by insisting that Congress reign in the Supreme Court, reverse the latest campaign financing ruling, and assure Net Neutrality.

Howard said, "If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves."

It is time to take back our power, to wrest it from all the megalomaniac corporations and those who profit from withholding information from the people. It is time to revisit the true meaning of "democracy," "freedom," and "of, for, and by the people."

It is comforting and inspiring to know that Howard's spirit is with us through the writing he left behind. Someday my two year old grandson will study Howard Zinn's work just as I have. I know too that we will all continue with our small leaps (actions) knowing that they will benefit and inspire future generations to change the world.

Rob Zombie: More Human than Human + SuperCharger Heaven


Now for some entertainment... Who cares what the words are :)

Sorry, embedding disabled.
[Youtube] Rob Zombie: More Human than Human Live on David Letterman 1995

The video cuts off here and there a bit..
[Youtube] Rob Zombie: Super Charger Heaven Live 1995

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III - 9/11 Inside Job


Former Commanding General of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (1981-1984) Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III states 9/11 was an inside job!

It's an older video that I just ran into it about a week ago. He does look like the Grinch doesn't he?

[Youtube] Former Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III: 9/11 was a giant fraud!

Harry Markopolos: A human derivatives calculator


What does it say about a system that tortures truth tellers and tries to protect fraudsters? It can't be good.

Harry Markopolos is interviewed on King World News. He blew the whistle on Madoff after performing calculations in his investment patterns. He was highly critical of the lap dog SEC agency. His family was in danger as soon as he started becoming vocal about exposing all the fraud.

Kudos to the Disquiet Reservations blog for this MP3 link:
[MP3] Harry Markopolos on King World News 05-29-2009

[Youtube] Harry Markopolos on 60 Minutes

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lord of War - Let me tell you whats gonna happen


One of the best movies ever... Lord of War. Watch it if you haven't yet.

Here's Nicolas Cage knows he's not going to get prosecuted. He's doing the dirty work for the US Government and its President. Things are not what they seem for the interrogator. He learns the hard way, that when the source of crime is discovered and brought for trial, the source is covered up and freed. At critical junctures in time, the decision is always to keep the same system going. The source of the crime is never prosecuted in an illusory mirage of justice and civility.

Sorry embedding diabled.

[Youtube] Lord of War: Let me tell you whats gonna happen

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Congrats New Orleans Saints


All right I hung around the TV for 2/3rd of the SuperBowl game. I wasn't planning to but I did. It was a good entertaining game.

Manning reminds us just how much hard work and hope goes into something where luck and chance can turn the outcome on a dime. Things hang by a thread. Every move counts. What would've happened if the Colts hadn't turned over the ball on the kick or if Manning hand't thrown that interception near the end? You can imagine all that hard work that Manning put in over the years hoping to win that prized SuperBowl. He was so close. He realized the game was over moments after he threw that interception. Tears rolled down his face. His career was finished without a SuperBowl title. There can only be one winner. But there were no losers.

CONGRATS NEW ORLEANS! It's politically fitting to have a city that had been devastated to have a win.

I just wish all this center stage attention, effort, and interest went into things more beneficial to humanity. The wheels keep turning... Let's get on it on things that matter to us most. Let's determine our destiny.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Just in time for the Superbowl


Hahahaha. I got this off the Disquiet Reservations Blog just in time for the SuperBowl. Indianapolis Colts' Daniel Muir (DT) is asked about Ben Bernanke and here is his response:

[Youtube] A Colts player is asked about Ben Bernanke

Friday, February 05, 2010

Ukraine's Got Talent! Kseniya Simonova's Sand Art

Got Talent?

Contrast this performance with what's shown on America's Got Talent. Kseniya Simonova, age 24, provides an amazing performance as a Sand Artist. The story is about Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during after WWII.

[Youtube] Kseniya Simonova's Sand Art

Freeway Ricky Ross on Alex Jones show


When are we going to stand up for our rights asks "Freeway" Ricky Ross. This is an excellent expose on the CIA drug trade, the public and private corrupt enterprise (local politicians, police, judges, prosecutors, etc), and the ill behavior of the centralized Federal Government.

I've linked to Disquiet Reservations blog.

[Youtube link] Freeway Ricky Ross exposes the system on the Alex Jones show

Every Haitian is a Multimillionaire!


$200 million in donations divided by a population of 10 million Haitians = $20 million for each Haitian.

So that begs the question, where did all the money go?

And $200 million was just the donations in the first week from small private donors in the US. There's much donations to count in the following weeks as a unique phenemonenom occured where third world countries, for the first time, donated to the Haitian disaster relief pot. Yes it was that bad. Plus there's more "AID" provided by governments, NGOs, IMF, World Bank, etc.

[Article] $200 million for Haitians

That's just what any disaster survivor needs! Armored personnel carriers, spy drones, machine guns and military troops! Here they come to save the day! Hey, leave that food and water alone. We can't have theft! The people are maggots that need authority to tell them what they can and can't do. And boy, they just can't get along without troops in the way.

[Youtube] This is where the donation money went