Saturday, January 30, 2010

Marcy Kaptur grills Tim Geithner


Marcy Kaptur reduces Tim Geither's swagger in this video. His job isn't looking so inviting anymore.

[Youtube] Marcy Kaptur suggests Tim Geithner's cadre favored Goldman Sachs

Howard Zinn: Central Government and the Class Document

Constitution The Class Document

Excerpts from Howard Zinn's speech:

Nox says to George Washington, "These people who have rebelled. They think because they fought in the revolution, they fought in the war against England. That they deserve an equal share of the wealth of this country"... No..

Those are the kinds of letters that went back and forth. We got setup a government that will be strong enough to put down the rebellions of the poor, slave revolts, the Indians, who many resent our going into their territory. That's what a strong central government is for. ... The Constitution is a class document written to protect the interests bond holders and slave owners and land expanionists.

Howard Zinn on Holy Wars, Central Government, and the Constitution

The Three Psychopaths


You rebel against the slave masters and throw them out. We, France, demand reparations for our financial losses.

You fight our WTO, IMF and World Bank, we turn up the heat everytime. You don't want to accept our terms, say hello to our military.

You finally succeed in creating a democracy, we produce a Coup d'état, TWICE.

You have a earthquake, we invite ourselves for some fun with disaster capitalism.

So here we are again. We unashamingly present the Haiti recovery group, led by a prestigious dignitiries such as:

Bill Clinton: Mr. I did not have coup d'état relations with that country, Haiti. Nor did I shove terms favorable to multinationals uponst the helpless country.

George W. Bush: Brings valuable experience from leadering the Katrina Disaster. Responsible for the wonderful second coup d'état. Like Columbus, George W. Bush was looking (for WMDs) in the wrong hemisphere.

Barack Obama: Multinationals' finest embassador. They haven't had it so good as opportunities keep presenting themselves, this time, a chance to profit from franchises, hotels, and other corporate and monopolistic business activities. Who cares about the little guy?

Btw, Clinton and Bush would like to thank everyone that donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. We will funnel the money into offshore accounts, our personal black projects, and invest in valuable Haitian assets through multinationals and corporate funded NGOs. Isn't making money and policy fun? Along the way, we will empower dictators to see to our interests. As an added bonus, there's a new oil find up along the coast of Haiti.

I invite you to visit the psychopathy tag for more info.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Howard Zinn passes away at 87


I heard it on the car radio and I was floored.

You always expect a person to be there. But it is only a limited and fleeting window of time and a window of opportunity that we get.

Today, the world loses one of the great ones, Howard Zinn.

[Video] Democracy Now! pays tribute to Howard Zinn

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toyota Suspends Sales: The real story


Sorry guys, I've been involved with some fun Cisco telephony engineering projects and haven't given any attention to blogs these past few weeks. Look for this pace to continue in the coming weeks.

Anyways, I thought I'd quickly blog about the announcement Toyota made and this is the first thought that came to my mind: It looks like Toyota can't sell cars so they're using the "carpet mats getting in the accelerator" excuse to suspend their sales so they don't build up inventory that they will need to deep discount on.

A company voluntarily suspending production and sales when there's money to be made, much less being concerned about safety? Who heard of such a thing? Just a thought...

[Article] Toyota plays dead

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Love Police (Charlie Veich) visits the New York Subway

Here is Charlie Veich visits New York and teams up with We Are Change NY's Luke Rudkowski to turn a NY train cab into a "happy carriage".

[Youtube] The Love Police in a New York Subway Train

Raj Patel on Thom Hartmann Show 01-19-2010


Raj Patel on the Thom Hartmann Show makes some really good observations about current economics such as excluding external costs in the total cost of a product, having a complaintocracy, and amount of freedom or rights based on the amount of money.

Fast forward to 1hr 13 minutes in the file. It's only a 10 minute interview.

[MP3] Raj Patel on Thom Hartmann Show 01-19-2010 (Fwd to 1:13:00)

More from Raj Patel. This time he analyzes supermarkets. I look forward to hearing more great ideas from him.

[Youtube] Raj Patel and those inefficient supermarkets

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Joyous Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Shouldn't Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday be a national holiday celebrated throughout the nation, private and government? Why is it the mass public does not get a day off on his birthday? Does the corporatocracy not want celebrated someone who represent values that are humanitarian and not corporate?

This world is upside down, inside out!

[MP3] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on change through nonviolent protests

Alternate link

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Joel Salatin on local farming vs. the industrial model


Note: I got this of Catherine Austin Fitt's

Joel Salatin tells us the reason for laws and regulations on the farmer is to keep him a serf in the commodity market. He is not allowed to sell products without building a massive infrastructure that costs $100,000+. He also has to comply with restrictive laws intended for a large factory. This keeps the farmer from competing against Walmart and the grocery store.

Wouln't it be nice to pick up food from a neighbor?

[Youtube] Joel Salatin: Today's farmer is handcuffed

[Youtube] Joel Salatin Part2
[Youtube] Joel Salatin Part3
[Youtube] Joel Salatin Part4

Arrowhead Beer Commercial

Well this explains why some beers taste like piss.

It makes me wonder how diluted the exhaust, gasoline, and oil gets from all those boats and ski doos in Lake Havasu, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River. Gotta wonder about that benzene.

Then I drive down the 5 freeway from Sacramento to Los Angeles and find the aquaduct transporting water from the north is right next to the freeway, absorbing the exhaust from the cars and runoff from the nearby farms.

[Youtube] Arrowhead Beer Commercial, a parody

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno Show 01-14-2010


Here's a hilarious clip of Jimmy Kimmel making fun of Jay Leno's nomadic tendancies.

I must say Jay Leno is quite a draw and it is actually beneficial for Conan O' Brien to have Leno push the high number of viewers into his Late Night show.

[Youtube] Jimmy Kimmel on the Jay Leno Show 01-14-2010

Yemen - Bombing Aftermath


What is the value of life? What is so valued or cherished in this world? Do we want civilization or rule by psychopaths?

This video is dedicated to George Bush Sr.

[Youtube] Yemen - Victims of Bombs

Working for the man


Ask me what it's like to work in a large corporation and I'll refer you to this video.

[Youtube] Matt Damon denied by Jimmy Kimmel

Btw, that was a joke played well by Matt Damon. Well done!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Haiti is so poor


Haiti is the first and only country in the world to have a black uprising in order to uproot colonialism and become independant. France and America quickly made sure Haiti wouldn't succeed via boycotts and blockades and reparations.

So why is Haiti so poor? Could it be all those coups to 'democratize' Haiti? Ousting the democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide TWICE by coups orchestrasted by America and some other nations made sure the corporatocracy had their moneyed interests secured. In subsequent elections, political parties unfriendly to the corporatocracy would not be allowed to run in elections.

[Youtube] Democracy Now! Haiti - Video 1/3

[Youtube] Democracy Now! Haiti - Video 2/3

[Youtube] Democracy Now! Haiti - Video 3/3

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Donations

Looking to donate to help out the victims of the massive 7.0 earthquake in Haiti?

Catherine Austin Fitts recommends an organization that you can feel confident about that will use your money wisely. They're not going to hire area managers for 6 figure salaries like the Red Cross. They're not going to stuff the donations into investments (such as with Madoff)instead of giving the money away right away to the intended victims/recipients.

General Assembly & Church of the Firstborn
161 Baker Road
Hohenwald, TN 38462

Checks payable to “General Assembly & Church of the Firstborn” and put “Haiti Mission” in the memo line.

The church has a mission in Haiti.

[Link] Donate to Haiti quake victims

Monday, January 11, 2010

George Bush Sr. gets heckled at a a Houston pizza joint


823 Antoine Dr.
Houston, TX. 77024

Target: George Bush Sr.

A regular ol' pizza joint dressed up as a shrine to that George Bush Sr.

Disgusted Citizen: "Murderous Zionist piece of shit. You won't get your New World Order guy. ... I can't.. you're.. Are you happy for the millions of deaths you're part of? People know. People are waking up to reality of this Mr. Bush, you piece of shit."

Secret Service: "Listen, that's unnecessary."

Disgusted Citizen: "No it's not uneccessary. This guy is responsible for killing millions. If you knew anything about real history. FUCK YOU! fuck you."

[Youtube] George Bush Sr. has pizza craving and gets just dessert

Friday, January 08, 2010

Now for a Mind Blower


Pay attention to the rotation as the pipe appears to move faster/slower than the panel.

[Youtube] Window Optical Illusion

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Catherine Austin Fitts: The latest and greatest 1/2010

Here's the latest from Catherine Austin Fitts as of 01/07/2010.

What's covered in the video with James Corbett? Stop having other people manage your money. Decide for yourself where to put it. Make money ethical. The money managers buy real assets with your money while you get paper. Chances are the small bankers will be much more ethical than the big banks. Give them energy and power. One person can make a change.

[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts interview with James Corbett 01-02-2010

Catherine Austin Fitts - Coast to Coast 01-02-2010 - Part 9/16

[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts - Coast to Coast 01-02-2010 - Part 10/16
[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts - Coast to Coast 01-02-2010 - Part 11/16
[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts - Coast to Coast 01-02-2010 - Part 12/16

[M4A] Catherine Austin Fitts - Podcast #7 - Spiritual Warfare 12-29-2009

"It also means that our culture will have to adopt old timely values. Take care of your business and your family. Good manners. Hard work. Discipline. Caring about those around you. Keeping your word.

So it seems to me that the problem is that we — all of us from the gangsters to the spoiled many - are not behaving like mature adults and all solutions require that we do."
-- Catherine Austin Fitts

[Article] Catherine Austin Fitts - Manners

Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy's Aravind Eye Care Hospital


This is why you should go to work everyday. Not just to blindfoldedly collect money, but to feel fulfilled and rewarded by improving current and future conditions around you. And if you're not doing this, you're being cheated of a wonderful experience.

So what's stopping you from leaving the monkey cage and the hamster wheel? Is it that chase of the all mighty dollar? The top down business model and decisions made by control freaks have you shackled. So why do we have a top down model? It's so that the psychopathic control freaks have something to do. It's for their job security and enjoyment. Just think Dr. Evil.

Alas, we have come to this question. Who's really blind and when do we cure the blindness?

[WMV] Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy's Aravind Eye Care Hospital cures the blind

Alternative link if the link above doesn't work.

Richard Wolff - On Cooperation and Companies run by Employees 12-02-2009


Richard Wolff is an Economics Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Here is a speech conducted at Brown University, Providence RI on 12-02-2009.

I've rambled about cooperatives before on the blog. Just check the tag cooperatives.

Cooperation. Cooperatives. Owned and run 100% by workers. It's a better than the top down model we currently have now. Why work in a hostile, demoralizing work environment when you can enjoy what you do and have control over your future in a cooperative? Share your fair share of the profits and losses. Be accountable. Be responsible. Isn't it ironic that people that quit fulltime jobs to start their own companies are actually building on the cooperative model? Would they startup and participate in a company where they do not share the profits fairly or do not control their own destiny?

Modern day corporations are citadels of fascism. Every morning, workers come into an environment of a totalitarism where decisions are made from a disconnected, hidden, omnipresent, and self appointed dictatorship.

Currently, 1/3rd of all the profit goes to the tiny number of executives of the company while the worker bees are expected to produce more and be paid less than last year. It's a great way to take control away from citizens and make them dependant on the source of income. What a way to become a slave of the system!

More at

[Youtube] Richard Wolff on Socialism

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Max Keiser on with Alex Jones 01-05-2009


Max Keiser talk about boycotting Coco-Cola and having them go under. Fight back the corporatocracy with one knockout punch!

My person reason for boycotting Coco-Cola? Because they steal water from small villages in India and make the villagers' lives miserable.

[Youtube] Max Keiser proposes boycotts on the Alex Jones show

The rest of the show is down below:

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Monday, January 04, 2010