Sunday, February 19, 2017

Alexandra Savior : Mirage


Alexandria sings a song about potentially selling herself out to money and fame so that she starts doing what THEY want and not what SHE wants. Staying true to one's self through the process is difficult and not everyone makes it. It reminds me of the time when Lorde was singing about getting on her first plane (1:05).

Violet was tickling my fancy
Gives out just the right amount of soul
I wonder if it makes me sound too old
Decided that it's Stella or Candy
Seems as if I'm spinning down a pole
Swept them over to the stack of no's
I sing songs about Whatever the fuck they want
Whatever the fuck they want
I'm so blue
Anna-Marie Mirage Painting my tear drops on
And on...
Staring through the window of a wig store
Crying to the credits of a show
That you've seen a bunch of times before
An inch away from settling on Coco
Shame that she's that girl you used to know
Loved her, but we had to let her go
We sing songs about Whatever the fuck they want
Whatever the fuck they want
We're so blue
Anna-Marie Mirage Painting our tear drops on
And on...
Anna-Marie Mirage
Shooting a mood collage
Piñata paper heart
I don't know where she starts And I stop
Dress me like the front of a casino
Push me down another rabbit hole
Touch me like I'm gonna turn to gold
She's almost like a million other people
That you'll never really get to know
And it feels as if she's swallowing me whole
We sing songs about Whatever the fuck she wants
Whatever the fuck she wants
We're so blue
Anna-Marie Mirage
She's painting our tear drops on And on...

{Youtube] Alexandra Savior - Mirage

Katy Perry : Chained the the Rhythm


A song by Katy Perry that makes you think, makes you contemplate, make you say, "hey that's me, that's my situation"? It's the boredom of living in suburbia where days pass by with the same routine. I guess shes feeling it too during the break.

Other songs by her that said something about life, made me ponder, was inspirational, and associated my situation with hers. I love these songs!: Who Am I Living for, Lost, Long Shot, The Box. There are one or two that I'm leaving out that I do not have the song names of but I have run into them before.

Somehow this song is supposed to be political, but I don't see it in the lyrics. And I don't think people are apathetic. They just want things and stuff and that's what they vote for. People are bribed into turning a blind eye to evil that's perpetrated as long as they get their bread and circus. The philosophy isn't healthy.

So is the song about Trump then? Well, Katy did campaign for Hillary (she campaigned for Obama too). She's just misguided. Trump is no different then any president before him. Trump is just flamboyant and that is what rubs people the wrong way. Trump is not any more fascist or dictatorial.

Obama was slick while he was lying, letting bankers off the hook, allowing spying, jailing whistle-blowers, and bombing innocent people. There was this lull that people grew into. Heck, people in their 20s, who were the majority of the protestors, were literally still in their diapers when Billy Boy Clinton was having affairs in the White House 20 years ago. There were no protests. So these protestors have no history to fall back on. They don't realize it is same as it always was.

She is the #1 entertainer of all time for me.

[Youtube] Katy Perry @ The Grammys 2017 - Chained the the Rhythm

So Katy explains the song a little and goes into what she's up to lately. I am happy she's taking a break to live life. She isn't concerned about money at this point - she isn't a psychopath! I'm personally taking a few months off work myself to regroup and enjoy the nice warm California weather. Hoping to get some travel and vacation in too.

[Youtube] Katy Perry on break - interview

If you liked that check out the lyric video.

Only Katy Perry can make a song with purpose soar...

[Youtube] Katy Perry's purposeful pop, and she saves her mental health, AND she kinda works out some of her shit - interview

[Youtube] Katy Perry is priceless - hilarious interview

Friday, February 10, 2017

Grimes : Venus Fly music video


At last it's here. The flagship song (in my humble opinion) deserves a flagship music video. And here it is!

It is THE song I head bang to in the car.

Some creative criticism: Love it. It really is eye candy. Colorful, scenic, beautiful, suspenseful, and dramatic. It did, however, get too fancy and missed out on the classic Grimes personality and charm. It was overriden with all the graphics and graphics sequences.

Check out Flesh without Blood, Butterfly, Go, World Princess II, or Hana's Underwater videos. Those are spectacular. Anyways, you decide...

Btw, half the song is sung by her friend, Janelle Monáe, who has recently costarred in some movies.

UPDATE 2/14/2017 - With my upgraded laptop I just watched this as my first 2160p video on my 1080p monitor and it is ridiculously spectacular. I take back my criticism of the graphics distracting from the content. It flows perfectly fine in 2160p with all the details presented, whereas in 1080p it doesn't make the video pop out as much and make out its intended presentation. It is a wonderful mood setter in 2160p! This is indeed one of the best music videos ever and perhaps Grimes's best.

[Youtube] Grimes - Venus Fly

M.I.A. : P.O.W.A.


Well it's been awhile since Paper Planes. The third world deomcracy aka M.I.A. aka MIA is out with a masterpiece of a song and video. What a gorgeous and beautifully crafted video full of personality!

Talk about a brainworm... There's something about the video or tune that keeps bringing me back. I've already watched it a dozen times.

The guy in the background makes this song. Sounds like ..

Dank dank dank dank dank dankdank dankdank dank
pow pow pomp pomppomp pomp pomp pompa pomppomp

Also I believe it's spelled Kid Kamillion who is also the co-producer and a DJ remixer. He is misspelled in the CC lyrics.

Turn on the CC for the lyrics!

[Youtube] M.I.A. - P.O.W.A.

And... Here's Maya and her son singing different background vocals.

[Youtube] Maya on Periscope - Pa Pa POWA