Thursday, March 21, 2013

Democracy Now! Repercussions of a Crimogenic War 03-21-2013


When criminals are allowed to freely misbehave without consequences, the repercussions are bared by those most unsuspecting and furthest from the original crime.

[Video] Democracy Now! The Life of Tomas Young

[Video] Democracy Now! The Life of Tomas Young - Part 2

[MP4] Download Body of War
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Democracy Now! - A look at Iraq 10 years later


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What would a place look like if psychopaths are given carte blanche, without any restrictions, to do whatever they wanted to do? Why, you'd have Iraq in its current state. Radiation in Japan, radiation in Iraq? Nahhhh.. Ignore it repercussions. Tough it out. No food, water, electricity, jobs, security? No government or democracy? It's beneficial to us psychopaths.

Now we know why Africa gets the way it is and who is responsible for it. The government is purposely taken down in chaos. Create sectarianism and groupings that didn't exist before and stir up conflict. If that means genocide, so be it. Millions dead? No problem, sleeping well at night is no issue. Oh and hey, you have no right to food, water, a home (yeah try buying a home here in the US and see how far your savings and income get you), security, or a functional government. You don't deserve any of it. You're going to live like we want you to live and we don't want to hear any more from you.

Iraq is a psychopath's paradise. And it's coming to neighborhood near you, unless you put the brakes to it. It can start with prosecution of some of those in power. After all, this is what they have in store for you. Why should you be any different?

The Iraq war... All for what? Money, power, control, and duper's delight for psychopaths. Psychopaths are bored, they work hard for their duper's delight. Let's not forget about the stolen goodies and cheap resources? Pop open the champagne. Those in power are happy with the results. Are you?

It comes down to The Network. Remember the movie? Well there's two worldwide networks. One consisting of psychopaths and one on the internet consisting of conscientious human beings. Ying and Yang. It's been an ongoing battle throughout history. It won't be easy. Maybe we can finally win?

I saw a poll and 47% still agree with going to war with Iraq. How sad. When is enough going to be enough?

[Youtube] The consumer turning a blind eye
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[Video] Democracy Now!'s coverage of the Iraq War - The 10 years and counting

Sunday, March 17, 2013

TED Conferences are a Fraud?


Let's take a peek under the rug... It's not very pretty. Eddie Huang exposes TED Conference via his week long experience in Long Beach. He says every audience member pays $8000 to watch the show from in the seats. And he says there's 2000 attendees. That's $16 million dollars. So it's a business! PLUS the speakers do not get paid anything AND they are made to jump through hoops for a whole week for 14-17 hours a day! What's going on?

[Youtube] Ted Conferences - The money and the mules

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bradley Manning's leaked court speech


Wait, wasn't it Government of the People, By the People, For the People? These days it seems like it's for someone else, like the military or the Pentagon, the CIA, or the bankers. If it is really Government BY and FOR the People then that means the People are the boss. They determine what policy they approve or disapprove. If information is generated by the government, doesn't it belong to the people since it's BY and FOR the people? Why does the information only belong to the military or Pentagon or CIA? Who are they? Don't they get their instructions from the people? How can the people make informed decisions without the information? How come the boss doesn't get to know what the employees are doing?

Here is Bradley Manning's leaked court speech on his motivations and hope. He's a HERO, and because of him, there has been major revolutions around the world.

[Youtube] Bradley Manning's Great Expectations

Friday, March 08, 2013

Hugo Chavez's Venezuela - As He Sees It


I haven't been paying attention to the mainstream media but I have heard bits here and there when turning to the evening news for a few minutes and then setting the TV to source from the laptop. It's pure bogus lies and it's easy to see through, at least, this one, this time - Hugo Chavez. If this is the case, what about everything else they report on? It's got to be so dubious!

Anyways, here's a collection of videos from this week. I'll just post the links (collected from the Facebook group).

The Bolivar Revolution continues - Propaganda vs. real achievements
Democracy Now! Hugo Chavez's programs will continue
Greg Palast: Take the bribe or else
Journeyman Pictures on Hugo Chavez (2002)
Hugo Chavez on Bush
Hugo Chavez on Bush at UN - Part 1

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Democracy Now! - Operation Condor 03-07-2013


Democracy Now! - Another great show, this time exposing what went on in the 1960s thru the 1980s in South America with assistant from the CIA. The Cold War an excuse to take over countries and have fun with dissenters? It's a war between those who want to stand up for freedom and liberty and sanity and psychopaths who seek power, control, and money. All this for worthless money? Maybe not. Maybe it's duper's delight? They just want to put one over on people. They get excited over torture and death. Psychopaths call it Operation Condor.

[Youtube] Democracy Now! Operation Condor - 03-07-2013

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hugo Chavez's Legacy


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Be sure to watch The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

Anyways, don't bother with the mainstream mass media. You're not going to get anything of value. Democracy Now! had a very good show on Hugo Chavez today. The new president is interesting. he's the one that's forged treaties, trade deals, and aid with surrounding countries in order to help everybody all around in symbiotic relationships.

For some reason, the video didn't appear on Youtube today so I will link to the MP4 file. I'll be keeping an eye on the theory that cancer was induced by the CIA. It's a statistical anomaly that good folks die young (cancer has been showing up a lot lately) while the evil persist late into their lives. Bill Hicks died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 32.

[Video] Democracy Now! 03-06-2013 - Hugo Chavez's Legacy