Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oz The Great & Powerful

Take a journey through the enchanted world of Oz. A bad guy turns into a good guy (the real world doesn't work this way). But it is Disney.

The best character is the porcelain girl "China Girl". Amazing graphics work on her! It was actually a puppetier that controlled her. Again, outstanding! The scene where her legs are broke and mended is the best scene in the whole movie.

In the classic the Wizard is stuck behind a curtain manipulating perception to make himself look big and powerful. In this version, the Oz is also a manipulator, but everyone had invested their hope that he is working for the good side. There are scenes where he creates the illusions of being the powerful and almighty. Once again, it's Disney. The original bad guy is now the good guy.

Here are the three best scenes from the movie:

[Youtube] Oz - The Flowers

[Youtube] Oz - China Girl - A look at the puppeteer

[Youtube] Oz - China Girl

[Youtube] Oz - Inside Bubbles

Alice in Wonderland 2010


What an amazingly immersive movie! I watch this movie a couple of weeks ago (ya I torrented a Bluray) and it was magical! No wonder it made $100 million off of a $20 million dollar production. It takes you into a surreal imaginary world and wraps you right into it.

I really like the Mad Hatter. The background is this: from people went mad from making hats in factories and succumbed to mercury poisoning. The factory owners knew this but kept this from the public and workers for many decades and the practice went on.

As for the purpose of the original Alice in Wonderland... It was to show how absurd it was for one person to have the power to chop off another person's head. And in the end it shows authority has no power if you do not lend your attention and support to it.

Get it on Bluray to get the best of the graphics!

PS: The other movies by Tim Burton are psychopathic

[Youtube] Alice in Wonderland 2010 - Scene 1

[Youtube] Alice in Wonderland 2010 - Scene 2

[Youtube] Avril: Alice

[Youtube] Alice In Wonderland - Fashion Show - DVD Release Premiere

[Youtube] Kerli: Tea Party

Holy cow, look at the number of staff and money involved!
Kerli: Tea Party - A look behind the scenes

What I do is put this as the background while I'm doing donkey work. When you're on the Youtube page (not on the blog you will see the two arrows forming a circle on the top right of the playlist (top right in the black area)? Enable it to go throught he whole playlist automatically.
[Youtube] Alice in Wonderland 2010 - Soundtrack - PLAYLIST

How was that for my coverage of the movie Alice in Wonderland (2010)?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Katy Perry: ROAR @ MTV VMA 2013

Boy did everything else stink at the VMAs! But here comes KATY to salvage the whole thing. Good luck finding this performance on Youtube!

In case you don't watch TV like I....

[Vimeo] Katy Perry - ROAR - Brooklyn VMA 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Katy Perry: Roar

Katy Perry's latest. At this point, she's printing money; she's her own Federal Reserve. Her products are just so clean, classy, and empowering compared others. The latest song is a self esteem booster. This song reminds me of the victory lap song by Vanilla Ice - Play that Funky Music

[Youtube] Katy Perry: Roar

[Youtube] Katy Perry: Donald Parody - Hilarrrrrioooous

[Youtube] Katy Perry interview

Now to see what else is out there... The narcissistic song by Lady Gaga. Painful to watch!
[Youtube] Lady Gaga: Applause

And although I like Avril's previous two songs Smile and What the Hell, she really blew it with the psychopathic bits (the knife slashing and the dog crash scenes) on this one. Just disturbing! And the plug for the Sony phone LOL! I think she just went with what the record company wanted her to do...
[Youtube] Avril: Rock and Roll

And where are the guys coming out with relevant and good songs? Justin Bieber doesn't count.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Katy Perry: Lost


Keeping with the Hopes and Dreams theme, here's Katy Perry singing Lost. The great thing about Katy is you can make out the lyrics just by listening.

Some days go just like this....

[Youtube] Katy Perry - Lost - Live

Sylvestar Stallone's Dream


I apologize, I've been meaning to post but haven't had a chance for the past week. I still will be posting more Katy Perry videos and still have in mind to do that Man of Steel movie review.

Anyways, I picked up the following off Facebook and thought it so good, I would post it here. The story may not be 100% accurate but it makes a great inspirational story regardless:

This is one of the SADDEST stories ever told in Hollywood. His name is Sylvestar Stallone. One of the BIGGEST and Most famous American Movie superstars. Back in the day, Stallone was a struggling actor in every definition. At some point, he got so broke that he stole his wife's jewelry and sold it. Things got so bad that he even ended up homeless. Yes, he slept at the New York bus station for 3 days. Unable to pay rent or afford food. His lowest point came when he tried to sell his dog at the liquor store to any stranger. He didn't have money to feed the dog anymore. He sold it at $25 only. He says he walked away crying.

Two weeks later, he saw a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner and that match gave him the inspiration to write the script for the famous movie, ROCKY. He wrote the script for 20 hours! He tried to sell it and got an offer for $125,000 for the script. But he had just ONE REQUEST. He wanted to STAR in the movie. He wanted to be the MAIN ACTOR. Rocky himself. But the studio said NO. They wanted a REAL STAR.

They said he "Looked funny and talked funny". He left with his script. A few weeks later, the studio offered him $250,000 for the script. He refused. They even offered $350,000. He still refused. They wanted his movie. But NOT him. He said NO. He had to be IN THAT MOVIE.

After a while, the studio agreed, gave him $35,000 for the script and let him star in it! The rest is history! The movie won Best Picture, Best Directing, and Best Film Editing at the prestigious Oscar Awards. He was even nominated for BEST ACTOR! The Movie ROCKY was even inducted into the American National Film Registry as one of the greatest movies ever!

And do You know the first thing he bought with the $35,000? THE DOG HE SOLD. Yes, Stallone LOVED HIS DOG SO MUCH that he stood at the liquor store for 3 days waiting for the man he sold his dog to. And on the 3rd day, he saw the man coming with the dog. Stallone explained why he sold the dog and begged for the dog back. The man refused. Stallone offered him $100. The man refused. He offered him $500. And the guy refused. Yes, he refused even $1000. And, believe it or not, Stallone had to pay $15,000 for the same dog he sold at $25 only! And he finally got his dog back!

And today, the same Stallone who slept in the streets and sold his dog JUST BECAUSE he couldn't even feed it anymore, is one of the GREATEST Movie Stars who ever walked the Earth!

Being broke is BAD. Really BAD. Have You ever had a dream? A wonderful dream? But You are too broke to implement it? Too tiny to do it? Too small to accomplish it? Damn! I've been there too many times!

Life is tough. Opportunities will pass you by, just because you are a NOBODY. People will want your products but NOT YOU. Its a tough world. If you aren't already famous or rich or "connected", you will find it rough. Doors will be shut on You. People will steal your glory and crash your hopes. You will push and push. And yet NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

And then your hopes will be crashed. You will be broke. Damn broke. You will do odd jobs for survival. You will be unable to feed yourself. And yes, you may end up sleeping in the streets. It happens. Yes, it does.

BUT NEVER LET THEM CRUSH THAT DREAM. Whatever happens to you, Keep Dreaming. Even when they crush your hopes, Keep Dreaming. Even when they turn you away ,Keep Dreaming. Even when they shut you down, Keep Dreaming.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF EXCEPT YOURSELF! People will judge You by HOW you look. And by WHAT You have. But please, Fight On! Fight for Your place in history. Fight for your glory. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Even if it means selling all your clothes and sleeping with the dogs, ITS OKAY! But AS LONG AS YOU ARE STILL ALIVE, Your STORY IS NOT OVER. TRUST ME.

Keep Up the Fight. Keep your dreams and hope alive. Go for it.

Like and share if inspired. Lovely day people!

Elliphant: Down on Life

WOW! The scenery in this video based in Iceland is SPECTACULAR!

Watch Elliphant's Down on Life in HD full screen! It's amazing how much more cleaner videos are on Vimeo. The video on Youtube is blocky.

[Vimeo] Elliphant: Down on Life