Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rang De : My contribution status update


I think now is a good time for a nice reveal. I feel good about this. And this is a great way to end the year.

I'm really proud of contributing to this 7 years ago when Rang De first began. The amount I contributed equaled about a years worth of income from work. I put the money into Rang De for about a year or two and then stopped.

While most people put their money into real estate and the stock market, I put mine into people.

Rang De is a microfinance nonprofit organization in India and the average loan is about $100-$250 each. It helps out people in the short term and for some it really changes their predicament. The average loan is paid back in a year and that money is then loaned out to another needy person.

The interest (for India) is reasonable. In the beginning it was around 7%. Now it is closer to 10% I think. The interest goes to pay staff to disburse and collect the money and to seek potential candidates for loans. So on a $100 loan, $7 to $10 is used for the overhead which, in my opinion, is highly efficient, considering travel and other expenses.

Here is now the tally after 7 years:

8,523,200 rs loaned out which is about $129,000 USD with the current 66 rs to 1 usd exchange rate. Mind you, I put nowhere near that amount in. The high amount comes from recycling the money numerous times, and I'm pleasantly surprised it's so high.

Number of loans which I contributed to wholly or partially: 5588. This means I contributed to the betterment of about 5588 individuals. (I think a very small fraction of the loans are re-loans - same individual receiving another loan after the previous loan is paid back).

Oh and yes, loans have been forgiven due to death, medical conditions, or natural disasters (mostly floods).

And recently, Rang De has partnered with organizations like the World Bank. Hey, the World Bank has to do some positive work too to not look so sinister. What Rang De does is loan out to individuals and cooperatives so if the World Bank wants to help out with that, let them.

So from my small contribution there's been a difference somewhere in the world.

I have more to say about the program, its impact, and what the unintended consequences may be. I will have more posts on this.

Monday, December 28, 2015

James Corbett - OILigarchy


This is perhaps Jame Corbett's finest documentary every produced.

Covering the Rockerfellers, Carnegie, Rothschild and other sinister elite families, James covers oil, banking, medical care / pharmaceuticals, food production, and finally the climate change excuse to take over everyone's lives.

It's a really great documentary to end out the year. We are living in these psychopath elites' paradise.

[Youtube] James Corbett - OILigarchy expose

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Living inside the pinball machine


Yes, everybody goes thru this including me. Plans never go accordingly and where you end up is not where you predicted you were going to be.

Analyze why your ideas and plans didn't pan out or didn't happen as predicted. It just goes to show what preconceptions, prejudices, propaganda, peer pressure, gaslighting, indoctrination, repeated lies, energy vampirism, self interests by others brought you the false notions and suggestions that you came up by yourself.

Now that you've gone through the experience, look at the gap, direction, and your current placement. See what you need to correct and what corrected itself over time.

Follow the path back up and find the source of the false knowledge and information. Never listen to them again and never listen to another person espousing the same things.

Experience is everything and from it comes wisdom, the value of which is indispensable. Pass on what you've learned to others younger than you. And the cycle goes on.

Here's my advice:
Don't push where there is resistence. Go with the flow. Stay in the slipstream and let it guide you. Locate others in the same river current as you and stay from others as they will not be a good fit and will get in your way.

It's better to be alone than be with someone negative or someone that disagrees with you. Good friends are rare and it's not a numbers game.

Make quick checks and tests to figure out where there is resistence and where there are opportunitees and open doors. Take the opportunities and walk thru he open doors. Move on if there is any resistence. Keep going further down the rabbit hole but Keep prodding for more opportunities and openings. The open doors will lead you. YOu don't determine the direction, the openings do. Your imagination and coorindation and planning skills will tell you what to try. Try and see if there is an opening.

This goes for jobs, relationships, recreation, hobbies, etc.

{Youtube] Jessica Frech inside the pinball machine

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Carrottop and the award faux pas


If you go to Las Vegas, be sure to go see Carrottop at the Luxor. He's the funniest comedian on the strip. They have packaged programs at the box office where you can see multiple shows for about half the cost. Here's the link on their website.

[Youtube] Carrottop - award giving gone wrong

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gracie and Rachel : Sing Song


The struggle... Who can relate?

These (sing) songs are always my favorite. They say so much. They tell a great stories.

[Youtube] Gracie and Rachel - Sing Song

Aurora : Into the Light


Not a song per se. Just some of Aurora's deep thoughts and observations.... She's only 19.

[Youtube] Aurora - Into the Light

Elliphant : Stardust


What a view! Enjoy the footage! Played to Elliphant's new song Stardust.

[Youtube] Elliphant - Stardust

Sitemeter caused redirect


I apologize for the redirect users might have run into the past few weeks when visiting my blog. It appears the Sitemeter code I've used over the years to gauge visitor activity was the cause of it. I read it was recently bought by another company who then put this spam into their tool.

Anyways, I've removed Sitemeter from my blog so the blog should now be back to normal. Phew!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gracie and Rachel : Interview on Music Friday - 12-11-2015

Here's an interview with Gracie and Rachel with a deeper look into their musical world. The interview is conducted by Patrick O'Heffernan on the Music Friday podcast and begins at 32:32.

[Podcast] Gracie and Rachel - Interview on Music Friday - 12-11-2015 (starts at 32:32)

Here's the direct link to the MP3
[MP3] Gracie and Rachel : Interview - 12-11-2015 (starts at 32:32)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

George Coates interview 1991

George Coates is awesome! Just WOW!

He was explaining the corporate system all the way back in 1991 !!!! And that it was the artists that told everyone the truth.

It took me until 2005/2006 to change my perspective of how things really work. Before then, I was just like everyone else - clueless, indoctrinated, self assured and loaded with all the propaganda. IF A was false then B would be false and so would C... That would be so wild and staggering if everything was THAT demented... Well it took awhile for me to realize just how far gone and depraved it was and I'm still going down the rabbit hole. It only keeps getting deeper.

I remember going to India knowing a bit about the real motivations of corporations and the puppets in public office back in mid 2006 so I had to learn about it shortly before then... I think it started with John Perkins videos on the internet.

I seek out and cherish the truth. Hard to obtain and a never ending chore. I wouldn't want to be any other way.

I suggest you watch George IN 1991 !!!!!!!!! Where was all this knowledge until I ran into some of it in 2005??????? It's taken me countless hours totaling perhaps years to get a fraction of the way this man has.

He was the truth movement before there was internet.

Just check out the comments on the Youtube video. This is how the internet should have been.

[Youtube] George Coates - 1991 Interview

Friday, December 18, 2015

Neter - I See You


Here's a new music video from Neter called I See You. Love the drums. I can't even find the band name on Google.

(I See YOU) Taking risks and making choices
Hearing yourself amid the voices
Everything will change
And move around us
As each day unfolds.
Seeing with no walls and barriers
Remember now before its too late
Who you are and why you came
Some people always stay the same
Some people always fear change.

[Youtube] Neter - I See You

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gracie and Rachel @ The Federal Bar, LA - 12-13-2015 11am


Join Gracie and Rachel at The Federal Bar, North Hollywood, Los Angeles on Sunday 12-13-2015 starting at 11am. Not sure exactly when Gracie and Rachel will start playing during the afternoon - There will be other musicians playing too. I'll be there!

Full address is:
5303 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Free street parking on Sunday. Perhaps the lot behind the bar is free too.

Here's Gracie and Rachel on Audiotree on 11-12-2015. They're selling the performance for $5.99, so buy it to listen in the car :).
[Youtube] G&R - Audiotree

Watch for that tree in the back! It was windy and cold.
[Persicope] Grace and Rachel on top of Hollywood Hotel 12-11-2015

PS: The Zella Day concert at The Fonda Theatre was fantastic! I am not just saying that. She is a great performer and has a great voice. Her stage was lighted so you could see her. She has an outwardly personality similar to Katy Perry's. Amazingly, she's only 20 years old!

Oh, and paying at the box office an hour before the show with cash avoids the AXS fee so I paid $20 for the ticket instead of $27.50. This strategy works great only if the concert does not sell out.

That extra $7.50 went towards a $10 Zella Day CD. And that is how you do it.

I also learned to look at your phone for the time and determine how many hours you need to put on the parking meter until you no longer have to for the day. I got there a bit past 7pm and I no longer had to feed the parking meter after 8pm for Tuesday. So I should've put in 1 hour which would've been $2. But when I slid the credit card it it automatically added 2 hours to my credit card. Well it gave me 5 seconds to make a correction, and by the time I pulled out my phone to look at the time to do the calculations, it was too late. The meter had charged my credit card $4 and I lost $2.
frown emoticon

Next time.. Next time I'll set that parking meter straight!

Monday, December 07, 2015

Zella Day @ The Fonda Theate, LA - 12-08-2015

Ok who's going?

Zella Day at The Fonda Theatre on 12-08-2015. Show starts 8:30pm!

I'll probably go. Going to go stop by Origami Vinyl and get a ticket to avoid the AXS fees before 5pm. Will know the details tomorrow and see if I can make it by 5pm. Otherwise, I'll buy at the box office. Chow!

[Youtube] Zella Day LIVE performance SXSW

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Elliphant @ The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel 12-5-2015


The venue is the The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The occasion is the Eliason Merit Award 2015 by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (SACC-LA).

Tickets are ~$94 for the Award Ceremony with Tove Lo. Tickets to see Elliphant are ~$42.

Parking at Hollywood and Highland is $15 max and the parking garage on Orange is ?$20?.

I'm 90% good after being hit with the flu right now so I'm waiting until daytime to see if I will be going or not.

[Link] Eliason Merit Award 2015 - Event Page
[Link] Tickets

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Gracie Coates and Rachel Ruggles


Do you remember Gracie Coates? Ok, how about a refresher? Fast forward to 5:15 in the video:

[Youtube] Gracie Coates - Twisted Truths (start at 5:15)

I had posted her video all the way back in 2011 on this blog. Needless to say, almost all videos of Twisted Truths have disappeared.

Anyways, Gracie with her close childhood friend Rachel are on tour. Check them out Dec 3, 2015 in NY and Dec 13, 2015 in LA. Both shows are FREE. Also there is a show in Burlington, VT on Dec 31.

Now, here's some videos from their recent performances. Love that deep dark haunting violin!:

[Youtube] G & R - @ Sofar

[Youtube] Gracie and Rachel - TedX

[Youtube] Gracie and Rachel - @ Le Poisson Rouge

[Link to interview page] G & R on WNYC radio station
[Direct link to MP3] G & R on WNYC radio station