Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NeoSlavery - Merchandising of the soul

Here we are in the 21st century with half the world starving or near starvation. How did it get like this? It mainly due to a lack of compassion and a vision/idealism by the masses. It doesn't take a lot of us (maybe 5-10%) to change things.

This video goes back to the source of manufactured goods, the factories, to see how the other half lives and what their aspirations are and how you can help them.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Who said that?

[Google Video] Slave Labor - Face to Face

Pasture fed cows - Organic Milk - Now you know


Ok guys, I've run into a way that you can check where exactly your milk comes from. NO MORE EXCUSES buying corporate factory farmed milk! Let's put those factory farms out of their misery!

And this works wonderfully if you have a iPhone at the grocery store. You can look up the source and make a decision on the spot while you are at the dairy fridge.

Here's how to do it:
Step 1)Go to On the left side, type in the plant # that you see on the milk carton. Usually the half gallon paper cartons will have a plant # that was printed at the time the whole carton was printed at the print shop. The gallon plastic containers will have a dotted plant # sprayed on them.

Here is a convenient full list of all the dairies.

Step 2)Next, go to and see if your dairy farm has 3+ cow ratings. The more cows the better! They even have a numeric score to differentiate the quality of the dairy farming operation. Higher the better!

I believe from my research (I am generalizing and it may not be true) that the half gallons contain better sourced (better quality) milk, whereas, the gallon containers are marketed as "bulk", of lower quality, and picked up by people trying to save a few pennies.

I noticed the organic milk gallon I purchased from Trader Joe's was sourced from Rockview Farms of Downey CA (plant # 06-98), which according to Cornucopia, is of questionable origin, since Rockview has a huge dairy operation in Nevada that mimics a factory where cows might not have pasture access.

The half gallon paper carton of organic milk I purchased from Fresh and Easy (a U.S. branch of UK's Tesco) had a plant # of 06-691 which meant it was sourced from Clover Stornetta Farms Inc of Petaluma. Going to Cornucopia, I found that it had 4 cow ratings which is satisfactory for me. I KNOW it's not a factory farm!

The gallon of Rockview Farms "organic" milk from Trader Joe's cost me $5.99. The half gallon from Fresh & Easy only cost me $3.29 per half gallon, which is $6.58 for a full gallon. So it only cost me $.58 more to source from a cleaner and a more sustainable dairy operation! Not only that, when I clicked the Clover Organic Farms link on Cornucopia, I found that Clover sources all it's milk from either multigenerational family farmers or cooperatives.

I'd like to hear what you guys found out!

The Egg Recall - David Kirby - 08-24-2010

Here are some of the headlines...
"half-billion eggs recalled because of salmonella fears"
"Illnesses are expected to increase, with more than 1,000 people sickened so far"

So do you trust the government to tell you just how bad the situation is on these corporate farms? I bet you're not even remotely being told the truth. And so the big guys muscle their way in and destroy the environment, and the people around lose their livelihoods. Doesn't it sound a lot like the BP spill?

Also notice that threats such as Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu, salmonella outbreak in the 100s of millions, antibiotic resistant pathogens, and artificially added arsenic only exist in the era of factory farming. And there's those wonderful subsidies again!

[Video] David Kirby on Democracy Now! - Factory Farming

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 - A great way to save money locally

Another great site for saving money locally. It's call and sometimes they have great deals on local shopping, restaurants and other event. It's much more limited than, which I prefer.

I just bought a $20 card to a local grocery, which I shop anyways for $10.

PS: Please use my referral code when signing up. I get $10 on your first purchase.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aaja Soniye from movie Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

It's Bollywood time!

Here's another song from the movie Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Sonny (the anti-cupid), once again, drops into the New Years celebration to interrupt the relationship to spite Sameer and Rani near the end of the song. Sameer and eventually marry however!

I love the drums in this song. Song and dance starts at 7:00 and includes subtitles!

[Youtube] Mujhse Shaadi Karogi: Aaja Soniye - with subtitles and intro - Part 1

[Youtube] Mujhse Shaadi Karogi: Aaja Soniye - with subtitles - Part 2

Business - A honest look


How psychopaths at the top conduct business.

The video clip is from The Whitest Kids U' Know, episode 209.

Funny, but true!

[Youtube] Everyday Business, Sniper Business

Barclays - A honest commercial


Here's a honest commercial of Barclays and Wall Street's activities and behavior (aka smoke and mirrors). It's a honest depiction up til near the end. Hahahaa!

Oh yes, that guy coming out at the end is there to help you, not himself!

I've decided against the iframe for the time being since it starts the videos in the lowest resolution.

[Youtube] Barclays - A honest look

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jet Blue - Upset Flight Attendant exits emergency chute


I'm usually witnessing the wrong person being punished for misbehavior. In this case, a flight attendant, Steven Slater, on a JetBlue flight becomes upset because a passenger refuses to obey airline safety rules to remain seated until the plane is docked with the outside walkway. She is determined to get her luggage out of the overhead compartment before anyone else, in spite of repeated pleading by the flight attendant. As she yanks out her luggage bag, on the downward motion, she bangs the head of the already upset flight attendant who is sitting under her luggage.

Now in this case, the crowd should admonish this passenger for putting everyone in harm's way. She should be banned from flying JetBlue. I'm sure there's a rule somewhere that she broke criminally, but there'll be no charges filed against her. After all, the flight attendants should have SOME say in keeping the environment on board controlled. Bags should NOT fall on people's head. There's a really good reason why the airlines want you to be seated until the plane is docked. That's because things can happen on the way to the dock!

Now, the flight attendant SHOULDN'T inflate the emergency to ramp to get out either! He should be punished employment wise. Other than that, the police have no business arresting him.

Other than that, it's quite hilarious what he did. Two beers and a slide! Hahaha!

PS: JetBlue is my favorite airline. I'm 6' 3" and my legs actually fit! Not only that, but the flights are cheap and convenient out of the Long Beach airport here in the Los Angeles area! I do notice the media bag on them anytime there's a minor problem such as the landing gear not deploying, etc. Every airline has problems! It seems like the media will really go after the smaller guys who pose a threat to the big boys, in this case, the bigger carriers.

[Youtube] The Young Turks take on the JetBlue flight attendant incident

[Youtube] Steven Slater exits stage right (No Embedding)

Naomi Klein's No Logo

Here's a documentary by the brilliant Naomi Klein that was created earlier in her career. No Logo analyzed the marketing approaches that corporations take to make the public feel inadequate so they buy products to fill their emotional needs.

I'm going to try out the new iframe Youtube embedding. Let me know if there are any issues.

[Youtube] Naomi Klein's No Logo - A Look at Corporate Marketing - Playlist (4 Parts)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Taal se Taal Mila from the movie Taal

Another music gem from Bollywood. This time it's the song Taal se Taal Mila from the movie Taal. A much younger Aishwarya Rai (She was in the Guru song) stars in this one. The song is written by A.R. Rahman (the guy who wrote the music to Slumlord Millionaire). He's also written some of the other songs presented on this blog such as Tere Bina from Guru, Saathiya, and a few more that I'll be posting from the movies Rang De Basanti and Lagaan. I believe these songs better represent his talents than Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionare, which got worldwide recognition, but, I feel, is not quite as good as his songs which I've shown on this blog.

This artistic visuals aren't as great as the audio in this video. Enjoy the music.

Presented in HD and with subtitles.

[Youtube] Taal se Taal Mila from movie Taal in HD with subtitles

Clint Curtis - Murder Spies and Voting Lies

Why is it they don't want votes to be easily tracked and counted? Why release voting machines whose internals are nontransparent and uninspected and unaudited? Why all the excuses and obstacles? What is the agenda?

Here is a system that is indirectly supported by the masses via their silence. Whenever someone tries to go after the bad guys, they get murdered. This is the system where people fear loss to their 401k and retirement funds. Those that protest and try to do right MUST be silenced. It's a system chock full of fraud. The profit numbers rely on fraud and must be maintained. Any light shined on fraud will devalue everyone's balance sheets and retirement accounts. It'll be like letting the air out of a balloon.

[Youtube] Clint Curtis's Murder Spies and Voting Lies - Part 1

[Youtube] Clint Curtis's Murder Spies and Voting Lies - Part 2

[Youtube] Clint Curtis's Murder Spies and Voting Lies - Part 3

[Youtube] Clint Curtis's Murder Spies and Voting Lies - Part 4

Tumse Milke Dil Ka Jo Haal - Main Hoon Na

Sorry about the lack of posts. My interest in blogging has faded. Plus I have spent a lot more time outdoors. It's been a good break from the online world for me. People should be exercising at least one hour a day. Two hours seems to hit the spot for me.

Anyways.. It's BOLLYWOOD TIME!

The older guy attends college in order to meet his younger brother. They both have found a relationship on campus. The older guy's relationship is with the teacher! There's some Hot For Teacher, Van Halen action, in the second part of the video!

This video is from the movie Main Hoon Na. I posted a video from this movie earlier in the blog.

I'll post a handful more Hindi movie music videos in the coming days...

Subtitles included in video. In HD!

[Youtube] Tumse Milke Dil Ka Jo Haal (Main Hoon Na) in HD with SUBTITLES

Organic foods - Raid by authorities

Organic food raid by the authorities. The way they go in, you'd think it was illegal narcotics.

From George4Ttitle's youtube page.

[Youtube] Organic foods RAID!!

Pics of the Day - 08-08-2010

I found these off the Bestest Picture Thread EVARRR on