Saturday, April 30, 2011

Charlie Veitch: Arrest on eve of Royal Wedding between Willy and Katie


You are cordially invited to the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine "Kate" Middleton. Not! It was publicly funded but privately held. Each citizen / subject paid 59 pounds for the event to take place.

The King's Royal troops are sent out to quell any disruptions or dissent during the Royal Wedding in the Fair Lands of the Great Kingdom of Britain. The show must go on!

Offended by Charlie Veitch's dissent, the Royal security apparatus takes out Charlie Veitch's Love Police as he is arrested for the duration of the Royal Wedding of April 29, 2011. This video proves just who's still in charge.

"There is always a reason behind it and I wouldn't be making the arrest..." -- Police Officer

Yes! The reason is to squelch any dissension that doesn't follow the official narrative of the prearranged show. To think monarchies are neutral entities is just naive.

Here are more arrests posted on Wikipedia:
Sixty people arrested at the TUC rally on the March for the Alternative had bail conditions that prevent them entering central London over the wedding period.
On 28 April 2011, Chris Knight, a radical anthropologist, and two others were arrested by Scotland Yard "on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance and breach of the peace". The three were planning a mock execution of Prince Andrew with a workable guillotine in central London to coincide with the wedding.
On the day of the wedding, the Metropolitan Police Service made "pre-emptive" moves, applying blanket stop-and-search powers and arresting fifty-seven people. This included thirteen arrested people in possession of anti-monarchy placards. Five were arrested "on suspicion of planning a breach of the peace". Police described the overall security operation as an "amazing success".
In Scotland, twenty-one people were arrested at an unofficial "street party" in Glasgow which saw "completely unacceptable levels" of drunkenness, according to Strathclyde Police.

[Youtube] Police arrest Charlie Veitch on the eve of the Royal Wedding of William and Kate

Ravi Batra on Thom Hartmann Show 04-29-2011

Ravi Batra proposes that higher the budget deficit, the higher the stock market. A lower budget deficit will reflect in a lower stock market 6 months into the future. Near the end of Clinton's Presidency, the US had a budget surplus. This led to a huge recession during 2001.

Also covered is the wage cap, QE2 money flowing into commodity speculation, the coming oil crash, multiplier effect diminished due to high debt (money going to pay debt), budget cuts leading to stock market crash in 3-4 months, the housing price crash, and banks facilitating investing not speculation.

Also mentioned is big business CEOs corrupt politicians to promote free trade. Reducing free trade would reduce the trade deficits and bring jobs back to the US. Reducing free trade and the trade deficits should be the highest priority and will have the greatest impact on jobs and wages.

Ravi Batra's interview starts at 1hr 15min into the file.

[MP3] Dr. Ravi Batra interviews on Thom Hartmann Show 04-29-2011 (starts at 1:15)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Libyan rebels celebrate in Misurata Libya - Hilarious

Misurata, Libya

I though African truck or Indian bus/train when I saw this about a month ago when the rebellion was in its infancy. Hilarious!!

[LiveLeak] All aboard the captured Libyan APC!

British Royal Family and the American Rich and their subjects


British Royalty. Subjugated 25% of the the planet's surface for the enrichment and glorification of a few royal and mercantilism involved families. Lessons have been lost. People have forgotten the levers used to achieve the goals of the very few. The levers are still in place and people go about their lives naively thinking history no longer applies to them. After all, it is the golden age. Success and failure to the royal and elite is not determined by how much the lives of their subjects are enrichened. Rather, success is determined by now much control they have over them. Have any of your history books mentioned any royalty or elite mention their metric for success was determined by measuring the quality of life of 90% of their populous? Does royalty/elite have competition based on this, just like say, when the royalty, politicians, and dictators hang their reputations on the line for their home country's team to win? Remember Hitler and the USA/USSR hockey game? Remember Uday Hussain beating his football (soccer) team when they lost?

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch associates the Royal Family with poverty and famine

It's great to see some Wisconsin citizens ready to fight back with knowledge. They KNOW right from wrong. Notice how belligerent and condescending the politician is to the constituency. Would he talk like that to his large donors? It's sad to say but someone voted him in! People need to stop being door mats. We all know politicians have no backbone. They take the path of least resisitence. It all boils down to who provides more resistance. The rich or the working class? If I were them, i wouldn't put up with the belligerence and condescension.

And states need to stop low balling each other and giving tax breaks and subsidies to companies that want to establish a factory or office into their territory. If no county agrees to subsidies and tax breaks then the company has no choice but to agree to pay the regular rate of setup costs snd taxes.

[Youtube] Wisconsin citizens set politician straight

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Worst jobs in the world: Cobra Pit Cleaner

Yout hink your job was bad? This guy has to clean a pit full of cobra snakes. No it's not the public cleaning up after Wall Street.

[Liveleak] Worst jobs ever: Cleaning the Cobra Snake Pit

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Container ship tests high for radiation

A container ship passed Fukushima 77 miles away in the ocean only to come away with a coating of radiation. It tries to unload in China only to be rejected after high radiation levels are detected.

What's next? Radiation Barbie?

[Forum] Container ship rejected by China due to high radioactivity

George4Title: Affordable Health Care


Ah ha! I knew it! Cheap health care can be had without health insurance. Here is the proof. George4Title visits a local health care clinic where they charge $360 per year to take care of your basic health concerns.

I've always thought that going to the doctors for a cold or cough was a waste of everyone's time and money. Doctors should be attending to more difficult tasks and patients shouldn't have to pay up the wazoo.

The keywords are CASH BASIS. Insurance just ups the costs. I mean who in their right mind pays $5000 for an ambulance ride? Or how about $5000 to put a cast on that leg? Or $5000 for some routine exam? Or tens of thousands for some routine surgeries and procedures? Everyone in health care is overpaid. How so? INSURANCE. Without insurance people wouldn't be paying these outrageous prices.

My experience has been such. When on cash basis, I think twice about going to the dentist. I may go once a year ot once every two years. Frankly, it really doesn't make much difference between going 6 months or two years. In fact, it might be better, as you are exposed to less XRay radiation. Cash basis forces me to shop around and to purchase only necessary services. The bill is looked over with a fine tooth comb. Any discrepancies are argued over and resolved.

Then there was the time with my dentist when I had dental insurance. When I looked over the bill and my copays (yes my copays were less than cash basis), the dentist was making 3x as much as if I had paid with cash. the prices were hiked to what the insurance would payout at max for the services!

When I went for my eye exam and purchased my eyeglasses, I had vision insurance. I had shown the optometrist (they may want to pretend to be doctors in their white coasts, the are not) that I could get the glasses cheaper online. She told me she had to sell to me at full price. It was actually the policy with my VSP vision insurance! It turns out I would've paid the same with or without the insurance.

India is primarily all cash basis. Only recently, has health care insurance bee introduced by MNCs in India. Needless to say, the services provided by clinics are much cheaper on cash basis! The are actually affordable as they have to be provided at prices the customer can pay!

Ok, maybe you don't be Cadillac service in a brand new hospital with the latest gadgets and machinery on cash basis. You do get basic services at prices you can afford. It's just like with everything else. To get a Cadillac, you must be willing to pay for it. For the serious stuff, health insurance is where it should be used. Deductions of $5,000 or $10,000 makes sure it is only used for emergencies such as accidents or major surgery. And at $50 per month this type of insurance makes sense.

And maybe you shouldn't live another few months if it's going to cost millions to keep you alive. Would it be worth it to be in a vegetative state all that time? Statistics say that 1/4 to 1/3 of a person's lifetime health care costs are spent in the final year. Wouldn't that money be better spent during the time of life when you are healthy? Give me that money when I am able to use it and enjoy it! Don't blow it on me when it's past my time!

Anyways, here is my rant from years past about health insurance.

[Youtube] George4Title visits a low cost health clinic

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Max Keiser visits a bailed out Ireland


So if the people cannot pay back their loan, they go to debtor prison in Ireland. Three points I'd like to make:

1) If you are liable to go to prison, why did you take up a loan you could not or did not want to pay back?
2) If the bankers or the property developers cannot pay back their loans, shouldn't they be the ones going to debtor prison? Why the bailout?
3) Why do people wait until things affect them personally? Can't people think in the abstract?

[Youtube] Max Keiser visits Ireland post bailout - Part 1/2

[Youtube] Max Keiser visits Ireland post bailout - Part 2/2

Beirut Airport Flash Mob: another angle and MP3


Here's another angle (from up above) of the Beirut Airport Flash Mob performing their Dabke Dance:

[Youtube] Beirut Airport Flash Mob Dabke Dance filmed from up above

Also, the Alain Merheb - Houwwara (Jade re-edit – Beirut Duty Free) song (both the regular and extended versions) in MP3 format is available at Just click "like" above and then click "Dabké Time" on the left side and click the down arrow in the right side of the flash player to download the song. I personally like the extended version.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Beirut Airport Flash Mob does the Dabke Dance 03-05-2011

The Beirut Duty Free store rocks the Lebannon, Beirut Airport with a Dabke Dance to the tune of Alain Merheb's Houwwara (Jade re-edit). Great tune, and great dance!

[Youtube] Beirut Airport Flash Mob 03-05-2011

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Japan: Follow the Nuclear Disaster with Arnie Gundersen at Fairewinds

I apologize for yesterday's post about following Japanese nuclear disaster updates at Zero Hedge. That was a one time article that doesn't get updated.

However, I have found another source that is updated fairly frequently. It is of a nuclear power engineer who provides insights into the Japanese nuclear disaster through periodically released videos (recently it has been daily updates) on his website.

[Link] Arnie Gundersen at Fairewinds ( explains Fukushima nuclear reactors

[Vimeo] Arnie Gundersen's update 04-03-2011

Japan: Follow the Nuclear Disaster at Zero Hedge

Here's the link to follow the latest on Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Disaster at Zero Hedge:

[Link] - Follow the Japan Nuclear Disaster