Tuesday, December 20, 2011

People's Milk vs Corporate Dairy

Here's an outstanding article about milk production around the world. The people's milk, which is produced by small farmers and individuals, is being destroyed by various schemes and investments by the big guys.

So it works this way. Try to make sense of it. Stop buying milk from small farmers which destroys their livelihoods and herd. Import cattle to replace the small farmer herds and put then on massive dairy farms. Charge 6x retail what it cost to buy from a small farmer. Somehow, the modern method is better? Not to mention the nutrient quality. Whih milk is going to have more nutrition? A small farmer's herd that grazes local pasture or large dairy farms where there is standing room only and the cattle is fed feed? And let's not mention the pollution.

Local breeds of dairy animals that supply the people's milk system, whether cattle, goats, buffaloes or camels, have the resilience and low-input efficiency that small farmers and pastoralists need to withstand the precarious conditions created by climate change. It is their livestock systems that require support, not the "investors", who get all kinds of generous tax breaks, donor funds, and other incentives from governments.

[Article] A look at People's Milk from around the world

Monday, December 19, 2011

Greg Palast on Why We Occupy

A must watch speech by Greg Palast. He covers many subjects. A classic sleuth, he uncovers the filth that is the now the norm. From oil spills, to quake-fail nuclear reactors, to vultures, to Occupy Wall Street , he covers the latest events of 2011.

Please visit VulturesPicnic.org to buy his books and to support his detective efforts.

Turn up the volume!

[Youtube] Greg Palast on Why We Occupy

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Don Jon Corzine: An interview by Alex Jones

LOL! Here's a mock interview of Don Jon Corzine, formerly the head of the imploded MF Global, which is still allowed to trading in the markets using their internal funds! Max Keiser recently came on board to spill the rumor that Jon Corzine was threatened by Chase's Jamie Dimon. Don Jon was given two options, either steal from the private accounts to pay back Chase's loan or swim with the fishes.

[Youtube] Hilarious interview of Jon Corzine by Alex Jones

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bankers: Predators


Alas, suspicions are being confirmed that banking and finance are societal predators feasting on the productivity of others. It is a mix of gullible, naive, and/or corrupt masses who wait for that piece of food to be thrown over the side of the grand dinner table, which entertains the fat cats, while they feast up the productivity of the masses.

As the article points out it is the top 1% that are liabilities while the bottom 20% are the real producers of the economy. As I've asked before, without the cleaners, manual laborers, gardeners, waiters, cooks, cashiers, what would the quality of life be for the rest of us 80%?

[Article] Bankers: Societal Liability

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

William K Black speaks at #OccupyLA 11-09-2011


It seems out of reach... Only a dream at this point... Putting 2000+ EXECUTIVES IN JAIL. That was before it should 20000+ now.

I just finished watch the 60 Minutes report titled Prosecuting Wall Street. Once again, 60 minutes is 60 months behind. When they interviewed the guy from the Dept of Justice and asked why they haven't brought any cases against the big boys, the reply was that anger should not determine if we bring a case, and that it took several years to bring a case. Well isn't it more than several years since 2008. If I was the interviewer, I would told the Dept of Justice guy that William K Black, the guy that put 2000 executive in jail in the late 1980s says the fraud is even bigger this time and that he would be happy to be given the opportunity to work on fraud cases.

"The group that has the audacity to refer to itself as the productive class is the largest destroyer of lives, of jobs, and of wealth of any group ever produced in this world. They wiped out 6 million existing jobs and 5-6 million jobs that would have been created. ... They've left 26 million Americans wanting fulltime work, with no ability to find that work. If you look at just losses in the household sector, it is 11 trillion dollars. ... And then they had the nerve to say they are the productive class." -- William K Black

The bit about Alan Greenspan opposing regulation and prosecution of S&L in the 1980s is something I haven't heard before. Stay tuned!

[Youtube] William K Black @ #OccupyLA

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Zuccotti Park - Brookfield Properties - Tax Deadbeats


Imagine what would happen to you if you didn't pay your taxes. You would get hit with interest and fines up to your nose. Let's not mention the threatening letters to repossess your property or license to operate.

Apparently, there's a two tier law book. Why would businesses not pay their taxes in an orderly manner if they are going to get hit with massive penalties? Could it be they don't pay penalties or the amount owed? Does the amount get forgiven or written off?

Some interesting comments:
Actually, Brookfield got a waiver on zoning regulations to build a taller and more profitable building in exchange for Zucotti Park. It wasn't some charitable gift to the city, it was a quid pro quo. They got what they wanted, a taller more profitable building, now, they don't like the public using their cement plaza and want to renegotiate.

Brookfield got stimulus money for some green energy cr@p, and they didn't pay their taxes...

The City Forced Brookfield Properties into making Zucotti park and Making it open 24 hours a day unlike every single other City Park.

[Article] Brookfield Properties, the Zuccotti Park owners, do not like to follow tax laws

Monday, December 05, 2011

Jon Mcnaughton - Art - Wake up, America!


Ummm.. it's already too late. We passed the point of no return that faithful day that massive bailout whih Hank Paulson handed over for signature. So now we must plan for a post dollar era. So get ready.

Who cares about finance. Yes, we'll have to learn to live with less money. We are a second rate country not due to finance but to poor thought. We've been propagandized to believe it is our materials which determine our quality of life. We've learned to ignore things of value, spirit, comrade, and experience in pursuit of zeros and ones in a computer. Other than food, shelter, utilities, and recreation, I do not find any other need for money.

Innocence and naivety are no excuse. Neither is having time, energy, money invested in the current system.

Here's a Jon Mcnaughton painting depicting a public bound in chains. More info at jonmcnaughton.com.

[Youtube] Jon Mcnaughton's artwork: Wake up, America!