Saturday, May 26, 2012

A glimpse into reality with Angela Merkel


Politicians.. They just can't keep it to themselves. Sometimes the matrix glitches and during this opportunity we get to peek into the other side - the real world. Here is Angela Merkel trying her best at geography. She might have been right during Hitler's reign because they thought that Checkoslavakia was part of Germany... And Poland... AND RUSSIA...

[Youtube] Angela Merkel's Germany

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rap Music - The Go Straight To Jail Card


So you landed on the rap music square on the Prison Industrial Complex Monopoly game board? Here's your card - pass go and go straight to jail.

What do rap music and private prisons have in common? Find out what a diabolical scheme was hatched to see to it that blacks unknowingly, yet willingly, became criminal cannon fodder for the money making rap music AND private prison industries, who came to be owned by the same exact investors!

[Article] Weaponized Rap Music is Born

Sibel Edmonds interviews - 05-17-2012 and 05-18-2012


Here's a FIVE STAR blowout interview by former FBI translator, the brave Sibel Edmonds. She was witness to numerous inside documents concerning drug trade by insiders, pulling FBI investigations by top brass, coverups by Congress, the hologram that is Al Queada, fake NGOs and nonprofits, mainstream media propaganda, and government not being of the citizenry. You will never think of the government in the same way again.

[Youtube] Eye opening expose by Sibel Edmonds - the government is not ours 05-16-2012

BONUS interview (Starts at 1:40:00):
[MP3] Sibel Edmonds on the Alex Jones Show - 05-17-2012 (starts at 1:40:00)

May 2012 Eclipse


Some fascinating shadows of the May 2012 eclipse that happened this past week!

[Pics] EX-SKF blogs presents eclipse pics

Here's a video too!

[Youtube] Solar eclipse during sunset - May 2012

Monday, May 07, 2012

IIFA Rocks 2011 - Catwalk + Great Music

The IIFA Rocks 2011 show took place in Toronto Canada and featured many Bollywood movie and musical stars.

The music is outstanding. The combination of music, background, models, and camerawork make this fun to watch. I can't put my finger on why clothing on the catwalk sometimes looks desirable and other times like a garbage bag, comical, abstract, or even nauseating. Furthermore, I do not see these clothes at the local store, especially the memorable wild ones, nor do I see anybody wearing them outside of the catwalk. Anyways the fun starts at the 5:30 marker...

[Youtube] IIFA 2011 Rocks Toronto Canada on the Catwalk

My Facebook Page

Not much happening, but once in awhile I'll link to a great photo or video or story... I've been logging in every day just to follow Thomas Sheridan.

[Link] My Facebook Page

Pics of the Day - 05/07/2012


Max Keiser interviews David Graeber

A great interview by David Graeber on the topics of the history of debt, slavery, the present OWS movement, and so forth.

[Youtube] Max Keiser interview of David Graeber