Thursday, December 31, 2009

Change to a Community Bank - UPDATE


Looks like there's a link through MoveYourMoney.Info's site to search for a community bank by zip code. There is also a link on their webpage (at the bottom of the webpage) to look for credit unions.

My strategy is to keep a little in the big bank for ATM access (locations) and move the long term deposits to my credit union.

[LINK] Search for community banks and credit unions by zipcode

Robert Newman: Standup Comedy on The History of Oil


Only time changes. Motivations do not. History keep repeating itself in forms of newer and newer empires.

Robert Newman points out that WWI started because of Iraqi oil. In the early 2th century, a switch was being made fom coal to oil. Germany was building a railroad to Iraq to access the oil since Germany's colonies did not have oil. Furthermore, Germany was more technologically advanced than Britian. Britian had to put a stop to this.

Great stand up comedy by Robert Newman! It was performed in 2006 in a UK theatre.

[Google Video] Robert Newman on The History of Oil

Change to a Community Bank


This video has been going around. Let's get back to integrity and decency. It's all around you but you have to seek it and engage it. That goes with any investments, not just consumption.

Remember to be careful about who you want to make rich. Money in the wrong hands is bad news. Give money only to those that think about others. Let's get away from the lowest price model and go to a lowest cost to society model.

One more thing, buy from local farmers at farmers markets. Locations are available at

[Youtube] Let's get back to cummunity banking

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obama's War: Afghanistan No End in Sight


Secure those Central Asian Oil Fields! The CIA and central Afghanistan government needs those funds from the poppies. Those that believe go fight the war. Once there, they must rationalize, because to see it from the enemy's perspective would dissolve through the whole matrix. We are all in the matrix. Some dare take the red pill.

War cannot bring peace.

[Video] Afghanistan: No End in Sight

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - A Christmas Peace Sermon 1967


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is as relavant as he was back in 1967. Only the dates change. The wars continue on. Dividing peoples across the world. Terrible means such as torture, war, economic bubbles, mainstream propaganda, bailouts, slave labor, legislation to enhance corporate profits are invoked to justify an end which is endless consumerism. How can violent means lead to a peaceful end?

Terrorize profits of a few and become an enemy of the state.

[MP3] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - Peace this Christmas

Friday, December 25, 2009

Back from Vegas!

A week of almost no internet access! I feel refreshed. Here's the rundown:

First morning out we hit the Original Pancake House. I THINK the prices are cheaper at the Decatur location vs. the Green Valley Ranch casino location. I've been to both and that's my impression. I could be wrong however. The only good thing about the Green Valley Ranch casino location is it's open until 8pm vs. 3pm and it's a fancier place, although you pay a bit more for that luxury. Anyways, we share a veggie omelette with crusted cheese, french bread which for some reason wasn't that great since they used a sliced baguette roll instead of sliced bread, and thin Swedish pancakes which I greatly liked, and regular round pancakes. The juices are fresh and real. Everybody had large orange juice while I had the tomato juice which tasted like an unsalted, uncommercialized V8. On my previous trips, I;ve had I've had the eggs benedict (you get two) which are quite good. I've tried the apple pancake, which I think of a big round apple cinnamon cake, and the dutch pancake, which I think of as a sugared lemon pie with a thin lemon jelly layer inside on top of a thin crust.

So anyways, most days, I was dragging my American Casino Guide chock full of coupons around. I felt cheesy cheap walking around with a coupon book, at least in front of staff and visitors that recognize that book. That dang thing is nearly useless if you are by yourself and looking for lunch. The prime rib / ribeye $7.99 deals are not served until 4pm. The steakhouse at El Cortez (I had a 50% off coupon) doesn't open til 4pm. I found out the hard way that day by visiting downtown at 1pm Tuesday.

AND WHEN YOU GET OUT OF THE 7/8/9PM SHOWS, THE BUFFETS CLOSE AT 9PM AND EL CORTEZ STEAKHOUSE CLOSE AT 10PM!! I tell you, you can either eat or watch shows but not both on the same day! And when I did show up to The Orleans at 6pm for a quick dinner (my show was at 8pm), there was a huge line Tuesday! Half off senior day Tuesday! So I got back in the car and headed for the show. That night I hit the Grand Lux cafe in the Venetian. Since it was after midnight, they didn't serve the salad with the nuts and pears. Grrr!! Plus they were out of chicken for the night so I asked them to check if the Palazzo had chicken and the full menu. The did so I walked over there only to find out they didn't serve the full menu. Oh well. I had the salad with corn, half of which I ate the next evening. The salad had good bbq type dressing and crunch tortilla strips which made the salad entertaining. It still couldn't beat Trader Joe's though.

Next day, which was Wednesday, I figured I didn't want to starve again, plus I was sick of eating breakfast type food, plus I wanted something of good quality, so I hop out of bed early and try to hit the $18.95 Wynn breakfast before 11am. I make it there at 10:15am to find out the sons of bitches jacked up the buffet to $38 for a brunch for the whole two weeks around the holidays. Grrrr! So I call Bellagio and confirm their breakfast is still $14.95 and haul it down there. The angels are singing all along as I make it around 10:30am to Bellagio. THEN I SEE THE BUFFET LINE AND IT'S HUGE!! Those dang casinos are frequented even during weekdays! So I hang around in the buffet line thinking I can make it before 11am before they change it to lunch pricing. Then the guy behind me starts talking about which is the best buffet and how Bellagio and Wynn have the best buffets and he's eaten at Bellagio numerous times and it's 1 hour to get in from that point in line because the guy in front of me asks him these questions. Grrrr! I get out of there and make my way to Orleans, pissed. It's $7 for breakfast and I have a 50% off coupon. The line is not that big and I'm in for $4! The food aestetics is quite good. I hit all the cheese items like enchiladas, pizza, eggplant parmesan along with some salad type stuff on the first go around. Then I pick up an egg roll and I don't quite remember on the second go. Lastly, I hit the dessert area and pick up a little mousse cup, a slice of chocolate type cake, and some varieties of small pieces of cake. Lastly, I get a few scoops of ice cream which I can't finish. I leave a dollar tip and leave. The food had really good presentation. The food, however, had a bit of additives like shortening. It wasn't as bad as other buffets though. It just wasn't clean food. That night I ate the leftover salad from Grand Cafe Lux.

Next day, Thursday, it was time to head home. I used the 2 for 1 coupon to get 2 grilled veggie panini sandwiches with bell pepper, onion, and slices of bread from San Gennaro Grill which were quite good. Thy came with a big side of french fries. We then headed over to Whole Food where the 215 and 15 meet. That offramp is horrible! It took at least minutes and 5 light changes to make it through the intersection. NO SAMOSAS AT THE WHOLE FOODS HOT BAR! They changed to a christmas menu. No problem, I picked up some spiced and awesome kheer, some potato with sauce type items, some turkey with gravy, some green beans and some delicious bread pudding. Of course things get slightly mixed up in the cardboard container I used. Later, around 3 pm, I ate the food inside the container at Primm Valley, and I must say, THAT WAS THE BEST FOOD I HAD ON THE TRIP!!!

Here's the rundown of the shows I watched. Once again I got all the tickets from TIX4TONITE:
Amazed - $25 - It was a subpar show at Planet Hollywood. They had 3 performers. One was a juggler. He was funny but the jugging was aobe average but not superb. The second guy was supposed to be a magician but the acts were kiddyish. Not entertaining at all. The last guy was a musician with a guitar that played music in funny ways like singing popluar songs in country, etc.

The Fercos Brothers Untamed Illusions - $53 - What a great show for %$53 at Planet Hollywood! I saw it on opening day and it was great because all the performers put out all their best! There were some hiccups but it came out great! The magic was (almost..) as good as Lance Burton or David Copperfied. The magic included lions, tigers, and panthers. There was a lot of dancing by the 10 or so gal dancers. They had 3 breakdancers. One of the brothers showed us trick juggling. There was a demonstration of the ricochet of 9 bow and arrows. There were a few short films on the brothers and the animals. They perform in the same theatre as America's Got Talent Live. I highly recommend it as it had more variety than a pure magic show!!

Louie Anderson: Larger than Life - $32 - Hilarious and up close! He was funny and he seems like a great down to earth guy. He's easily heckalable, and I think he might actually invite it to break his monotonous performances day in and out. He seemed to encourage audience participation.

Nate Burton - 27 - I had watched him before when he was at Planet Hollywood. He's a much faster paced magician than others and that's what I like. I did notice he didn't turn around the boxes and show the audience like David Copperfield. David Copperfield knows what your suspicions are and cuts you off at the pass by showing you that there's no escape hatches, no hidden chambers, no strings, etc. Anyways, it seemed like Nate did only disappearing/appearing in a box magic tricks, unlike Lance Burton and David Copperfield who also do card tricks, levitation, sleight of hand, etc. Compared to his previous performance, this time around, he cut out a lot of the presentation like arm waving, banging the boxes so they show solid, running around and moving the boxes, etc. It was one act of out hundreds during the year and the repetition will kill the performer eventually. He had a really funny comedian and juggler in between, just like Lance Burton. Overall it's a good show if you want an inexpensive magician with magic.

[Youtube] Louie Anderson (Same exact bits live)

[Youtube] Fercos Brothers

Woah! It took me a whole hour to create this blog entry. I've got to make room for time to work on other things so I won't be blogging for the next few weeks. Take a look at the previous entries in the meanwhile.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anupam Mishra: Water collecting tecnnology from centuries ago


The old way of doing things cannot be outdone by grandious, quick fix, ideas of today. Neither can the incompetence or corruption of the distant federal government can truimph over the locals.

Here, Anupam Mishra goes into the technology, construction, and methodology used by the generation of the 1850s to collect, store, and retrieve water in the dry, inhospitable, Rajasthan desert in India.

The central government tried to provide water through a more elaborate, more complicated, more variable way by constructing a aqueduct to deliver water from the faraway Himalayas. It worked great until the desert sands clogged up the waterway.

Small, simple, uncomplicated, and local. Something worth pursuing with electricty. Solar panels and a water heater on the roof on all new homes. Make it a requirement!

[TED] Anupam Mishra: Ancient Wisdom in water management

The Grinch steals Nutty Award from office



Be on the lookout for The Grinch who stole the Nutty Award (awarded to the best Nutcracker performance in the country) from's office. You're a mean one Mr. Wall Street Banker ..err.. Mr. Grinch.

[Youtube] The Grinch robs Goldstar blind

And now for that cheesy plug..

You can use to buy tickets AT HALF PRICE to many local events (in big metro cities) such as plays, shows, sports events, night clubs, attractions, and events. I primarily use them to buy Las Vegas show tickets. It's convenient, easy, and it saves a lot of money! Anyways, sign up to check out what's available in your area! Heck it's free.

If you can sign up with my referal code, I believe I get $1 a ticket credit:

I probably won't be blogging this week. So once again, AN EARLY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY (from a nonpracticing Hindu :p) and may those LED lights burn bright!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

John Perkins: Hookwinked Tour plus Q&A 11-18-2009


John Perkins is on his Hookwinked book tour. In this interview, he's at the Commonwealth Book Club. There's also a really good Q&A with some really good questions and insight.

I liked the concept of mutiny vs. revolution. Mutiny just sounds easier to accomplish. Maybe we should have a mutiny in DC? Futhermore, there were a lot of questions on what people can do and the answer that was most hinted at (at least from the questioning audience) was changing the politicians or changing the executives at corporations, which are quick solutions. I wish John Perkins had answered changing one's buying habits to all the questions. The smalltime footwork that leads to incremental change is what is needed, not that quick fix. The quick fix will never happen. Change needs to be forced from the bottom with a force of numbers. Let use our passion and talents but all useless if misdirected. We need to do all those little things, the dirty leg work, and do it bottom up.

One more thing, it's amazing how everything's become virtualized. Those concepts and schemes and bits of knowledge that you didn't learn in college seem all virtual. They're hard to see and recognize right away, unless you connect the dots with other things. To really study what's going on you have to see the forest before you see the trees. The bailout is a good example. Once you connect the dots from all the politicians, bankers, the bribe/campaign money, thr revolving door, the bonuses, and all the premeditated subprime planning (years in the making!), you get a clear picture of the players and the master plan.


[Fora TV]John Perkins: Hookwinked Book Tour 11-18-2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Generosity Gets Out of Control at a Philly Diner


This is incredible.. Just as I finish the other two blog entries, I run into this! So I have to come back and blog about it since it is so fitting with today's theme.

What's the point of saving that $10-$20? Experiment. Do something unique and crazy with it. That economics book will tell you its foolish to lose $10-$20 and gain nothing.

So someone anonymous decides to pay another party's bill at a diner. Generosity ensues for the next few hours. I bet it was one of the more exciting and fulfilling days for the guests and workers there. Can't work and play be like this everyday?

[Video + Article] Generosity Chain Reaction

Afghanistan: A contrast of cultures


You know, most of the world isn't CIA like. People around the world have no desire to come up with Tom Clancy like plots. Most people just want to live and enjoy their lives. They ask, what's the point of working and not enjoying what rest of life has to offer? Aren't there enjoyable experiences to be had? Watch carefully, as this video clearly contrasts people enjoying what they can get out of life vs. those that are miserable, frustrated, and exhausted.

The notion of one upping the other guy is dangerous. It creates enemies. It creates envy. What did Shakespeare say about vices?

I say cooperation is more beneficial than competition. Seek cooperation whenever you can. It comes in forms of friendship, sharing, and caring.

[Youtube] Contrast in Afghanistan
Sorry no embedding is allowed for this video

Leech Jobs


I had a sense that some jobs like sales, marketing, finance, brokers were comprised of leeching off the hard work of others. What benefit does a Shamwow sale have on society? Next to zero. It actually takes away capital from society, as the product is overpriced and does not perform as advertised. How much does a used car salesman contribute to society when he sells a car for $7,000 instead of $5,000? He's actually taken away $2,000 of money that's hard earned. Real estate agents baffle me, especially for the amount of work they have to do. Did society optimally benefit from the quick bucks from a sale of a house where the buyer wasn't informed of all the hidden problems in the house?

Let's respect those that contribute a lot more to society. Today, we have misplaced our respect. We've grown up believing and valuing what the corporate infrastructure has taught us. We've ignored the rest. Time is the most important commodity, not money. Money comes and goes, time just goes, and you never get it back.

What's the point of accumulating money? You can't take it with you when you die. What's the point of breaking your back on buying something fancy? Is it really worth losing all that time and energy to something that has just as much value as something that costs way less? Did those fancy clothes or toys make you feel better or was there something else you could've worked on to feel even better that would've cost you zero? Did you really spend money during your most memorable moments? And if you had spent a lot of money, would yur memories have been that much better?

You know, 40 years ago, salaries were around $10,000 a year, which is a whole lot less than they are now. Somehow people could afford a house, a car, and some extras in life. There was better food, more trust in strangers, an intact family, a better social fabric, and somehow.. enjoyment.

People didn't have as nice a cars as they do now. Way back when, people walked to work. Or they rode a horse. And I bet the commute was actually less than it is now! You tell me what's really horseshit!

If buying and consuming is everything, then why do donations, volunteering, and goodwill exist? Why do smiles exist if they are not required to make a purchase?

[Article] Careers of Moochers in Society

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Honduras: Validating a Coup thru an Election


Resist now or it'll be much harder to resist later! 90% of the people of Honduras live in poverty and 63% live in abject poverty. 33% of the people show up for the election. That's about right.. About a third of the population leeches off the rest of society through top down (trickle down) economics.

You can thank the School of the Americas. Why go all the way to the Middle East to look for terrorists?

[Youtube] Honduras: Coup de Election

Peter Collett: Body Talk and Power


Peter Collett analyzes those subtle movements for meaning. Many times they are unconscious but sometimes they're deliberate. Those politicians on a power trip are exposed playing their perverse little games. This is no way to go about and conduct world affairs. Might I say friends don't treat each other like this.

[Youtube] Peter Collett: Body Talk and Power

[Youtube] Peter Collett: Obama's Body Talk

Howard Zinn interview with Bill Moyers 12-11-2009


Howard Zinn shows us examples from times past of real change of the system, real courage standing up against power, and real democracy from people at the bottom. Alas, there is a way out of the present quagmire we find ourselves in!

It seems to me, a terrorist is to be defined throughout history as anybody that threatens the interests of power. What can be more terrorizing to the status quo than the thought that their control and injustice is no more? Hence, s war against terror is really a war against ourselves.

[Video] Howard Zinn interview with PBS's Bill Moyers 12-11-2009

Greg Palast on WTO and CDOs


The bankers have it made. They have the WTO do their dirty work to supercede national laws and make governments impotent. Yes that includes the USA. If Congress decides to reinstate Glass–Steagall, we have have to pay penalties to the WTO!

And those CDOs. Countries are not so dumb to allow them into their borders. Their governments have their hands tied thanks to mastermind Tim Geithner and his gang. If the goverments do not sllow CDOs to flourish, severe trade penalties get erected against them. So much for free trade? Free trade is about dissolving any semblence of civilization (ie. regulation) so that the people at the top are free to loot.

Truth Excavator on the Disquiet Reservations Blog has the Greg Palast videos!

[LINK] Greg Palast on WTO's sham free trade and CDOs (courtesy Disquiet Reservations Blog)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cindy Sheehan on Obama's Peace Prize


Cindy Sheehan makes some real good points.

"I don't have one enemy in this crowd, or in Iraq, or in Pakistan,or in Afghanistan. Our enemies are the violent extremists in the ruling class" -- Cindy Sheehan

[Youtube] Cindy Sheehan to Obama: How dare you accept the Nobel Peace Prize?

PIC OF THE DAY: Obama's Nobel Peace Prize 12-11-2009

... and I have the prize to prove it!

This is off of's Best Pic EVARR thread so I can't take credit for it, but it is worth sharing.

War is Peace

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Charlie and Danny: Lovely Bones Premiere

For those of you that do not follow the cveitch channel on youtube, here's a hilarious appearance by Charlie and Danny at the Lovely Bones Premiere at Leicester Square. Making their way on the red carpet are fim stars, celebrities, and Prince Charles with wife Camilla.

[Youtube] Charlie & Danny being funny at the Lovely Bones Premiere - Part1

[Youtube] Charlie & Danny being funny at the Lovely Bones Premiere - Part2

Max Keiser with Steve Keen 12-09-2009

For those of you not following Max Keiser's blog, Here's one of the funniest episodes he's ever done. He interviews Steve Keen, the Australian economist who called the downturn spot on, on his Keiser Report show. Steve Keen describes the US economy as being run by carpetbaggers.

[Youtube] Max Keiser interviews Steve Keen 12-09-2009

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dr John Rengen Virapen - pharmaceutical executive & insider speaks up


Dr. John Rengen Virapen, a former pharmaceutical executive at Eli Lilly and industry insider with over 30 years of experience, speaks out about the misdeeds of the pharmaceutical companies. The speech is conducted at AZK in Germany, the the early part of 2009.

Corruption, data manipulation, salesmen doctors, FDA as a lapdog, mass marketing, and targeting children are some of the topics covered.

He's got a few books out. I believe he's going to release a new one next year. His website is Another blog has more info and videos: A Phil-for-an-ill Blog

[Youtube] Dr John Rengen Virapen - pharmaceutical executive whistleblower Part 1/4

[Youtube] Dr John Rengen Virapen - pharmaceutical executive whistleblower Part 2/4

[Youtube] Dr John Rengen Virapen - pharmaceutical executive whistleblower Part 3/4

[Youtube] Dr John Rengen Virapen - pharmaceutical executive whistleblower Part 4/4

John Perkins interview with Laura Flanders 11-12-2009

Very good interview from John Perkins on GRITtv with Laura Flanders. One of the best interviews from John Perkins as ideas are laid out clearly and coherently.

[Youtube] John Perkins interview with Laura Flanders (GRITtv) 11-12-2009

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sibel Edmonds interviews Mizgin Yilmaz 12-04-2009

Sibel Edmonds on her The Boiling Frogs radio show interviews Mizgin Yilmaz.

Topics include Turkey, the drug trade, Turkish lobby, Armenian genocide, bad guys moving freely cross borders.

"Mizgin Yilmaz is an analyst and activist who’s been covering the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, including events of concern to the the Human Rights Association (İnsan Hakları Derneği–İHD) in Turkey, the pro-Kurdish DTP (Democratic Society Party/Demokratik Toplum Partisi), and the PKK (Partiya Karkên Kurdistan/Kurdistan Worker’s Party). She is fluent in Turkish, has a BA in history, and since 2005 has maintained a blog focusing on Kurdish issues, the Turkish Deep State, Turkey’s lobby in the US, and related developments and activities in Central Asia."

"Mizgin Yilmaz provides us with an overview and background on the Kurdish Issue in Turkey, the origin of the conflict involving the Kurdish minority and Turkey’s central government, and the status and latest developments on the ‘Kurdish Initiative.’ She describes the depth and reach of the influential Turkish lobby in the United States, which is now ranked as the number one foreign group in spending on lobby activities here. She talks about the Turkish Deep State, Gladio, Grey Wolves and the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II, Turkey’s status as the top heroin trafficking nation worldwide, Fethullah Gulen’s Islamic movement and its headquarters here in the United States, and more!"

[MP3] Sibel Edmonds interviews Mizgin Yilmaz 12-04-2009

Friday, December 04, 2009

Children of Men - An analysis by Slavoj Zizek

And I thought it was just a boring movie..

It's amazing when a book or movie is analyzed for subplots, hidden meaning, and symbolism. I remember by honors english teacher in 9th grade go over Steinbeck's books explaining all the hidden material. It only manifests itself if someone shows it to you. Even then, it is still lost as I cannot find or relate to the symbols nor the hidden meaning. Furthermore, even what you thought was the jist of the chapter or book wasn't to be. The actual meaning was something else.

[Youtube] Children of Men analyzed by Slavoj Zizek

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Catherine Austin Fitts - Podcast #5 #6 - 12-01-2009 plus Robert Feol

Some really good audio from Catherine Austin Fitts summarizing topics of drug money in the local economy, seeking truth, family banking, fiat assets vs real assets, knowing your local farmers, the popsicle index's influence of real estate values, etc

[MP3] Catherine Austin Fitts - Podcast #5 - 12-01-2009
[MP3] Catherine Austin Fitts - Podcast #6 - 12-01-2009
[MP3[ Catherine Austin Fitts with Robert Feol 10-14-2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Obama: Take that to Goldman Sachs

Obama emphatically promises to "take the troops out" during his Presidential Campaign. But he did give great hope!

Obama gets caught with his pants down. The abused wife (the sheeple) is nowhere to beat him with a golf club.

[Youtube] Obama caught with his pants on fire