Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meg Myers


It is the age of lesser known / independent artists. The internet makes it easier in finding them. Here's one: Meg Myers.

I don't even listen that much to radio stations on the car anymore. They just don't have what I listen to. I'll be listening to music on my USB stick. Eventually cars will have internet for streaming capabilities from Spotify or Songza.

I found Meg Myers through watching a Youtube recording from a person that records local concerts. Lately, I'm enjoying the Blogged 50 channel on Songza.

Anyways, here's two of my favorite Meg Myers songs:

Meg Myers- Sorry
[Youtube] Meg Myers - Sorry

Meg Myers- Sorry - LIVE
[Youtube] Meg Myers - Sorry - LIVE

Meg Myers - GO
[Youtube] Meg Myers - GO