Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Elliphant in Concert in LA this Friday - 04-18-2014

What's the best deal in music right now? Elliphant's concert in LA this Friday for $10! I was going to go but I've got other matters to take care of. :(

[Link] Elliphant show tickets (Los Angeles) - $10

And...... Elliphant's latest album Look Like You Love It EP is available online for FREE

[SoundCloud] Elliphant - Look Like you Love It - EP

Friday, April 11, 2014

Coachella 2014 is LIVE


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Youtube will be broadcasting the Coachella music festival LIVE in the evening in HD.

Watch for free what people have paid $500 tickets for. Don't miss it!!

[Youtube] Coachella 2014 LIVE

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pic of the Day - 04-01-2014

Not quite April Fools...

Malaysia Flight is STILL missing. Do you have any information?

BFP Roundtable: Apathy and Cognitive Dissonance


These were posted on my Facebook about a week ago...

I share similarities with Sibel Edmonds as she contemplates why people are apathetic or non-participatory. Is it just convenience?

My story, just like Sibel's, is of curiosity, experimentation, observation, understanding, and the pursuit of the truth. I guess you are born with curiosity or you're not.

James Corbett of the Corbett Report, Sibel Edmonds of the BoilingFrogsPost, and Guillermo Jimenez ask why are people the way they are?

[Youtube] BFP Roundtable - The Convenience of Apathy

This next video gets into the phenomenon of experiencing pain and the resulting belligerence when running into truths that are counter to one's belief bubbles. This is called cognitive dissonance.

[Youtube] Corbett - Cognitive Dissonance

Elliphant: Revolusion - FREE download


Get Elliphant'a Revolusion song for FREE! Who knows long the link will last...

[MP3] Elliphant - Revolusion

Elliphant: A Medley


Elliphant, in concert, performing an assortment of her songs...

[Vimeo] Elliphant - Song Sampler

Mark Corske: System vs Humans


Another gem posted to my Facebook days ago...

It starts out with that royalty sponsored writer Shakespeare (it is rumored that a bunch of establishment sponsored writers wrote using his name and he may not have even existed) who deceives people though tunneling and cul de sac logic.

Mark Corske takes us through a historical narrative pitting Man vs Machine or in this case Man vs the System. The system is there for the benefit of small amount of individuals but detrimental, in its parasitic form, to the rest of the population. The system is methodologically built and run using the latest developed techniques and technology. It is there, all but oblivious to its victims.

So how do you de-domesticate and kill the system? Find out... The 4 part is a MUST WATCH!! It gets better in part 2.

[Youtube] Mark Corske: Engines of Domination - Part 1

[Youtube] Mark Corske: Engines of Domination - Part 2
[Youtube] Mark Corske: Engines of Domination - Part 3
[Youtube] Mark Corske: Engines of Domination - Part 4

Elliphant: Revolusion


Revolution! This song was already posted days ago on my Facebook along with a few other Elliphant songs...

BEST MUSIC VIDEO AND SONG SO FAR IN 2014!!! The EP Look Like You Love It comes out today.

[Vimeo] Elliphant - Revolusion

[Youtube] Elliphant - Behind the scenes of Revolusion