Sunday, September 27, 2015

Some More Meg Myers


The more I discover about Meg Myers the more I like.

Here she plays Bob Dylan's Masters of War from way back when. You can say I found Bob's song thru her.

[Youtube] Meg Myers - Masters of War- cover

And I really like the lyrics to this song and the performance is outstanding! This is a song about a person that screws you over so bad you want nothing to do with them any longer. NCEA! (no contact ever again)

[Youtube] Meg Myers - Say Nothing

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Life is Beautiful 2015 - Las Vegas - LIVE stage concerts


$250 per ticket? No way! Watch if for free online! From Sept 25 to 27. Here it is... LIVE performances on stage in Las Vegas and it's happening now.

Meg Myers at 5:50pm PST today on channel 1. Check the listing for others.

[Link] Life Is Beautiful!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

TransViolet: Bloodstream and New Bohemia


Transviolet is a band consisting of 4 members. They've got 2 LA area tour dates coming up in a few weeks...

I really like this song. The singer's voice is just incredible. Here's the passionate Transviolet. What's life without passion?
[Youtube] TransViolet - Bloodstream

Though, I agree with the sentiment, I don't for see change happening any time soon... Here's Bohemia with lyrics.
[Youtube] TransViolet - New Bohemia

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Meg Myers - Debut Album LIVE CHAT 09-18-2015

Watch the live chat on Periscope. She's funny.

Meg discusses questions from users, her favorite artists and songs, her song motivations/explanations, tattoos, her upcoming tour, etc.

[Link] Meg Myer's Periscope LIVE chat 09-18-2015

Annddd another good one released from meg Myers just today... A Bolt From The Blue
[Youtube] Meg Myers - A Bolt From The Blue

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meg Myers - Motel


Wowwwww... I haven't heard a song this good in a long time. It's Meg Meyer's Motel and it's just out.

I'm planning on going to see Meg Myers Nov 17 Downtown LA. Is anyone else going? Meg is on tour so check her dates in your city.

[Youtube] Meg Myers - Motel

Also, here's a higher fidelity version of the song on SoundCloud.