Monday, April 15, 2013

Downside of Democracy


This one was floating around on from today.

I'm sorry but people in the know have to compete against this.... And look at the satisfied look on people's face after they're done signing! Boy does democracy have its achilles heel! Sorry, but they are the weakest link, goodbye.

We can blame the mass media or the bankers or the executives or the "investors". I'm probably the only one to point to the real culprits. There can only be one source in a democracy - the citizens. They are the go to people in a democracy and they WILL drop the ball. When someone complains about some politician I like to first hold a mirror to him/her and analyze their past and present behavior.

[Youtube] Mark Dice vs. the 1st Amendment

Coachella 2013 360 View

Here's something new.. The 360 view. It looks like they've taken google maps street view to live performance. Anyways, it's quite immersive.

I'm hoping Youtube puts all the performances online and not just a few of them.

360 video is near the top. I liked the Until Sunset and After Dark videos. One the video plays, click menu on the bottom left to go back to the main menu (took me a bit to figure that one out). Oh yeah, Southern California has been having some great weather for most of this month.

[Link] Coachella 2013 Youtube Channel

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coachella 2013 Live on Youtube

I've been watching Youtube's live broadcast for the past two days. There's some really great music playing. Check it out tonight. There's 3 channels and it looks real nice in HD at 720p or 1080p. I really hope Youtube releases the broadcast of all the performances.

From Friday, I liked Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, How to Destriy Angels, Teagan and Sara, Beardyman, Jello Braton, Infected Mushroom.

From Saturday, I liked Portugal the Man, and Hot Chip. They had a lot of club DJs too and the best one was Diple from the band Major Laser.

I have yet to watch Sunday's broadcast.

You can move the slider back if watching live which is what I do. They do a rebroadcast which takes it into the early hours of next day. Then the video is gone.

[Youtube] Coachella 2013 Live

Monday, April 01, 2013

April Fools Youtube

Can there be something more irrelevant, mind numbing, and time wasting than regular and cable tv? Youtube's managed to do it here with TMI (too much information) of nothingness to overwhelm your sanity. When is too much too much? Now. And there's 10,000 people watching!

[Youtube] Live Youtube April Fools