Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Eye Friday 2013


All the mayhem in the Black Friday videos reminded me of this video so here it is. It is a winning lottery ticket prank video based out of Brazil. The "winning ticket" is thrown into a waste basket because the person cannot be bothered to travel some distance to pick up the amount from the lottery office. Mayhem ensues as soon as the lottery ticket hits the waste basket.

The prank is created by the same person that put out that now famous scary elevator prank.

Please turn on the English captions to see what's going on.

[Youtube] Lottery ticket gets tossed prank (with English captions)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Music!

What's going on since the last post? Well I ran into these music videos and want to share them.

It looks like the music industry is backing off from removing copyright material off the internet. I can find full music albums on Youtube now. They're moving into a new marketing and distribution scheme as physical music albums are no longer popular.

Click on the links to watch in HD. Embedded videos no longer feature HD as an option.

1) Katy Perry's iHeartRadio Prism Album Release Party 2013 - A SPECTACLE! I really like the styling of music and the clothing on this performance! The softer style is also more suitable for a more mature audience. Looks like the drummer was the hardest working of them :). Unconditional is her best song. Btw, congrats to Katy to being the #1 most followed in the world on Twitter at 47 million followers beating out now #2 Justin Beiber. Lastly, do not mistreat her in a relationship, else you'll end up as the focus of her next album :P.

2) OMNIA: I Don't Speak Human - I had run into OMNIA much earlier but have the opportunity to it share now.

3) A bunch of Lorde videos on MTV - Live at Le Poisson Rouge was her first concert in America.

4) Lorde: Team on Letterman 11-12-13 - Let go that hand! LOL.

Next post will be about the British Empire...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big Cities Limit Conscienceness

Holy smokes! This has become Lorde central! I recently found the Million Dollar Bills remix and just today I located Lorde on Live with Letterman 11-12-13.

And yes, a handful people unsubscribed when I started hammering out those Katy Perry songs and a few more unsubscribed when I started covering Lorde. Oh well.

Satellite picture of Los Angeles and cancerous tissue:

Anyways, I want to cover a suspicion I've had. Well it's an experience since I am living in it. That is.. big cities and the damage that they do.

I believe individuals are born to see greenery and be closer to nature. And there needs to be space created by lower density. There's so much land but people live on top of each other and next to each other like sardines, all because of that higher paying job. Urban and suburban areas are artificial creations with artificial vegetation, concrete, and structures mixed in.

Big cities are fast and noisy. But that's just a cover story. Big cities attract anonymous people who like staying anonymous. This is open invitation to criminals and psychopaths. There's less interaction with neighbors. It's difficult to get close to people. There's just too many anti-social elements to overcome. Maybe big cities are the cause of anti-social behavior? The people are more selfish and self centered and they produce noise like kitchen pans clanging that force one's attention towards them. One is left with a poorer concentration. Relationships just cannot be fully formed. This produces a desolate atmosphere where the person is lost, confused, saddened, and depressed. It creates an ambiance that limits the potential of the soul and mind.

In the big city, a person is a number to the employer. There's no loyalty or caring between the employer and employee. Ans worse yet, there's the people that work there. Voluntarily stuck in a hamster wheel, there's not even a minute to get off to value a relationship. If a person can't be used, they can't be talked to. Money, cheap thrills, tv, and gadgets garner attention instead.

Whereas in smaller cities, an individual counts. Everyone knows everyone. There's an interface with other people. The character of an individual can be found out easily. The antisocial character is exposed. Furthermore, in relationships there's sharing. There's give and take. There's caring and bonding which form full relationships. The experience of valued relationships is fulfilling and it soothes the soul and expands the conscience. There's potential in every direction.

Then there is nature. Fewer people per square mile creates breathing room. The air is fresher. There are brighter more appealing colors of foliage. There are open spaces to roam, wander, and discover. There's more opportunities to exercise. People are not bothered by other people. There's undisturbed moments giving into contemplation. Thoughts, dreams, visuals, and creativity are abundant. There is development of the self and there is satisfaction.

Ella (Lorde), Katy Perry, and Avril are notable artists that come from smaller cities. Perhaps it was the environment that nourished their talents.

Ella compares big cities and the smaller, isolated part of a city where she grew up in the video below. Great observer!

"And it wasn't until I traveled that I realized that my town's pretty cool ... I'm happy I grew up here. I think it's nice to be able to kind of find your own quiet places in the town ... I'd probably be like a freak if I came from a big city" -- Ella

[Youtube] Ella's travels and observations

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lorde @ KCRW Live - 08-09-2013

Now for a real treat!!!

Up close and personal. Heck, this is better than a concert. This is performed August 9, 2013 just weeks before she exploded around the world. Don't expect her to be doing these types of performances in dinky studios anymore. :)

[Video] Lorde performs in KCRW studio LIVE - 08-09-2013

Saturday, November 09, 2013

YouTube Music Awards 2013


That was pretty darn good! I can't imagine the boatload of cash they had to hand over to get Lady Gaga, MIA, and Eminem to perform live. I did look at some of the videos in full that were presented during the show. That Taylor Swift video for the song "I knew your were Trouble" was like a mini-film with a movie type plot into itself. I also viewed some of the lesser known names and their videos. That one with the pizza floating in space was incredible. That Korean group video was really colorful and scenic. The live performance of that girl with the violin jetpack was incredible. A sight to see....

This was much, much, much better (more entertaining and spectacular) than the comedy week that YouTube had a few months ago. What a crash n burn disaster that was!

That short film (written by Lena Dunham) got interesting and that's in the middle of a music awards show! Of course it had a psychopathic ending with the suicide and blood.

Lastly, the hosts were quite funny, entertaining, and even put out some entertaining music and singing themselves!

{Youtube] YouTube Music Awards 2013

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Lorde (Ella Yelich-O'Connor) performance at age 12


This video just popped up today and even its poster came to this blog to check it out and comment. I didn't believe it was Ella (full name Ella Yelich-O'Connor aka. Lorde) because the dance was different and the video was edited professionally. I though someone was trying to get some attention for themself. Turns out it really is her. The age, school grade, and year checks out (age 12 in middle high in 2009 is now age 16 as a junior in high school in 2013). And what sealing of the deal - Ella announces her name at the end of the video where her band is interviewed. How many singing Ellas with an accent can there be?

She looked to be a natural performer and entertainer with a strong desire for such a line of work.

A gorgeous and insightful article on Ella. Does anyone know what technology they're using? It's an outstanding, interactive, and beautiful layout.

The band is called Extreme and the performance takes place in Belmont in 2009.

[Youtube] Lorde / Ella Yelich-O'Connor @ age 12

Thomas Sheridan: Fahrenheit 451 analysis


Beware of those that seem power and control...

There's nothing more valuable than freedom. It provides the openness to think, to pursue, and to act on whatever whims one may happen to manifest. With freedom comes everything else, even money. However, people would rather favor and protect their money interests, not freedom.

PS: if you want to experience the 4th Reich, visit Disneyland or Disney World. Feel the intricacies of fascism as a system in action. It includes a timely schedule, low paid workers, high prices on everything and everything done with a forced smile. The system takes priority over individualism.

Thomas Sheridan tears apart the 1966 movie Fahrenheit 451. Even then, the director François Truffaut knew what was REALLY going on. Whether it was happening then (it probably was) or it was a prediction of the future, the present is most certainly binds to the paradigm as depicted in the movie. Instead of me blabbering on, let's just watch it...

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan's version of Fahrenheit 451

Ghajini: Guzarish

It's been awhile since I've posted one of these.

Here's a HD music video with some nice crisp background scenery and camera work. It's Guzarish from the movie Ghajini. There are other versions with cheesy English subtitles.

Click on the link below to go to Youtube's page to view in HD.

[Youtube] Ghajini: Guzarish (HD link)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lorde: A World Alone - Live


Love her songs. She's got so many good ones on her album. Most of them are here on SoundCloud. Ella Yelich-O'Connor (that's Lorde's actual name) first became a sensation by offering these songs for free the internet. So much for the establishment and their distribution!

"Yeah, I put the EP out for free because I wanted people my age to be able to listen to it regardless of whether or not they have a credit card. I think that’s bulls**t that you need to have one in order to buy songs. I also made my Facebook page and just invited my friends, and then they started listening and the word spread from there. When I realized that people who weren’t my friends were talking about the EP, that’s when it started to get crazy." -- Ella

Joel Little is her co-writer, producer, recorder/mixer. He puts the music into the computer for her.

"Everyone involved is reacting to the response, rather than it being any kind of planned strategy. The plan was just 'let's make some songs, and if people like the songs then that's cool, but it doesn't need to be about anything other than that at this point, because she's such a young artist'. People somehow thought that was a manipulative way of doing things, but it wasn't supposed to be a big deal. How could you guess that that many people would be interested? If nobody had been into it, it would've just been some songs online for free, with no photo." -- Joel Little

[Youtube]Lorde singing A World Alone LIVE.

Major General Smedley Butler: War is a Racket speech


Cindy Sheehan's podcast featuring Major General Smedley Butler's speech. In it Mr. Butler describes how the few and connected use the excuse of war to generate in excessive profits (which in itself is an empty exercise). Mr. Butler was rumored to be assassinated by the powers that are for his opposition to the establishment.

[MP3] Smedley Butler's War is a Racket

Death by Stock Certificate


KAMAKAZI public investors see profits in their pockets as they lie in their graves.

I remember NHK TV announcing Nikkei stock market valuations for days, multiple times every hour right after the earthquake, as if the valuations mattered or had an effect. I wrote a comment on their website saying how insignificant and irrelevant those stock tickers were during that time, that the Japanese people had other concerns on their minds, and that the stock market wouldn't affect them in any way whether it was down 70% or up 50%. Maybe it was my comment, but I noticed they stopped covering finance and the stock market and just showed coverage of the the results of the earthquake...

Here's a jaw dropper. TEPCO announces a profit! The system must outlive at any cost to the individual! There's their priority. To keep the hologram up and moving...

What about the $500 billion cost? What bout all the land ruined, homes deserted, and family business like fishing ruined?

The stock market is truly the Misery Index (a phrase used by P Sainath).

[Article] TEPCO has a profit! (via ZeroHedge)