Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mark Corske: Interviewed by Sylvia Sotiria Varnava


There is Einstein's Theory of Relativity. I like to call Mark Corske's proposal the Theory of System. It explains the current political, economic, cultural system, why it operates, how it operates, how we got to where we are now, and the reason of its existence.

The majority of the revolutionaries, protestors, and liberal/nonprofit organizations are either co-opted by the establishment (most likely), in it for personal gain, or are entirely clueless. Mark goes to the core of the problem - the system. First, understand the problem. Only then can a solution be possible. The solution is anarchy.

PS: his documentary, Engines of Domination, by Lifting the Veil, is on Youtube if you search for it.

[Youtube] Mark Corske - An intervew on Greek's OmniaTV channel's show Dixos Kavatsa

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Slow Songs Saturday - Sondre Lerche : Modern Nature and Skytree : Blue Verve Vein and Sondre Lerche : Modern Nature and The New Division : Kids

Slow Songs for this Saturday...

Song #1 - Melanie Martinez - Carousel
[Youtube] Melanie Martinez - Carousel

Song #2 - Skytree - Blue Verve Vein Mrs Jynx Remix. The only ambient song for today. Get ready to go for a ride!
[Youtube] Skytree - Blue Verve Vein - Mrs Jynx Remix

Song #3 - Sondre Lerche - Modern Nature
[Youtube] Sondre Lerche - Modern Nature

Song #4 - The New Division - Kids
[Youtube] The New Division - Kids

Friday Night Club Music - Porter Robinson : Divinity and Blackmill : Let It Be

Friday Night Club Music continued...

Song #3: Porter Robinson - Divinity featuring Amy Millan
[Youtube] Porter Robinson - Divinity - ft. Amy Millan

Song #4: Blackmill - Let It Be featuring Veela
[Youtube] Blackmill - Let It Be - ft. Veela

Friday Night Club Music - Grimes : Go and ODESZA : Say My Name

Sorry about not Friday's song but I was stuck with work. Anyways, we'll catch up today with a lot of songs.

Here are songs featuring clubbish and dance-ish songs.

Song #1: Grimes - Go featuring Blood Diamonds
[Youtube] Grimes - Go ft. Blood Diamonds

Song #2: ODESZA - Say My Name featuring Zyra
[Youtube] ODESZA - Say My Name - feat. Zyra

Friday, September 12, 2014

Phantogram : Fall In Love and NONONO : Pumpin Blood

Two SLIGHTLY more popular songs for 9/11.... And they're both upbeat.

Song #1 is from Phantogram called Fall In Love
[Youtube] Phantogram - Fall In Love

Song #2 is by NONONO called Pumpin Blood
[Youtube] NONONO - Pumpin Blood

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zella Day : Sweet Ophelia and ZHU : Faded (ODESZA Remix)

An extra two songs for today!

The third song is by Zella Day called Sweet Ophelia.
[Youtube] Zella Day - Sweet Ophelia

And the fourth song is a ODESZA Remix and semi-acoustic bsaed on the song by ZHU called Faded.
[Youtube] ZHU - Faded (ODESZA Remix)

Koan : Wanderers From Earthsea (Green Mix) and Mirrored Theory : We Are Ghosts In This Town

Two great ambient songs for today!

The first song is by Koan called Wanderers From Earthsea. The remix is Green Mix. Good use of bass on this one!
[Youtube] Koan - Wanderers From Earthsea (Green Mix)

The second song is by Mirrored Theory called We Are Ghosts In This Town). Wait a minute to get into the song. It gets better.
[Youtube] Mirrored Theory - We Are Ghosts In This Town

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Stelios Vassiloudis : Entropy and Fractures : Won't Win

The first song (ambient) is by Stelios Vassiloudis called Entropy. It starts off slow but gets going shortly thereafter.
[Youtube] Stelios Vassiloudis - Entropy

The second song is by Fractures called Won't Win. Is it about a psychopath?
[Youtube] Fractures - Won't Win

Monday, September 08, 2014

Occam : I Was a Dervish and White Hinterland : Icarus

The first acoustic song is by Occam and the song is I Was a Dervish and it's a Gabor Deutsch Mantramix (remix).

It's a very soothing song.

[Youtube] Occam - I Was a Dervish - Gabor Deutsch Mantramix

The second song is not quite acoustic, but it does take your mind far away. It's White Hinterland with the song Icarus.

[Youtube] White Hinterland - Icarus

Ben Khan : Eden and Mother : Easy

Surprise! There's double the songs for today!

The first song is by Ben Khan called Eden and it features the sound of an elephant.

[Youtube] Ben Khan - Eden

And.. the second song is by Mother (also known as MOTHXR) and it's Easy.

[Youtube] Mother - Easy - LIVE

Abakus: Igmatik

Here's the other song for tonight (acoustic). It's by Abakus and the song is Igmatik.

[Youtube] Abakus - Igmatik

IYES: 'Til Infinity

Here's the first song for tonight. It's IYES with the song 'Til Infinity

{Youtube] IYES - 'Til Infinity

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Vaults: Premonitions

The acoustic selection for today is by Vaults with the song Premonitions.

[Youtube] Vaults - Premonitions

Chelsea Lankes: Secret


Recently, I have built up a large list of lesser known/independent artists with their newer released songs. I am planning on posting 1 acoustic song and 1 regular song everyday for this whole week, so please stay tuned!

For now, check out the song by Chelsea Lankes called Secret. It's sounds amazing!

[Youtube] Chelsea Lankes - Secret

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Vinny Eastwood needs your support - Youtube Channel Terminated

This is for everyone out on Youtube either uploading videos or watching them. Everyone needs to let Youtube know that certain policies and behavior by Youtube is wrong and detrimental to its users. We need to help Youtube in adjusting its policies and behaviors to be more suitable to our expectations.

Everyone needs protection against Youtube's aggressiveness over miniscule or nonexistent terms of service violations. This can happen to uploading user (and even a commenting user) and it's completely one sided since there is no opportunity for correction or appeal.

There are is a petition that would help Vinny Eastwood, an internet broadcaster in New Zealand, get his Youtube channel back. All his 100s if not 1000s of videos and shows chock full of great content (a knowledge library) are no longer available on Youtube, due to his channel being taken down for (up until now) nonspecific reason for terms of service violations.

[Link] Please sign the petition to restore Vinny Eastwood's channel on CHANGE.ORG
[Link] More info on Vinny Eastwood's website

Here is the video exposing their Prime Minister, John Key, that got him in hot water:
[Video] Vinny Eastwood's John Keys Expose

Friday, September 05, 2014

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Vinny Eastwood interviews Joy Camp - 08-24-2014


The two stars of Joy Camp join the Vinny Eastwood show for a funny interview on what it takes to make people laugh.

Vinny Eastwood is based out of New Zealand and Joy Camp is based out of Los Angeles.

Here is the MP3: [MP3] Vinny Eastwood - Joy Camp - 08-24-2014

[Youtube] Vinny Eastwood - Joy Camp - 08-24-2014

Moscow Muse: Costume Characters beat up motorist


It only happens in Russia! Children's' costume characters have a rad rage incident. Check it out.

[Youtube] Moscow Mayhem

Monday, August 18, 2014

O.J. Simpson did not commit the murders


A documentary that I ran into (thanks to a few folks who pointed to it) proves that OJ Simpson did not directly kill Nicole Simpson and Ron Brown directly. Watch the documentary to the end to find out who it was.

Very disappointing that authorities couldn't catch the serial murderer, Glen Rogers, who killed at least 70 people, much sooner. Scary! And the brother and sister who coddled their brother seem guilty for covering up for him.

Now... The story your news media and other institutions which you trust did not tell you.

[Youtube] Murders in Brentwood finally solved

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mediocre Films: Dog Poop Robbery - Prank


Greg Benson (Mediocre Films) and Jack Vale go on a journey to steal dog poop. Perhaps the best prank of 2014!

Maybe someone entrepreneurial will come up with a paid service as such?

[Youtube] Greg Benson and Jack Vale venture to thieve people of their dog poop

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thomas Sheridan: The Truth about the Truth Movement - July 2014


Thomas Sheridan takes us through the journey through the enchanted online forest where trolls, shills, and phoney celebrities live. He analyzes and dissects the truth about Edward Snowden and Russell Brand.

[Youtube] Dismantle The Matrix interviews Thomas Sheridan - July 2014

Elina St-Onge interviews Fred Burks - It's all Lies!


I really like the deep thought process that Elina St-Onge goes through. She's done some previous Youtube videos that really makes one think the perceptions about the system one lives under. Check them out on Youtube.

Here, Fred Burks tells us, after being up close and personal int he White House, that the office holders are blatant liars and crooks. And then the rest of the video is about what a single person can and should do.

[Youtube] Elina St-Onge converses with White House Insider Fred Burks

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Bridge: Kira Young and Thomas Sheridan 06-22-2014


I've been active on Facebook interacting with posts made by Kira Young and Thomas Sheridan. In case, you're not following me on Facebook, here's what you've been missing...

TOPIC: Infiltrators, Shills and Provocateurs

[Youtube] The Bridge with Kira Young and Thomas Sheridan 06-22-2014

If you would like the MP3...
[MP3] The Bridge with Kira Young and Thomas Sheridan 06-22-2014

Lily Allen - The Making of URL Badman


The online world is full of people who want to make people's online experience a terrible one. Now there's a song made about such an instigator....

[Youtube] Lily Allen: URL Badman - Writing the Song

[Youtube] Lily Allen: URL Badman - The Making of the Video

[Youtube] Lily Allen: URL Badman - The Song

Friday, June 20, 2014

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Elliphant @ Bardot (Los Angeles) - 04-28-2014

Whole performance of Elliphant at Bardot in Hollywood April 28, 2014 here on Youtube.

Clipped lyrics:
All or nothing,
Everything or nothing
Prison is for you to visit and get out of
Reach the bottom of the sky, man!
Nothing's gonna happen if we're waiting
We are lonely, at least we share that

[Youtube] Elliphant - All or Nothing LIVE

Foul Language
[Youtube] Elliphant - Only Getting Younger LIVE

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Elliphant in Concert in LA this Friday - 04-18-2014

What's the best deal in music right now? Elliphant's concert in LA this Friday for $10! I was going to go but I've got other matters to take care of. :(

[Link] Elliphant show tickets (Los Angeles) - $10

And...... Elliphant's latest album Look Like You Love It EP is available online for FREE

[SoundCloud] Elliphant - Look Like you Love It - EP

Friday, April 11, 2014

Coachella 2014 is LIVE


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Youtube will be broadcasting the Coachella music festival LIVE in the evening in HD.

Watch for free what people have paid $500 tickets for. Don't miss it!!

[Youtube] Coachella 2014 LIVE

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Pic of the Day - 04-01-2014

Not quite April Fools...

Malaysia Flight is STILL missing. Do you have any information?

BFP Roundtable: Apathy and Cognitive Dissonance


These were posted on my Facebook about a week ago...

I share similarities with Sibel Edmonds as she contemplates why people are apathetic or non-participatory. Is it just convenience?

My story, just like Sibel's, is of curiosity, experimentation, observation, understanding, and the pursuit of the truth. I guess you are born with curiosity or you're not.

James Corbett of the Corbett Report, Sibel Edmonds of the BoilingFrogsPost, and Guillermo Jimenez ask why are people the way they are?

[Youtube] BFP Roundtable - The Convenience of Apathy

This next video gets into the phenomenon of experiencing pain and the resulting belligerence when running into truths that are counter to one's belief bubbles. This is called cognitive dissonance.

[Youtube] Corbett - Cognitive Dissonance

Elliphant: Revolusion - FREE download


Get Elliphant'a Revolusion song for FREE! Who knows long the link will last...

[MP3] Elliphant - Revolusion

Elliphant: A Medley


Elliphant, in concert, performing an assortment of her songs...

[Vimeo] Elliphant - Song Sampler

Mark Corske: System vs Humans


Another gem posted to my Facebook days ago...

It starts out with that royalty sponsored writer Shakespeare (it is rumored that a bunch of establishment sponsored writers wrote using his name and he may not have even existed) who deceives people though tunneling and cul de sac logic.

Mark Corske takes us through a historical narrative pitting Man vs Machine or in this case Man vs the System. The system is there for the benefit of small amount of individuals but detrimental, in its parasitic form, to the rest of the population. The system is methodologically built and run using the latest developed techniques and technology. It is there, all but oblivious to its victims.

So how do you de-domesticate and kill the system? Find out... The 4 part is a MUST WATCH!! It gets better in part 2.

[Youtube] Mark Corske: Engines of Domination - Part 1

[Youtube] Mark Corske: Engines of Domination - Part 2
[Youtube] Mark Corske: Engines of Domination - Part 3
[Youtube] Mark Corske: Engines of Domination - Part 4

Elliphant: Revolusion


Revolution! This song was already posted days ago on my Facebook along with a few other Elliphant songs...

BEST MUSIC VIDEO AND SONG SO FAR IN 2014!!! The EP Look Like You Love It comes out today.

[Vimeo] Elliphant - Revolusion

[Youtube] Elliphant - Behind the scenes of Revolusion

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Am Most Active On Facebook These Days


What have I been up to? I have been active everyday on Facebook. I have been enjoying the back and forth posts, discussions, comments, memes, feedback, humor, videos, music, etc on Facebook. There's a buildup of a variety of people that are following me on there, and I following them. Why don't you follow me there to follow me there if you haven't already? Don't be afraid me add me as a Friend on Facebook. Please feel free to go through my wall and timeline history there.

[Link] Mitesh Damania's Fun Fun Fun Facebook

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lorde's PURE HEROINE album only $1.99 on Google Play & Amazon


Lorde's Pure Heroine album is only $1.99 on Google Play (yeah I bought it!). It's also available on Amazon for the same price, $1.99.

[Link] Lorde - Pure Heroine - $1.99

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marina and the Diamonds: Mowgli's Road


Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgli's Road. This is the perfect song for a cult member who takes direction from others instead of him or herself. Follow your own intuition and always analyze what others tell you, and then come to your own conclusions.

Marina's best performances are in front of a microphone in a studio rather than on stage.

[Link] Lyrics to Mowgli's Road

[Youtube] Marina and the Diamondss sings Mowgli's Road on BBC1