Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Manute Bol: The Passing

Manute Bol passed last month. He was the tallest player ever to play in the NBA. The walking telephone pole weighed only 190 pounds when he joined the NBA. He was found by a basketball scout in Sudan and he didn't even play basketball!

Manute used all his fame, fortune, and time to help his kin folks back in Sudan who were being slaughtered in a "civil war" flamed and continued by the Sudanese government. He never suspected the US or Chinese governments as the instigators in the shadows propping up the Sudanese warlords and their janjaweed genocidal gangs. What can a tribe do when the government has helicopter gunships? The UN and the fake African Union exist only as cardboard cutouts.

Expect the rightful owners of land to be cleared from it and its habitants extermined when oil is involved.

[Article] More on Manute Bol

[Youtube] Manute Bol's Sudan

Michel Chossudovsky: Aid, Bailouts, and Austerity


Michel Chossudovsky covers what G8 / G20 has in design for everyone. Watch as Michel explains the mechanics of a diabolical plan to pay the bankers' interest, bailout their bad debt, and when there's no money left for everyone else, to force austerity.

[Youtube] Michel Chossudovsky: What the G8/G20 has promised to do

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Charlie Veitch's street performance at the G20 - 06-26-2010

The Love Police (Charlie Veitch) visits the G20 in Toronto, Canada. Arrested earlier for not showing is ID, Charlie returns to put on a funny performance with his megaphone.

It seems to be a festive like the World cup.

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch @ G20 - 06-26-2010

[Youtube] More Charlie Veitch @ G20 - 06-26-2010

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch on the ground @ G20 - 06-26-2010 (Charlie is seen 2:45 into the video)

Footage shot by Dan Dicks of
[Youtube] Charlie Veitch visits a mall in Toronto 06-24-2010

[Youtube] Footage of Charlie Veitch moments before he was arrested (at 5:12)

Rod Blagojevich: The Assassination


We Are Change, Chicago visits Rod Blagojevich's book signing to talk about his political career assassination. He had the State of Illinois stop doing business with Bank of America on December 8, 2008. The political corruption scandal broke out the morning of December 9, 2008 whence he was arrested at his house.

[Youtube] Rod Blagojevich speaks to We Are Change abot his political assassination

Geico Commercial: Honest Abe


This is the funniest commercial I've seen in awhile. The most memorable one EVER was the Arby's "Where is Everybody?" Roast Beef Sale commercial. Unfortunately, I can't find it online anywhere :(.

Honorable mention goes to the A&W Root Beer "Thick Headed" and the Tombstone Pizza "What do you want on your Tombstone?" commercial series. Hahaha..

[Youtube] Geico's Honest Abe commercial

Monday, June 28, 2010

BP Oil Spill Video Update 06-26-2010

Here's some overhead video footage of the BP Oil Spill produced by John L. Wathen. His website is

[Youtube] BP Oil Spill Video Update as of 06-26-2010

Today's Financial, Political, and Psychological Pyramid


This is an excellent presentation of our current financial, political, psychological system. It shows Wall Street sittting on top of government and its private citizens. Wall Street funds both the government and the citizens and also takes back tribute in the form of interest from the government and taxes from private individuals.

Kudos to the author for a great presentation.

[Youtube] Modern Pyramid: Renaissance 2.0 - Part 1/3

[Youtube] Modern Pyramid: Renaissance 2.0 - Part 2/3

[Youtube] Modern Pyramid: Renaissance 2.0 - Part 3/3

Carrot Top on the BP Oil Spill

Here's Carrot Top on Regis's show with his take on the BP oil spill. Funny!

[Youtube] Carrot Top and the BP Oil Spill (on with Regis)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ethan McCord talks about the Wikileaks Apache attack video


Who is the enemy of the Constitution? Is the people of Iraq or Afghanistan? Is it the common people of America? Is it the war mongers in place in power? Shouldn't the war be fought against those who are the enemies of the Constitution?

Ethan McCord, the soldier seen carrying out one of wounded kids from the van in the Wikileaks Apache attack video speaks out about the video and the overall situation of the war.

Ethan McCord asks us to end the wars. Yes, we are partially responsible.

[Article] Ethan McCord speaks out about the Wikileaks video

[Youtube] Ethan McCord and Josh Stieber's letter to family of the killed father

[Youtube] Ethan McCord interview with CBCs's The Current radio program

Friday, June 18, 2010

Michel Chossudovsky: The Cause of Civil Wars in Africa


This blog asks why? Why and how do things happen? What is the reason or the source? What's the motivation? Who's he beneficiary? What is the logic? I am always attempting to find out information that can help me solve these riddles which bug me. There must be an explanation to these questions!

Here is some material dug up by Michel Chossudovsky to explain the cause/source of the Rwanda, Congo/Zaire, and Uganda civil wars and civil upheaval. Where would be without the internet?

It explains that the School of the Americas trained the warlord and their henchmen to bloody the region so as to increase the US's control and secure raw materials at a low price, of course, at the cost of the African population. So that's what the CIA and special forces are for!

Remember, people don't just wake one day and decide to kill each other! There must be a catalyst! A situtation must be created, so desperate, that some person must kill another person in self defense. Others must be rajavascript:void(0)llied into a frenzy in support of "their warlord". That warlord has plans whose sole purpose is relegated to him being sole beneficiary of any results.

[Article] Michel Chossudovsky explains the source of Civil Wars in Africa

Moshe Yatom commits suicide trying to fix Netanya - FOLLOWUP



PS: I've removed he Moshe Yatom blog entry. It may still show up in your RSS feeds however.

[Link] The link that tricked me!

Edward James Olmos: Short film of BP Oil Spill and the locals

Edward James Olmos when down to the Gulf area to film the local folks. They expressed concerns about their quality of life and economic future.

[Youtube] Edward James Olmos - Short film of BP Oil Spill's effect on the locals

Catherin Austin Fitts - 2006

A Catherine Austin Fitts interview goes into great depths on how a individual can change their lives by changing their money flows to concentrate on local and small. This interview is all the way back from 2006.

[MP3] Cathrine Austin Fitts interview from 2006

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BP Oil Spill: The Lies and Deception of a Corporation


Today we'll connect the dots from Alaska, to Nigeria, to the Gulf of Mexico. The common denominator? The product, oil, and the connection of the producer to the consumer.

It's time to recognize the behavior patterns by corporations. What they are they consistently allowed to get away with?

This oil spill event is a good opportunity to focus in all the little moving parts. How and why did it happen? Why does it continue to keep happening?

We give them a pass because they need to make extraordinary profits to make the shareholders happy. Else the shareholders start complaining like a really old, rusty, wheelbarrow.

In turn, we want the product on the cheap and we want it guilt-free. Please mainstream media, reinforce the idea that nothing bad is going on, so that I have a clean conscious, so that I don't have to do anything, and I can go about my merry way.

These corporations and executives will only do it, if they can get away with it.

Greg Palast compares BP's involvement in Exxon's oil spill up in Alaska and Gulf oil spill.
[Youtube] Greg Palast on BP's behavior in the Alaska Oil Spill

[Youtube] More of Greg Palast on BP's culture of neglect

Riki Ott, PhD in marine biology, is the author of Not One Drop. BP is carefully removing carcasses of dead animals in the dead of the night. They are also not allowing any video devices that can take a record of the evidence.
[Youtube] Riki Ott interview on Keith Olbermann's show on the sly coverup behavior by BP

This video is in Dutch with English subtitles.
[Video] Dirty Oil from Shell - Destruction of lives and livelihoods in Nigeria
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Monday, June 14, 2010

BP Oil Spill: Birds Up Close


We're seeing first hand how corporations behave in mist of ourselves. We the stockholders demand unhindered, maximized profits. Externalize the costs, internalize the profits. Tony Hayward's only doing what the pensioners and 401k mutual funds have asked of him. Let's stop blaming the politicians and executives.

Here's reporting from the ground (in this case water) of the birds affected by the BP oil spill.

[Video] BP Oil Spill: Gone To The Birds

Sunday, June 13, 2010

BP Oil Spill Video Update

[Youtube] BP Oil Spill footage of waters from the air - Day 50

Here's another Youtube titled Flight over BP Oil disaster Day 52 with Marine Biologist, Dr. Carl Safina that gives us some aeriel footage of the waters containing oil slicks produced by the BP oil disaster.

[Youtube] BP Oil Spill footage of waters from the air - Day 52

Ray Raphael: The Myths of Revolution


Ray Raphael has written the book Founders: The People Who Brought You a Nation to dispel our notions of a revolution.

The American Revolution was not carried out by the leaders. It was a completely ground up, grass roots movement that was carried out by majority of the individuals of society. They would ride up from all around the surrounding areas (no small feat) for one night of elections They would get the politicians to swear allegiance to the majority's desires, ideas, and plans and to carry them out. If it looked like a politician was not loyal to the town's wishes, the people who gathered would get rid of them. The leaders such as George Washington were just there at the right place at the right time to end up in the history books. And that's what's not being told in history books. We are focusing on the wrong part of the structure that is a revolution.

To truly understand what Ray Raphael is saying is to truly understand the concept of "Of the People, For the People, and By the People". Viva La Revolucion!

[Video] Ray Raphael - Dispelling the Myths of a Revolution (Click on the right side to watch)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

The title song from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, the hindi movie. Watch as two bachelors compete to marry a bachelorette.

How will it unfold? Watch to find out. Hilarious!

Sorry no embedding. Click link below to watch.

[Youtube] Mujhse Shaadi Karogi with subtitles

David DeGraw on Max Keiser exposes Tim Geithner


Would you like to have the guy that was the head of the IMF, who during his tenure, destroyed numerous third world countries be in charge of your country's Treasury? Well it's happened without your permission or knowledge.

David DeGraw exposes the charlatan Tim Geithner, who claims to work for the public's interest as the US Treasury Secretary. It is no surprise, that during his term, IMF type hits have been pursued to bring the biggest economy ever in the history of the world on its knees begging for a new direction.

Scary, just scary. I was completely floored when I heard about Tim's background. No wonder we are where we are!

[Youtube] David DeGraw on Max Keiser's show on "Little Timmy" Tim Geithner

Friday, June 11, 2010

Saathiya - A romantic song

More hindi movie songs!

Here's a romantic song (the title song) from the movie Saathiya. I couldn't find any versions with subtitles.

[Youtube] Saathiya in HD

Food Price Manipulation


First it was oil that hit $150 per barrel for no reason whatsoever in a recession year!

The speculators are at it with food also. It's a game that's allowed with people's stomachs. Futures, commodity trading, and speculators determine what price is paid for food around the world. It has nothing to do with supply or demand but rather greed, collusion, and manipulation by those who have the purse to buy and sell in great quantity. Who profits from the price increases? Certainly not the farmer.

[Youtube] Food Pricing Manipulated

BP Oil Spill - Just what size is it?


Here's information on just how big the BP oil spill is estimated to be. It's a lot bigger than what everyone's been told!

[Youtube] The BP Oil Spill is THIS BIG!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Steve Wynn - Great Insights on Vegas, Business, Economy, and Politics


Steve Wynn is interviewed about his newly opened Encore Beach Club. He goes on to discuss Vegas trends, the shoddy build outs by his competitors, the younger generation's disposable income, bad ideas from DC, and Macao (China's las Vegas). Macao now supplies the majority of the net profits for the large Vegas corporations! Hence, Steve Wynn is spending half of his time in Macao and the other half in Vegas.

[Videos] Steve Wynn - His view of Vegas, Business, Economy, and Politics

How to partially get off the grid


Here's some small things that can be done to limit the impact to ecology. Grow a garden! Also shown are appliances that run on muscle power. Quite an interesting and passionate video!

[Youtube] Passionate (sub)urban gardening

Monday, June 07, 2010

Driven to eat mud - Ganne, India


What is it about a society, a system, a structure that neglects its people? If money or supply of food isn't the problem, then what is? Is it the corruption? Why are people so dismissive of improprieties? Take the problem to task! If a person does a honest day's work, is he/she not entitled to a fair meal?

Laws in India are in place to theoretically provide for the basic necessities through subsidies and distribution. The intellectuals of yesteryears have already thought it thought and implemented their plans. What sits in the way are corrupt workers and politicians who steal the product intended for poverty stricken end consumers. The cowardly thieves will eiher use it themselves or resell it for a profit.

Nip corruption in the bud or it will nip you eventually!

[Article] Poverty so bad, people eat mud in India

Democracy Now!: Attack of USS Liberty & Mavi Marmara

Democracy Now! looks back at the 1967 attack by Israel on the USS Liberty and covers the recent hijacking and takeover of the Mavi Marmara as it tried to break through the blockade around Gaza.

[Video] Democracy Now! USS Liberty and Mavi Marmara - Attacks by Isreal

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Kal Ho Naa Ho: A Sad Song

Well here it is after promising to post it a week ago (was it two?).. ]:-)

Kal Ho Naa Ho, the movie, was shot on location in New York. It stars Sharukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, and Preity Zinta. The main character has a terminal illness, and hence decides he cannot marry the gal he's fallen in love with. She eventually marries someone else, and he's around to see this happen.

In the song, he sings about life, destiny, and taking advantage of opportunity whilst one has it.

Song starts at 7:08 and is split into two videos. Subtitles are once again ahead by about 5 seconds.

[Youtube] Kal Ho Naa Ho in HD with subtitles (Starts at 7:08)

[Youtube] Kal Ho Naa Ho in HD with subtitles - Part 2

The Birds of the BP Oil Spill


The oil spill claims a large number of birds. Here is some graphic footage.

Maybe paying double for energy from solar or wind isn't such a bad idea after all? Use less oil? Buy fewer things? Travel using less fuel? Just because you can, should you?

Are any BP executives going to prison? Will the investors see a smaller dividend or no dividend? As it stands now, a billion dollar dividend will be handed out.

Is this a classic case of psychopathy to keep allowing deregulation and not to punish those who've manipulated the system with bribes?

[Youtube] Birds die from BP's oil spill

Stephen Gaghan interview with Charlie Rose 12-05-2005 - Syriana

Stephen Gaghan, the writer and director of the movie Syriana, goes into some wild and fascinating stories about the times when he interviewed Muslim heads of "terror". It's a in depth look into research that went into the making of Syriana.

For more info visit wikipedia's entry of Syriana.

[Google Video] Syriana director Stephen Gaghan interviews with Charlie Rose (12-05-2005)

Thursday, June 03, 2010