Monday, June 27, 2011

Boost Mobile - BS Detection Center - Hilarious commercial

I just saw this hilarious commercial on Youtube and I just HAD to share it. It features Boost Mobile's BS Detection Center and stars Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) mixed martial artist Rampage Jackson (real name Quinton Ramone Jackson). And he doesn't put up with any bullshit!

[Youtube] Boost Mobile's BS Detection Center

Dixie Chicks: Not Ready To Make Nice - Live - 2006

Let's go back in the time machine to 2006. Dixie Chicks were in hot water, as was Michael Moore, for calling out the Bush Administration as a bunch of LIARS. Looking back, I can laugh about it now. The MADtv sketch really brings out the silliness of group think and unintentionally points out the hilarious "rebranding" of the lead singer.

Silence! Shut up! We can't have criticism or logically look at corruption! LOL.

[Youtube] Dixie Chicks - Not ready to Make Nice - Live Performance 2006

[Youtube] Dixie Chicks - Not ready to Make Nice - MADtv sketch
Sorry embedding not allowed for this video.

Hilarious Who's On First and Charlie Sheen rant remakes by Mediocre Films

These videos might be a new low for this blog, but they're hilarious in their own little way. Do not watch them at work!

Mediocre Films' Greg Benson and crew remake Abbott & Costello classic routine "Who's On First". It's violent, NSFW, yet outstandingly funny. Their Youtube channels are mediocrefilms2 and mediocrefilms.

[Youtube] Mediocre Films redoes Abbott and Costello's Who's On First (NSFW)

Also, I found their Charlie Sheen rant videos to be hilarious!
[Youtube] Mediocre Films' take on Charlie Sheen's rants

[Youtube] Mediocre Films' take on Charlie Sheen's rants - the bloopers

Muse's Uprising revisited - The Puppet Factory

The Puppet Factory uses Muse's Uprising song and violent animation in an effort to keep people from joining the military.

The CC doesn't work.

[Youtube] Muse's Uprising featured song in The Puppet Factory animation

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free Hugs vs $2 Hugs - The Prank

Hilarious prank!

A guy is seen every week at a farmers market giving free hugs. In comes the imposition of $2 hugs. Will people pay $2 for hugs when they can get them for free?

[Youtube] $2 hugs

Muse: Uprising - Live in Glastonbury 2010

Here is Muse's "it's time for a revolution" song Uprising. Sung live at Glastonbury in 2010.

In HD and with CC (closed capitioning / subtitles)! If they're not on, just click CC on the bottom right of the youtube player for English or Brazilian subtitles.

[Youtube] Muse performs Uprising, Live in Glastonbury 2010

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Type 2 Diabetes - The Cure

Here's Al Jazeera reporting that a reduced calorie diet cures type 2 diabetes. Imagine a cure that does not require the medical profession! I suspect it's not just calorie restriction, but rather lessening the eating of sugar and starchy foods that cause higher insulin levels. Most common examples include potatoes, pasta, table sugar.

You can bet the medical industrial complex would like the sweep this report under the rug!

[Youtube] Al Jazeera reports on cure to type 2 diabetes

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lady Gaga - I'm on the first page of google search!!

I found this out over the weekend by chance. I typed in Lady Gaga on and found the link to my blog on the first page, at the bottom as the last search result!! I haven't gotten any visitors off the link though.... Strange.

PS: It only works off of USA's google search and not on google in other countries.

[Link] Lady Gaga - link on first page of search results!!!

Thomas Sheridan: Interview by Fintan Dunne 06-17-2011


Thomas Sheridan delves into history and symbols used through time without our awareness, being tuned to the system and out of it = happiness, Sarah Palin, and Obama.

Hereeeeeee's Thomas Sheridan with a look back into a pyschopatic history in a interview with Fintan Dunne one again. This one is dated 06-17-2011.

[MP3] Thomas Sheridan interview with Fintan Dunne 06-17-2011

Brusspup: Optical illusions - Pendulum neat effects

Brusspup has an amazing artsy video of a Pendulum swinging in the dark, lighted by a backlight. Outstanding!!!

[Youtube] Brusspup's Pendulum Illusion

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Enjoying the summer

Well, between the job and summer, I haven't really given much attention to the blog. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and take advantage of the summer. It's time to get away from the computer, at least for a bit, and exercise and think and wonder new things. It's good for you.

On Saturday, I biked the whole of Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Trail. It's paved and separate from vehicle traffic. I went up to Lover's Point on the Monterey Peninsula. It's true, they still have sardines at Cannery Row. The place was packed chock full of people! The private parking lots wanted to charge $15 to $18 just to park! I ended up parking at Fisherman's wharf in the public parking lot which cost me $10 for the whole day. I then rented a bike from Adventures of the Seas which is right there. That cost me $25. Gotta pay a hefty price when you don't have a vehicle to transport a bike! Bikes are plentiful on Craigslist for the price of the rental.

Anyways back to the bike trail.. I went up to Lover's point and then back down and then cycled north to the end of the trail somewhere in northern part of Marina where the trail ends on Del Monte Blvd. I then pedaled back down to Fisherman's Wharf. It was about 4.5 hours of fun.

The next weekend? I'll probably do some kayaking near Moss Landing / Elkhorn Slough or take the Kayak tour in Monterey Bay and visit Monterey Bay Aquarium. If I am up near Moss Landing, I'll be sure to eat at Phil's. I've heard great things about the restaurant.

I've got a LG Optimus V cellphone on Virgin Mobile waiting for me that I will start using to take pictures of the area and post them on the blog starting in July. That will finally introduce me to the world of a smartphone. Yes, I still use a 20th century cellphone that I use to ONLY make calls on, and I use the minutes sparingly.

Do more of this:
[Youtube] We need more of this

Identify the pyschopathy and ignore it:
[Youtube] We need less of this

Reggie Brown - Obama impersonator @ The Republican Leadership Conference 06-19-2011


The cult that is a political party has a "leadership conference". Reggie Brown, a Obama impersonator puts on a very funny act. I cringe at the laughter which rings of a tinge of fascism.

[Youtube] Reggie Brown does a funny impersonation Obama at the the Republican Leadership Conference 06-19-2011

Sahara Las Vegas - The Firesale continues

More stuff being sold at the Sahara MEGA going out of business sale.

[Link] Sahara - The everything has to go sale!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thomas Sheridan interview on The Buzz (ZTalkRadio) 06-13-2011

Another great interview by Thomas Sheridan. Psychopaths suffer from a superiority complex when in fact they are inferior, seeing they lack the frontal cortex, which is responsible for civilization.

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan interviews on The Buzz (ZTalkRadio) 06-13-2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sahara Las Vegas - The Firesale


I've stated before that the current economic system is very wasteful.  it operates off of supply and demand rather than the value of something.  The value of clean water is worth less than polluted water.  Why? Because they can sell you bottled water at a hefty markup.  In the end, it makes a few people some profit at the cost of everyone else.  Resources for bottled water (labor, energy, and materials) get used up in the economy, unnecessarily, where there was no need beforehand.  Clean water and air?  The best things in life are free.

What type of an economic system takes a perfectly viable entertainment property and declares it a teardown and worthy of mothballing? Here is a multimillion dollar investment that is said to be worthless.  It is the Sahara casino in Las Vegas.  In most countries, this property would provide an outstanding entertainment experience.

The finance that caused the physical property and its resources to be destroyed shouldn't have taken place.   Its victim is a functioning, innocent, entertainment venue, that cost a lot in terms of resources (materials and labor) to build.  If it had stayed with the original owner, the debt would've been paid off and the Sahara would still be open.  Instead it exchanged hands numerous times in the ponzi scheme, until the debt load could no longer be serviced.

Anyways, check it out:
[Link] Sahara Las Vegas to bite the Stardust but first the firesale...
[Link] Sahara Las Vegas to bite the Stardust but first the firesale... - Part 2

Monday, June 13, 2011

Luke Rudkowski at Bilderberg 2011 Switzerland and a rehello!


Hi once again. I do apologize for disappearing off the face of blogspot. I've found work in Monterey County and have been busy working and getting myself settled in. The weather has been cloudy, windy, and somewhat rainy the month that I've been here. I've been told it's not normal for this time of the year to be so cold and rainy. I must say it's been quite a change from the normally sunny and warm weather of Southern California. I definitely do plan on hitting the coast of Monterey on a bike! It's going to be fun.

So there's that Fukushima nuclear thing going on. Isn't it amazing how they kept the acknowledgement of three complete nuclear meltdowns away from the public? They knew what happened exactly in the first first few hours after the earthquake and tsunami. Computer simulations and experienced nuclear engineer told them exactly what was going to happen. Yet they went the Three Stooges route and tried to pretend that everything was fixable and went ahead with hail marys which they knew would fail because they knew that meltdowns and melt-thrus has already occured. Is it a surprise that TEPCO tried to protect their reactors so much so that they delayed pumping seawater into them? It comes as no surprise that BP would do the same with their oil platform. <== I can't find that article that had the the minute by minute by account of the events told by an eyewitness escapee that jumped the burning platform. He included numerous observations, including those which would have prevented the blowout at numerous stages of the accident. There were numerous times when buttons on the control panel should have been pressed and were not, which would've destructively closed off the path of the oil. Instead they decided on saving their investment until it was too late.

Gas prices are slowly climbing back down. No $200 a barrel oil. Keep voting those same politicians in so their paymasters keep yanking everyone's chain and treat everyone as a mat.

Congratulations Thomas Sheridan on his great success so far with his book on the subject of psychopaths. I've bought the book from Amazon, and I have yet to read it. I just finished listening to this interview with Fintan Dunne.

Lastly, here's a video of Luke Rudkowski braving the dark side at the Bilderberg 2011 summit in Switzerland.