Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Electric Vehicle


We are here with solar power. The breakeven point for solar panels on rooftops is now only 5 years. That means free electricity for the next 20 years from the solar panels! Yes, if you shop correctly, all the solar equipment comes with a 25 year (or longer) warranty.

Oh and it's just a matter of time that people start driving plug in electrics (hybrids or 100@ electrics). Electricity is cheaper than gasoline and cars are way more fun to drive with electric motors.

Here's my thoughts on my recent purchase on an electric vehicle - the 2014 Ford Focus Electric

PS: Thomas Sheridan has updated his videos with the 5th and 6th parts.

[Youtube] My thoughts on electric vehicles

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thomas Sheridan: The TRUE History of the Vikings - April 2015


The Viking fought the infection from the Middle East that was Christianity. The Roman Empire's enemy was free people with indigenous, decentralized, peer to peer cultures, and economies.

Heavy handed tactics, written laws and dictates on paper, genocide, and best in class perception management (all of which still goes on today and spread to modern America) of the Roman Empire over time destroyed the way of life of hundreds of millions of people. Today the Roman Empire has to the Americas in the form of governments, corporate structures, and media and hollywood (perception management).

There are four parts so far. Enjoy!

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vikings - Part 1

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vikings - Part 2
[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vikings - Part 3
[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vikings - Part 4

My trip to Downtown LA and Elliphant

APRIL 8, 2015

George videoed our day in Downtown LA for his Youtube channel.

We started out by eating at the Grand Central Market where I had an EggSlut muffin with eggs and bacon and they had Asian good. Jim, visiting from Chicago, and recently from a 6 year residence in Thailand, mentioned it was the best Thai food he had during his visit to California.

Next we joined a historic tour of Downtown LA (showed Neel, the tour guide, the cost of the Groupon and he agreed to be paid directly). We walked past the Los Angeles Times, City Hall, the police building. We visited buildings recently remodeled for retail, restaurants, residential, and office space. Neel mentioned the space for homeless to freely camp was shrinking and agreements with the ACLU (who are they to speak for the homeless?) will allow the areas that are gentrifying to further ban the homeless from loitering and camping in the near future, as they have done in the recent past.

We visited or walked by what were best in class destinations - Bullocks, the busiest store in the world, the busiest intersection in the world, new glamorous movie theaters built by movie stars to premiere their moves (most theaters are now closed for private parties and one converted to a jewelry bazaar). We went thru the jewelry district, today, the second biggest in terms of # of shops in the world, the financial/banking district, some newly converted commercial areas like arcades, and the Hill, where before WW2, the richest people lived, who then moved to the suburbs, leaving he area desolate. Their homes would later be sold for large skyscraper development into the skyscape you see today. All those skyscrapers are really on one street.

I came out with the impression that living in Downtown LA would age a person quickly due to the sheer number of people, noise, traffic, crime, and chaos. The place kind of hurt (wasn't 100% comfortable) like a 3rd world country.

The biggest lesson to learn from the tour was how things change and how quickly they change. One day you have the best in class of something and which is valuable and coveted. In a decade or two, it becomes abandoned and worthless. Ahhhhh, things are always in change ans flux...

After the tour we ate the tasting menu at Portofino Cucina Italiana. Lot of good food and the Amazon Local voucher really helped cut down on the cost. The owner was the waiter.

Then the highlight of the day. Elliphant on top the Standard hotel singing for about an hour! It was an outrageously good and enjoyable performance.

Here are some videos of the day:

I'm the guy in the red shirt and gray pants!
[Youtube] Downtown LA - Grand Central Market + food + the Standard hotel

I'm the guy bringing up the the system.
[Youtube] The dish of the day - Discussion

Other videos of Elliphant:
[Youtube] Elliphant - Never Been in Love

Performance of Elliphant starts in the middle of the video:
[Youtube] Elliphant - Downtown LA 04-08-2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Coachella 2015 LIVE on Youtube


Watch Coachella Live on Youtube starting 3:30pm today. I've noticed the live feed is higher quality than the videos put out later on.

[Link] Coachella 2015 - Youtube LIVE

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Elliphant - Downtown Los Angeles - April 8 2015


Here's your chance to see Elliphant (FOR FREE, no cover charge) in Downtown Los Angeles 8pm to 1am at the Standard Hotel, at the Rooftop Cafe, on top of the building.

To see her, you'll have to email a RSVP to and mention Elliphant April 8 on the rooftop.

Use to find cheap parking nearby. Otherwise it's $20 for parking at the Standard.

Want to join us to hang out early Downtown LA or for an early dinner? Email me

Hope to see you there!

PS: If you miss her in LA, Elliphant will be performing in Palm springs on Thursday.

Best album in 2015 so far. Check it out!

[Youtube playlist] Elliphant - One More (Album)