Monday, October 21, 2013

Income Inequality: Charted


"There are lies, damned lies and statistics." - Mark Twain

Then there's perception........ Check out the inequality via a graphical chart....

[Youtube] Inequality: Perception vs. Reailty

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gravity: Movie Review


Where are the laws of gravity at the box office??? The movie should've been a bust. Gravity sucked!! I want my money back!

Couldn't stand Goerge Clooney the douchebag and Ms. sob story when she could be figuring a way out. If I were up there I would've cut their tethers a long time ago.

And who are they talking to? Mission control is long gone. I guess this movie brainwashes you into thinking that you must always operate under the influence of the government. Let them know and get their permission first!

Plus the graphics were so cheeeeesy low res (they were blurry). The only time it was sharp was when she landed on the beach at the end. Btw, it's not over there. She'll still need to be rescued from the island!

And the physics and scientific rules were all broken and hollywoodized and the lack of scientific knowledge by the public.. well they bought the whole thing hook line and sinker. It'll create perceptions that are just not true much like what Jaws did to sharks.

The hoopla and good reviews by others is what made me waste my $19 at the imax 3d. Do NOT ENCOURAGE CRAPPY MOVIES! I give it a 5/10.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fashion Fluorescence


I've been seeing fluorescent clothing and shoes being worn by a few people. It's a new trend.

[Article] Fluorescent is IN

It says "Look at me, I want to be the center of attention!" Nevermind that he/she looks like a construction worker. Nevermind that it's annoyingly bright or ugly. Nevermind that construction and safety workers are now at greater safety risk of not being seen.

It appears that a very few people throw out suggestions and the masses adopt it, go with it, and make it a new trend.

FASHION. It's just not for clothes. Fashion is the acceptance of a notion or idea. It creates a way of life. Fashion is acceptance of the way one goes about during the day be it the job, food, shopping, investing, government, housing, driving, travel, social interactions, relationships, entertainment, hobbies, etc.

Fashion cannot be calculated with math. It's a feeling or emotion. It's not rational. That's why things are illogical, inefficient, unproductive, disadvantageous, or harmful. Thusly, a way of life is accepted fashion. Someone comes up with a way of doing something and people adopt it be it waking up in the morning to go to a school or job, watching a lying media on tv, shopping sweatshop made goods, investing in dark pools of money called a 401k mutual fund, and so forth.

Fashion is what somebody else thought up for you which you adopted. Now it's time to strut down the catwalk.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Federal employees LOVE their jobs


My jaw dropped as I read this article on Federal workers. How can it be people actually like their jobs, especially in a large top down bureaucracy with top management being of questionable intent (ie. psychopaths)?

Now this statistic really gets me. I can't believe the majority of federal workers like waking up every morning and WASTING their life on A JOB when there is greater pursuits to be had like enriching oneself with knowledge or taking some quiet recreation time to reflect or pursing enriching activities to feed the soul like volunteer work, teaching, research, etc that improve the commons and lives of others!

Here are some amazing sentences from the article. Just lunacy!:
1) ...“nearly all Federal employees report that their work is important” and that eight in 10 like what they do.
2) ...only 23 percent of boomers thought “work is just making a living.” Three-fourths of them said they “expected work to be a central part of their lives.”
3) ...“I don’t miss the bureaucracy. I don’t miss the paperwork. I don’t miss a lot of how we do things in government."

Holy smokes these people think they're doing valuable, important, and significant work! Certainly, their work is not missed by the public as much as they miss their work. Okay there are a few important jobs, but the majority are not necessary!

[Article] Federal employees

I see myself doing a job to pay bills. Period. My intent is to get over the "debt hump" where income surpasses liabilities where I can minimally work and pursue the majority of my time on more fulfilling pursuits.

And..... Here's a poll on the private sector with satisfaction numbers just the opposite of federal workers:
[Article] People HATE their jobs

Lorde: Rejection of Materialism


Lorde. Born and raised in New Zealand, she's created a hit song Royals.

As predicted by me, the newer generations are dismissing the association of materialism with happiness. They see the fatalism and follies in the results of such pursuits.

Astonishingly, she's only 16! Check out her songs. (Her hit song Royals is linked above)

{Youtube] Lorde: A World Alone

{Youtube] Lorde: A Buzzcut Season

{Youtube] Lorde: Tennis Court

Monday, October 07, 2013

Greg Palast debunks Greece's Golden Dawn Party Raid

They'll use any excuse to shut down opposition. Any real threat to the status quo must be eliminated, but do it under a guise so that the people don't have a clue about the real motivations, and thusly, you can do it with people's approval.

And all the while the real conspirators and fascists get away with it and get to continue with their programs of fleecing the populous.

[Article] Greg Palast uncovers the plot to destroy Golden Dawn Political Party

Arnie Gundersen: Virtual Tour of Fukushima Daiichi

Here's a guided tour of Fukushima Daiichi with the latest status courtesy Arnie Gundersen.

[Vimeo] Arnie Gundersen: Guided Tour of Daiichi

Nick Hanauer debunks job creation


I don't understand why this is such an astonishing concept. We were taught about the economic cycle in economics class showing money circulating in the economy. The rich know that it is the working class that creates jobs not them, but they try to keep the capitalism religion going so that people have a hard time seeing any other concepts where the businessman is not on the pedestal like the priest class.

[Youtube] Nick Hanauer: Businessmen do not create jobs

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Great Shutdown of 2013

All I have the say about he federal government shuting down.. It's disguised austerity!

It's just theater. Enjoy the show.

Do psychopaths stop being parasites? Will the government show itself to be unnecessary and obselete during the shutdown?