Saturday, July 04, 2009

Douglas Rushkoff: Interview on KMO's C-Realm 06-10-2009

Ever look around and notice how we're losing mom and pops? When was the last time you had a fruit grown by a mom n pop family farmer? Douglas Rushkoff talks about how regulations tilt business in favor of corporations.

Tilted Field of Giants

"KMO welcomes Douglas Rushkoff back to the C-Realm to discuss the effect that corporations have on our lives, where corporations came from, and how they enjoy a playing field tilted in their favor by government regulation which insulates them from competition from more local and human-scaled alternatives. Douglas addresses these topics in his new book, Life, Inc. Later in the program, Douglas talks about how messages from Quetzalcoatl really aren't from Quetzalcoatl once they pass human lips and how the ayahuasca crowd really needs to get over 2012."

[MP3] Douglas Rushkoff: Corporations and the unfair playing field 06-10-2009

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