Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Egypt: Imagine the Revolution (in America)


The future is wide open for Egypt, as hopes, dreams, and wishes sway bountifully amongst its people. The future is what one makes of it.

The Revolution continues... here in America... Egpytian freedom fighters visit Wall Street to show solidarity, give some encouragement, and of course, share some valuable pointers on how to throw the dictators out.

"Freedom is very expensive" -- Asmaa Mahfouz

The US was sending everyday for the Mubarrak regime, and now the ?scaff?. While they were giving money, and power, and support to the Mubarrak regime, our people, Egyptian people, can success against all of this, against the US power, so power to the people - not the US, or bombs, or money..." -- Asmaa Mahfouz

[Video] Democracy Now! covers a visit from Egpytian freedom fighters 10-25-2011
[Youtube] Tahir Square meets Wall Street

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