Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - The next big step

Ah ha! Someone said it! Shut down the stock exchange! I've been saying it all along (see my Oct 29th comment)! Check out the end of this video:

Btw, that was really dumb of the establishment to bring attention to the #Occupiers. They set abuzz the hornets nest which brought the limelight back upon the protesters. Coverage of the Occupy protests was dying down as there was no new news to report. And yes this was coordinated by someone high up (most likely the Chamber of Commerce) as all the Occupy camps got raided at about the same time, in the same manner, using the same lame excuses such as the camp was dirty, it was health hazard, and that it stood as as being unsafe in terms of crime and violence. What doesn't make sense to me is why they raided, ransacked, and confiscated all the material possessions at the camp knowing they would allow the protesters to return and resettle in the same place. Seems like an espionage mission to get information such as members, organizations, and contacts that are involved and perhaps to sniff out upcoming plans.

So back to the idea of blockading (don't they blockade in wars?) the stock market with 100,000s of people surrounding the buildings and underground corridors so that employees can't get to work and business as usual can't continue... This would be true crowd sourcing! How would this work? Let's get into the hypothetical scenario much deeper...

The blockade would, of course, have to happen on a weekday. People would have to take the day off and potentially be arrested. The NYSE opens at 9:30am. Workers probably show up long before that. The disruption would start when critical NYSE employees are delayed or cannot show up to work.

If we look at the metal barricades in Michael Moore's fantastic video, they can be turned around and used in the protesters' favor by being instrumental in a blockade and even block the authorities in! People can begin forming the blockade outside the police lines as they surround the neighboring blocks and not all any employees in.

[Youtube] Michael Moore on #OWS interviews near the stock market

And from today.. A fantastic interview on Democracy Now! by Arundhati Roy. She covers both #OWS and the genocide in India, and the realization that both are connected because they are the result of the same criminal cabal. /br>
Somewhere there is a recording or video of Arundhati Roy's speech to Occupy Wall Street. I hope I run into it shortly as I am anxious to hear it!

[Video] Arundhati Roy on Democracy Now! speaking about Occupy Wall Street

And lastly, here is a video of the police disguising themselves as Occupy Oakland protesters. People's tax dollars hard at work!

[Youtube] Police join Occupy Oakland movement as fake protesters

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