Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kony 2012: Best Propaganda They've Ever Made


This video reminds me of the shallow propaganda I used to watch in school and college. It shows a one sided, one track minded perspective with facts and figures that do not describe the whole situation or give the whole picture.

For example, when we used to watch videos on rainforest destruction, they would not discuss that it would be rich, morally corrupt, well connected investors from the first world involved with the rich, morally corrupt, well connected investors in the third world that would profit off the trade. And then they don't show the end consumers buying and using the products which is the reason for the whole trade in the first place.

In the case of Kony 2012, they do not present the fact that the US financed Ugandan government and their elite actors over the past few decades have killed over 6 million people in civil wars which include genocide. Kony's LFA has killed up to 30,000 and he's only one of the warlords in the area. The only real reason for these civil wars to break out is the once again, the rich, morally corrupt, well connected billionare investors can buy up natural resources at under market prices and secure them by propping up warlords and financing their lifestyles and soldiers. Greg Palast on the Alex Jones show recently talked about this.

At 1:50 into the video is where the following is said:
"It's literally the best piece of propaganda we've ever made" -- Jason Russell, co-founder for Invisible Children

[Youtube] Kony 2012 is the best propaganda Invisible Children ever made

Annnnnd... Greg Palast's discussion on who exactly funds the warlords and war criminals starts at 10:00 into the video.

[Youtube] Greg Palast on Alex Jones Show 03-13-2012

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