Thursday, March 21, 2013

Democracy Now! - A look at Iraq 10 years later


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What would a place look like if psychopaths are given carte blanche, without any restrictions, to do whatever they wanted to do? Why, you'd have Iraq in its current state. Radiation in Japan, radiation in Iraq? Nahhhh.. Ignore it repercussions. Tough it out. No food, water, electricity, jobs, security? No government or democracy? It's beneficial to us psychopaths.

Now we know why Africa gets the way it is and who is responsible for it. The government is purposely taken down in chaos. Create sectarianism and groupings that didn't exist before and stir up conflict. If that means genocide, so be it. Millions dead? No problem, sleeping well at night is no issue. Oh and hey, you have no right to food, water, a home (yeah try buying a home here in the US and see how far your savings and income get you), security, or a functional government. You don't deserve any of it. You're going to live like we want you to live and we don't want to hear any more from you.

Iraq is a psychopath's paradise. And it's coming to neighborhood near you, unless you put the brakes to it. It can start with prosecution of some of those in power. After all, this is what they have in store for you. Why should you be any different?

The Iraq war... All for what? Money, power, control, and duper's delight for psychopaths. Psychopaths are bored, they work hard for their duper's delight. Let's not forget about the stolen goodies and cheap resources? Pop open the champagne. Those in power are happy with the results. Are you?

It comes down to The Network. Remember the movie? Well there's two worldwide networks. One consisting of psychopaths and one on the internet consisting of conscientious human beings. Ying and Yang. It's been an ongoing battle throughout history. It won't be easy. Maybe we can finally win?

I saw a poll and 47% still agree with going to war with Iraq. How sad. When is enough going to be enough?

[Youtube] The consumer turning a blind eye
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[Video] Democracy Now!'s coverage of the Iraq War - The 10 years and counting

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