Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Organic Valley Grassmilk @ Whole Foods

Behold the mother of all milk.. Organic Valley Grassmilk has been available for almost a year now at Whole Foods. I picked up a half gallon carton about 6 months ago for $5. My most recent purchase a month ago cost me $5.50. So it very affordable (hey it costs less than 2 cappuccinos).

So there I was at Whole Foods to pick up milk as one of the items in shopping list. And there it was in the milk shelf... My mouth popped open, I sighed WOW, and moved in quickly to gaze at carton which read the words GRASS FED. I picked it up and read some more to make sure it was what I thought it was. It was!.

So here's the key to what makes this product great. Yes, it's organic, and yes it has 4 stars on Cornucopia, but what makes this product stand out from the rest is that the cows feed on pasture grass, just like old times! You're getting full nutrition as nature intended. The cows are happy doing what they do, and so is the farmer.

[Link] Organic Valley Grassmilk information webpage

I just visited Organic Valley website today to grab the pic for this post and noticed they are also selling grass fed butter and cheese! I'll have to check those out next time I'm at Whole Foods.

Btw, Whole Foods has a great meat section and it's affordable. I've been able to pick up chicken breast/drumsticks, tri tip, and pork already BBQed and smoked and sauced for lunch and dinner for much less than what a restaurant would charge, and the quality is much higher.

I also like to pick up their brown box double chocolate cookies ($5.99). Last time I picked them up, they had a bit too much oil or butter, but they were still good. Their 10" (or 12"???) banana cream pie is always a winner ($10). Always have liked their little creme brulee ($6).

Oh and the soups are phenomenal. I like their clam chowder, fish soup (they have some seafoodish name for this one), beef soup (forget the exact name), and sometimes the lamb soup (this one's a little rough!). Anytime I sample a new soup, I am coerced by the flavor to buy it.

Their pizza used to be good. I think it's gone down in quality. Their cheese is now cheesefood (combo of oil + cheese).

What have you run into at Whole Foods or other such stores?


  1. I have been buying more and more products from Whole Foods to avoid GMOs and pesticides, prevent disease, and improve my diet. I cook with organic coconut oil, eating organic eggs, organic sour cream, and organic Greek yogurt (mostly from Organic Valley). My stocks of rice and beans at home are always replenished organic from WF. The deli selections at WF are a real treat for lunch. My favorites are the yellow curried tofu, the sesame tofu, and the quinoa and black beans. A small, lunch-sized container of one of these runs about $3. The biggest change that I have recently made is using more organic skin products. I now use organic shaving cream, face wash, and sun screen. The Alba brand is one of the best for these. WF also has Tom's fluoride-free toothpaste, which I have been buying there for 5-6 years. Nobody else seems to carry it!

  2. While I agree that any food product with grass-fed cows as its source it better than the rest, it's far from what nature intended when it's pasteurized. It's still a processed food, as it's been heated to extend its shelf life. So if your ultimate goal is to remove processing from your foods, I would suggest a local farmer's market or independent farm where you can buy raw milk. But yes, when faced with standard grocery store choices, this milk is a gem by comparison.