Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thomas Sheridan: The TRUE History of the Vikings - April 2015


The Viking fought the infection from the Middle East that was Christianity. The Roman Empire's enemy was free people with indigenous, decentralized, peer to peer cultures, and economies.

Heavy handed tactics, written laws and dictates on paper, genocide, and best in class perception management (all of which still goes on today and spread to modern America) of the Roman Empire over time destroyed the way of life of hundreds of millions of people. Today the Roman Empire has to the Americas in the form of governments, corporate structures, and media and hollywood (perception management).

There are four parts so far. Enjoy!

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vikings - Part 1

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vikings - Part 2
[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vikings - Part 3
[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan - Vikings - Part 4

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