Monday, May 25, 2015

Katy Perry - Prismatic Tour Highlights - Asia


The crowds in Asia are so reactive! They're FANatic and FANtastic!

And the individuals coming up on stage are dedicated fans - crazy and hilarious.

Check it out! These will definitely make your day. These must have been the highlight of Katy Perry days on the Asian tour.

PS: Katy has South America left on her tour. I believe that'll make it 1.5 years of touring!

[Youtube] Katy Perry + fan - Phillipines

[Youtube] Katy Perry + 2 fans - Thailand

[Youtube] Katy Perry + fan - Japan

[Youtube] Katy Perry + fan - Singapore

[Youtube] Katy Perry + fan - Macau

[Youtube] Katy Perry + fan - Taiwan

[Youtube] Katy Perry + fan - Indonesia

Anddddddd... coming back to LA the next day.....
[Youtube] Katy Perry returns to LA after Asia tour

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