Friday, February 05, 2016

Christopher Titus on tour - 02-04-2016 @ the Irvine Improv

Here I am at the Irvine Improv (or was on the night of 02-04-2016). Saw Christopher Titus aka Chris Titus. He had a funny tv show on about a decade or decade and half ago?

Go see him! He's hilarious. I got my tickets on I got a picture with him and picked up his latest comedy special DVD. I have yet to watch it.

He's performing in Irvine all weekend. It looks like he'll be in Ontario CA in April.

The Improvs have a 2 item purchase minimum. I had a tap beer and the ?Manly? Burger. It was good.

It looks like his wife does the opening act and was present at the merchandise desk.

[Link] Chris Titus comedy tour

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