Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and Shopping 2016


I was in Walmart yesterday during Black Friday (6pm) hours. Needless to say I wasn't there to buy anything but to look and observe. I saw lots of full shopping baskets. It was like adults being kids once again. There was an air of festivity and joy in addition to the frenzy, anticipation, and excitement. Everything was orderly as there were 10x the Walmart staff in security type yellow neon suits, who were placed in every department in the store, and directed people to the doorbusters and kept everything orderly and managed. There were even a few cops and their cars huddled outside the door who left after the initial hour.

I did a bit of shopping online that would fill up such a cart. This bashing of black Friday shoppers is overdone and misdirected. People are going for the sale even if they don't need the items (I've bought some items that I don't need but since it was cheap, why not?).

There's something seriously wrong with people who criticize Black Friday shoppers. Most of the places - 99.9% of them are orderly and uneventful. In fact, the crowd at Walmart was no different in numbers than a busy weekend. And Sears was dead. I did pick up some cheap clothing there. Sears lost a lot of money on my sale :). I feel for Sears.

Let people enjoy their day.

Have a happy and joyous Thanksgiving! And enjoy buying and using those products!

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