Friday, February 10, 2017

Grimes : Venus Fly music video


At last it's here. The flagship song (in my humble opinion) deserves a flagship music video. And here it is!

It is THE song I head bang to in the car.

Some creative criticism: Love it. It really is eye candy. Colorful, scenic, beautiful, suspenseful, and dramatic. It did, however, get too fancy and missed out on the classic Grimes personality and charm. It was overriden with all the graphics and graphics sequences.

Check out Flesh without Blood, Butterfly, Go, World Princess II, or Hana's Underwater videos. Those are spectacular. Anyways, you decide...

Btw, half the song is sung by her friend, Janelle Monáe, who has recently costarred in some movies.

UPDATE 2/14/2017 - With my upgraded laptop I just watched this as my first 2160p video on my 1080p monitor and it is ridiculously spectacular. I take back my criticism of the graphics distracting from the content. It flows perfectly fine in 2160p with all the details presented, whereas in 1080p it doesn't make the video pop out as much and make out its intended presentation. It is a wonderful mood setter in 2160p! This is indeed one of the best music videos ever and perhaps Grimes's best.

[Youtube] Grimes - Venus Fly

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