Sunday, March 12, 2017

NONA : Beyonce - Hold Up (Cover)


I'm not a fan of remixes 99.99% of the time. They are created by people who lack creativity to create their own songs. And 99% of covers also lack creativity. In both cases, they ruin the original song.

But here is an exception. Here's the first cover I'm going to post because the video and song is so much better than the original. Well actually, I'm not a Beyonce fan and fail to see her popularity. Her performances don't entertain me and there is nothing in her songs that I can relate to.

Anyways, here's NONA's cover of Beyonce's Hold up. I really like the slow motion video as it bring out the nuances and subtleties. The singing is awesome. It's just a fun video to watch. That is Michael Goldman.

PS: There's a cameo by Meg Myers. I'll let you look for it.

[Youtube] Nona cover of Beyonce's Hold up

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