Saturday, January 20, 2018

Jordan Peterson debunks a lot of myths + lower cost health care


The tv host is typical of the weaponized activists who treat anyone with a different logic channel as undesirable Hitlers. I have run into a few of these people. The problem is there no debate, only force. The other problem is they do not have the capacity to absorb any logic. They're susceptible to acceptable fallacies and propaganda, and they cannot think for themselves.

For example, I have tried to explain to many friends and strangers that the issue with health care is costs not coverage. Anyone should be able to afford health care services out of pocket. Insurance should only really be for costlier services and for emergencies. We cannot give health care to everyone because the costs are too high, even if we wanted or tried to. It's simply unaffordable. There is way too much profit and fat.

There are two things off-hand we can implement to reduce the costs. Firstly, all nonemergency services must be purchased through a bidding process. People must purchase their services through a website. The health care provider must put in a bid on the request. The buyer then chooses the service provider based on cost and quality (there will be reviews just like on Amazon). If the cost of the service is less than what the insurer would have paid, the buyer gets to keep half the difference as future credits to use on future services.

Secondly, we need to make legitimate health care professionals that are specialized in their fields, but do not have as much education or accreditation as doctors, like what paralegals are to lawyers. This would cost a lot less than going to the doctor. Why do you need to go to the doctor for simple things like the cold or flu?

[Youtube] Jordan Peterson the debunker

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