Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Three Psychopaths


You rebel against the slave masters and throw them out. We, France, demand reparations for our financial losses.

You fight our WTO, IMF and World Bank, we turn up the heat everytime. You don't want to accept our terms, say hello to our military.

You finally succeed in creating a democracy, we produce a Coup d'état, TWICE.

You have a earthquake, we invite ourselves for some fun with disaster capitalism.

So here we are again. We unashamingly present the Haiti recovery group, led by a prestigious dignitiries such as:

Bill Clinton: Mr. I did not have coup d'état relations with that country, Haiti. Nor did I shove terms favorable to multinationals uponst the helpless country.

George W. Bush: Brings valuable experience from leadering the Katrina Disaster. Responsible for the wonderful second coup d'état. Like Columbus, George W. Bush was looking (for WMDs) in the wrong hemisphere.

Barack Obama: Multinationals' finest embassador. They haven't had it so good as opportunities keep presenting themselves, this time, a chance to profit from franchises, hotels, and other corporate and monopolistic business activities. Who cares about the little guy?

Btw, Clinton and Bush would like to thank everyone that donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. We will funnel the money into offshore accounts, our personal black projects, and invest in valuable Haitian assets through multinationals and corporate funded NGOs. Isn't making money and policy fun? Along the way, we will empower dictators to see to our interests. As an added bonus, there's a new oil find up along the coast of Haiti.

I invite you to visit the psychopathy tag for more info.

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