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Richard Wolff - On Cooperation and Companies run by Employees 12-02-2009


Richard Wolff is an Economics Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Here is a speech conducted at Brown University, Providence RI on 12-02-2009.

I've rambled about cooperatives before on the blog. Just check the tag cooperatives.

Cooperation. Cooperatives. Owned and run 100% by workers. It's a better than the top down model we currently have now. Why work in a hostile, demoralizing work environment when you can enjoy what you do and have control over your future in a cooperative? Share your fair share of the profits and losses. Be accountable. Be responsible. Isn't it ironic that people that quit fulltime jobs to start their own companies are actually building on the cooperative model? Would they startup and participate in a company where they do not share the profits fairly or do not control their own destiny?

Modern day corporations are citadels of fascism. Every morning, workers come into an environment of a totalitarism where decisions are made from a disconnected, hidden, omnipresent, and self appointed dictatorship.

Currently, 1/3rd of all the profit goes to the tiny number of executives of the company while the worker bees are expected to produce more and be paid less than last year. It's a great way to take control away from citizens and make them dependant on the source of income. What a way to become a slave of the system!

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[Youtube] Richard Wolff on Socialism

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