Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jet Blue - Upset Flight Attendant exits emergency chute


I'm usually witnessing the wrong person being punished for misbehavior. In this case, a flight attendant, Steven Slater, on a JetBlue flight becomes upset because a passenger refuses to obey airline safety rules to remain seated until the plane is docked with the outside walkway. She is determined to get her luggage out of the overhead compartment before anyone else, in spite of repeated pleading by the flight attendant. As she yanks out her luggage bag, on the downward motion, she bangs the head of the already upset flight attendant who is sitting under her luggage.

Now in this case, the crowd should admonish this passenger for putting everyone in harm's way. She should be banned from flying JetBlue. I'm sure there's a rule somewhere that she broke criminally, but there'll be no charges filed against her. After all, the flight attendants should have SOME say in keeping the environment on board controlled. Bags should NOT fall on people's head. There's a really good reason why the airlines want you to be seated until the plane is docked. That's because things can happen on the way to the dock!

Now, the flight attendant SHOULDN'T inflate the emergency to ramp to get out either! He should be punished employment wise. Other than that, the police have no business arresting him.

Other than that, it's quite hilarious what he did. Two beers and a slide! Hahaha!

PS: JetBlue is my favorite airline. I'm 6' 3" and my legs actually fit! Not only that, but the flights are cheap and convenient out of the Long Beach airport here in the Los Angeles area! I do notice the media bag on them anytime there's a minor problem such as the landing gear not deploying, etc. Every airline has problems! It seems like the media will really go after the smaller guys who pose a threat to the big boys, in this case, the bigger carriers.

[Youtube] The Young Turks take on the JetBlue flight attendant incident

[Youtube] Steven Slater exits stage right (No Embedding)

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