Sunday, August 08, 2010

Taal se Taal Mila from the movie Taal

Another music gem from Bollywood. This time it's the song Taal se Taal Mila from the movie Taal. A much younger Aishwarya Rai (She was in the Guru song) stars in this one. The song is written by A.R. Rahman (the guy who wrote the music to Slumlord Millionaire). He's also written some of the other songs presented on this blog such as Tere Bina from Guru, Saathiya, and a few more that I'll be posting from the movies Rang De Basanti and Lagaan. I believe these songs better represent his talents than Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionare, which got worldwide recognition, but, I feel, is not quite as good as his songs which I've shown on this blog.

This artistic visuals aren't as great as the audio in this video. Enjoy the music.

Presented in HD and with subtitles.

[Youtube] Taal se Taal Mila from movie Taal in HD with subtitles

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