Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wikileaks: Methodology and Discovery


So what's the actual innner workings of a secret government? What are its line of communications? What if they can be gummed up to the point of disfunction? That is the goal of Julian Assange.

[Article] To Kill an Invisible Government

And what has Wikileaks discovered for us so far? Is it really true what's been suggested that a secretive, corporate agenda driven, government exists? And is it true that government officials knowingly implement policies that are harmful to regular citizens, and then try to keep it under wrap? Working in your interest or against your very existence? You decide.

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: Help GMO crops acceptance in Europe by jacking up Non-GMO food prices

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: Must allow corporate profits to continue even if the activity is known to threaten life itself on earth

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: US Corporation Freeport-McMoran's Grasberg Mine in Papua Guinea funds corruption

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: French politicians accept money from a destitute and scammed Africa

[Article] Wikileaks discovery: War on Drugs promotes up third world corruption

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