Saturday, January 01, 2011

India: The Genocide Within A Democracy


I want this to be the first blog post of 2011 as it's a real eye opener / game changer. It is possibly the most important material I've run into for 2010. I watched it with my jaw dropped.

Let's go back to the urban city dwellers. Where does their culture come from? From where does civilization and its fundamental principles come from? It had to take root from somewhere. I believe, for India, for many millennia, the principles of civilization were adopted from those dwellers who lived in harmony with nature deep in the forests and countryside. Today, some of them are politically termed Naxalites or MAOists.

Civilization. What does it mean to be civilized? Isn't it a set of rules that everyone abides by so that everyone can live more in harmony and dignity? Then, who is this collective group of people that calls themselves the government and executives? Who's permission did they get to destroy members of their own society for the sake of material accumulation? And so sly they are that the urban city dwellers, both the growing rich and the middle classes, are completely unaware that there is a program running which they living under, is NOT one of democracy, as they are led to believe. It is an authoritarian state, doing its bidding on behalf of the 100 of the wealthiest Indian families, which control 25% of India's GDP.

The whole system, including the print media, television and radio, and the politicians are all bought and paid for by the psychopaths. What then exists is a matrix that is a fictional reality. And if all this is true for India, "the democracy", it also applies for the United States, "the democracy".

Genocide? What genocide? It' been said that officials from the government went to the Indian Army for securing territory, to which the Army replied back, that the Indian Army was not going to kill its own citizens.

Thank god for the arrest of Dr. Binayak Sen or else I wouldn't have pursued this line of research. I've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that was 2010.

Arundhati Roy and Gautam Navlakh do a fantastic job of bringing back from the forests of India and disseminating the information with such clarity, that it can be readily understood, and conclusions easily extracted. Many thanks to Satyen K. Bordoloi for uploading these videos.

And on a quick note, I am pleased to have 113 subscribed to this blog at the end of 2010. My goal is to have 300 by the end of 2011. Let's see what 2011 brings.

[Youtube Playlist] Arundhati Roy and Gautam Navlakh: India's Genocide on its own people 07-02-2010 (21 Parts)

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