Sunday, May 01, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead


US Navy Seals (20-25 of them) landed via heli in Osama Bin Laden's million dollar mansion compound and in a firefight, killed him.

Ya.. Like they didn't know where he was all along! How convenient. My first hunch was they had him frozen for years.

Sounds to me like the hammer dropped. Turn the page to the next chapter in the script! Bring out Osama Bin Laden's body when most appropriate and convenient! Something wicked economy-wise is going to happen next and this will be the leading news story that will cover for the economic events about to befall us. Killing Gaddafi's son wasn't enough news. The War on Terror isn't working any more. Time to find the next boogie man. These are scary times as the other shoe is about to drop.

[Article]'s take on the Osama Bin Laden Killed Story

You don't believe the frozen body scenario? Richard Kuklinski, aka THE ICEMAN, a contract killer, assassinated a 100 people, many of behalf of the mafia. In one of his murders, he froze his victim's body for several years and when it was time, dumped it in a park to be found. By preserving the body, he would throw off the time of death during the coroner's examination. But it didn't go accordingly. The body was found, but in not completely thawed out state.

At 2:42 into the clip is the coverage of the frozen body trick.

[Youtube] Rihcard Kuklinkski, contract killer, tries to despose of a frozen body years later to throw the investigation off the time of death (at 2:42)

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