Saturday, April 30, 2011

Charlie Veitch: Arrest on eve of Royal Wedding between Willy and Katie


You are cordially invited to the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine "Kate" Middleton. Not! It was publicly funded but privately held. Each citizen / subject paid 59 pounds for the event to take place.

The King's Royal troops are sent out to quell any disruptions or dissent during the Royal Wedding in the Fair Lands of the Great Kingdom of Britain. The show must go on!

Offended by Charlie Veitch's dissent, the Royal security apparatus takes out Charlie Veitch's Love Police as he is arrested for the duration of the Royal Wedding of April 29, 2011. This video proves just who's still in charge.

"There is always a reason behind it and I wouldn't be making the arrest..." -- Police Officer

Yes! The reason is to squelch any dissension that doesn't follow the official narrative of the prearranged show. To think monarchies are neutral entities is just naive.

Here are more arrests posted on Wikipedia:
Sixty people arrested at the TUC rally on the March for the Alternative had bail conditions that prevent them entering central London over the wedding period.
On 28 April 2011, Chris Knight, a radical anthropologist, and two others were arrested by Scotland Yard "on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance and breach of the peace". The three were planning a mock execution of Prince Andrew with a workable guillotine in central London to coincide with the wedding.
On the day of the wedding, the Metropolitan Police Service made "pre-emptive" moves, applying blanket stop-and-search powers and arresting fifty-seven people. This included thirteen arrested people in possession of anti-monarchy placards. Five were arrested "on suspicion of planning a breach of the peace". Police described the overall security operation as an "amazing success".
In Scotland, twenty-one people were arrested at an unofficial "street party" in Glasgow which saw "completely unacceptable levels" of drunkenness, according to Strathclyde Police.

[Youtube] Police arrest Charlie Veitch on the eve of the Royal Wedding of William and Kate

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