Monday, June 13, 2011

Luke Rudkowski at Bilderberg 2011 Switzerland and a rehello!


Hi once again. I do apologize for disappearing off the face of blogspot. I've found work in Monterey County and have been busy working and getting myself settled in. The weather has been cloudy, windy, and somewhat rainy the month that I've been here. I've been told it's not normal for this time of the year to be so cold and rainy. I must say it's been quite a change from the normally sunny and warm weather of Southern California. I definitely do plan on hitting the coast of Monterey on a bike! It's going to be fun.

So there's that Fukushima nuclear thing going on. Isn't it amazing how they kept the acknowledgement of three complete nuclear meltdowns away from the public? They knew what happened exactly in the first first few hours after the earthquake and tsunami. Computer simulations and experienced nuclear engineer told them exactly what was going to happen. Yet they went the Three Stooges route and tried to pretend that everything was fixable and went ahead with hail marys which they knew would fail because they knew that meltdowns and melt-thrus has already occured. Is it a surprise that TEPCO tried to protect their reactors so much so that they delayed pumping seawater into them? It comes as no surprise that BP would do the same with their oil platform. <== I can't find that article that had the the minute by minute by account of the events told by an eyewitness escapee that jumped the burning platform. He included numerous observations, including those which would have prevented the blowout at numerous stages of the accident. There were numerous times when buttons on the control panel should have been pressed and were not, which would've destructively closed off the path of the oil. Instead they decided on saving their investment until it was too late.

Gas prices are slowly climbing back down. No $200 a barrel oil. Keep voting those same politicians in so their paymasters keep yanking everyone's chain and treat everyone as a mat.

Congratulations Thomas Sheridan on his great success so far with his book on the subject of psychopaths. I've bought the book from Amazon, and I have yet to read it. I just finished listening to this interview with Fintan Dunne.

Lastly, here's a video of Luke Rudkowski braving the dark side at the Bilderberg 2011 summit in Switzerland.

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